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Passports, internationally accepted as a symbol of citizenship, are packed with a bundle of holiday memories and tales of the exciting international trips of the past. As long as a world without borders is only a dream, passports are going to hold importance. And a few countries managed to come up with some of the coolest passports in the world.

While most of the design elements are attempts by the governments to prevent the passport from being forged or faked, there’s no denying that they are impressive art pieces.

Here’s a list of some of the most beautiful and the coolest passports in the world. Have a look!

Passports that reveal illustrations under UV light

1. Canada

The passport of Canada when viewed under UV light

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The newest passport of the country features some of the major tourist attractions of Canada. These include Niagara falls, Bluenose, and Parliament building. On passing a black light over the passport, one can see fireworks over the Parliament building and other attractions.

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2. Norway

The passport of Norway when viewed under UV light

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The Norwegian passport comes in three colors – white for citizens, turquoise for immigrants, and red for diplomats. But that’s not the coolest part. The new passport design is super slick and features pages that come alive with illuminated scenes of the Northern Lights when exposed to UV light.

3. China

The passport of China when viewed under UV light

Image Source

China is another country with an uber cool passport. Popular Chinese icons – such as the Great Wall of China – brighten up under UV light.

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Beautiful passports with cool illustrations

4. Australia

The beautiful passport of Australia after its recent facelift

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The passport of Australia is an artistic masterpiece. The beautiful passport has numerous security features along with cool illustrations of the nation’s flora & fauna.

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5. United Kingdom

A creative page of the UK passport

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The inner pages of the passport of the United Kingdom features beautiful illustrations of the national landmarks such as Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Titanic Belfast, and Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

6. Philippines

The pages from a passport of Philippines

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The passport of Philippines reveals the Filipino story with lines from the Lupang Hinirang printed on each pair of pages. Additionally, there’s a small map with tourist places like Metro Manila and Makati skyline. But the coolest part of the passport is that on opening it one can find a Philippine eagle staring right back.

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Passports that display animations of animals on flipping

7. Finland

The Finnish passport, to most outsiders and design lovers, appear as a flipbook of an animated elk that is seen ambling across the document.

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8. Slovenia

The passport of Slovenia that is one of the coolest passports in the world

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The Slovenian passport has a similar design like the Finnish counterpart with a slight difference that the animal is different and that the animal is seen walking on the sides rather than the bottom of the passport.

While these are not the only beautiful passports, these are definitely among the best. I found them really cool. And you?

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