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Desserts are something that can bring a smile on someone’s face even in a disastrous situation. Though this dish comes at the end of a full course meal, for many this is the most important part of it. It takes a lot of skills and perfection to serve work to serve the most delicious dessert before a customer. In this segment, the best desserts in Cape Town has won a lot of hearts with the chefs from some of the reputed cafes. Read on to find out about the best dessert places in Cape Town.

Best Dessert Spots In Cape Town

Planning your next vacation to Cape Town? Are you a dessert lover? Then you should definitely visit the best dessert places in Cape Town, which are going to be discussed in this article. They will surely succeed in satisfying your dessert cravings.

1. Aubergine Restaurant

Aubergine Restaurant

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Among the dessert places in Cape Town, this restaurant comes in the top position because they serve some of the scrumptious sweet dishes to their customers. The star of the dishes is their innovative take on gulgulas. It is an Indian dish with a European touch where the filling is made of chocolate. This is paid with delicious green tea ice cream and coconut sabayon, who all together make one of the best desserts in Cape Town.
To cut the monotony of the menu it is changed on regular basis so if you want to change this star dish we have to wait for it stone to come.

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2. Foodbarn


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Located in the Corner Village Lane is also a very popular name when it comes to desserts. They are famous for their ice creams. The star of the dishes is the pistachio ice cream with a plum twist. The chef at work in this cafe knows exactly what he is doing with plum and pistachio, making it one of the best dessert places in Cape Town. When you order the dessert you will see it coming covered in verbena syrup and also with granola, gratin and lots of almonds. On your first bite, you will realize why this has got a place in the list of best desserts in Cape Town.

3. Avontuur Estate

Avontuur Estate

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We have already achieved why reputation with their roster duckling as very good savory dish do. To add the cherry on top they are also considered as one of the best dessert places in Cape Town. The showstopper is their ice cream which is Deep fried and coated in butterscotch sauce. It is prepared by stuffing vanilla ice cream within a phyllo pastry, the night is deeply fried to give it a crispy touch and finally covered fully in mouth-watering caramelized butterscotch sauce. Located in Somerset West, you can definitely give this place a chance to serve you and fulfill your cravings with utmost perfection.

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4. The Shortmarket Club

The Shortmarket Club

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A beautiful place located in 88 Short market Street, has the crew working on innovative desserts especially. The most popular dish in here is the lemon tart which is caramelized to increase the taste. The dish will be served to you along with tasty amasi ice cream which also contains the flavour of strawberry. The balance of sugar is perfect and when you take your first bite the lemon geranium crossed forms the symphony in your mouth. With its increasing popularity it has meet the restaurant one of the top dessert restaurants in Cape Town.

5. Kyoto Garden Sushi

Kyoto Garden Sushi

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Although the place is a specialist in Sushi, it is also a very popular name when it comes to the best dessert spots in Cape Town. The star in the menu is their black sesame seed ice cream which is high on demand. You prefer your dessert to be not so sweet then this is the dish you will love to have at the end of your meal. The sugar level is on a lower and the punch that comes with black sesame seeds makes it perfect. So you can and visit this pale silky smooth ice cream and before that satisfy your hunger with some of the delicious Japanese cuisines.

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6. Arugula Bistro

Arugula Bistro

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If your plan includes a tour to the northern suburbs of Cape Town, then no down the address of this place as a must to visit. You will crave for the ice cream that deserves because it is house-made. It is a dish of which you can never get enough of. Then also there are other delicious items like Chocolate Chunk with Nutella, crispy Tart with Peppermint flavor, Salted Caramel, Brandy Caramel Pecan and many more.

With their perfection and skills this Bistro has achieved a strong place in the list of top dessert restaurants in Cape Town.

7. Schoon De Companje


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While roaming in the streets of Stellenbosch, you can just check out this place if you are having the desire to taste and delivering sweet dish. The restaurant takes pride on their Butterkuchen which is served with a scoop of clotted ice cream. The taste of cinnamon, almonds and powdered sugar gives you an authentic dessert. The balance of taste is perfect on the plate. If you want more then definitely order a scoop of Fantastic Chanel Artisan ice-cream. The desserts are high on demand in this place so if you don’t want to miss your chance to go early go hungry.

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8. The Stack

The Stack

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Along with a language history, the place has also an enticing menu offer to the customers. Weltevreden Street is where you will found this place. The main attraction is the Crème Brulee, the vanilla flavor goes really well with the dessert. The dish is seasoned with black pepper and paired with berries from Cape Town in Africa. About from the food Hummer the behavior of the staff and the servant process is very swift. You will receive your sweet in a copper pan which is quite rare these days. Just give a splash video spoon to the shell and enjoy.

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9. Chef’s Warehouse

Chef’s Warehouse

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Another change mention in the list, displays has an innovative technique of changing their menu regularly to offer more variety to their customers. The best dessert in here is the Chocolate Lava Cake, well this is a very common dish and you must have tasted it a lot of times. But the taste you will get here will exceed your imagination. To make it even better they serve it with an orange cream which cuts the sweetness of the melted chocolate perfectly. You will find this place in Cape Town City Central.

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These delicacies are all calling the foodie in you! You can have go have some and also plan your next trip to Cape Town with TravelTriangle and one of the main reasons behind it would be these alluring places. Treat your sweet tooth to the best desserts in Cape Town.

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