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Dimensions Festival is one of the most electrifying celebrations of music and dance in Croatia. This dazzling Croatian underground dance music festival is organized inside Pula’s astounding Fort Punta Christo. This festival brings together a leftfield electronic music lineup that entices visitors with its unique experience. As it is the last year of this festival at Fort Punta Christo, people are quite excited to witness this enthralling celebration of music at its home for the last time. This year the festival will be conducted from 13th August to 17th August 2020.

If you have a love for the perceptive electronic music then do head to the Dimensions Festival 2020 as the carefully selected programs purveys a blend of techno, disco, funk, soul & drum and bass. The energetic lineup for this year’s celebration includes some of the most loved artists including Jeff Mills, Blawan, and Helena Hauff.

Why Visit Dimensions Festival 2020?

Why Visit Dimensions Festival

Dimensions Festival is known for creating its dazzling celebrations at nearly 2,000 years old fort that features the largest Roman amphitheater. This festival gives you a chance to party in one of the most momentous venues and as this is the last year of Dimensions festival at Pula Arena, one must not miss out on experiencing the electrifying vibe of this magnificent celebration of music and dance.

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Dimensions Festival Line Up

DISCLAIMER: Below mentioned are the lineup for 2019 events. We will be coming up with the Festival details for 2020 soon. So stay tuned!

As the organizers of Dimensions guarantees that this year’s celebration will break all the past records of this festival, let’s have a look at the interesting lineup:

28 August 2019: Opening Concerts

28 August 2019

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Following are the details of the opening concerts at Dimensions 2019:

1. Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals: They will be heading the amphitheater show for the current year. This year the festival will be featuring the eminent rapper and singer Anderson .Paak with his band, the Free Nationals.

2. Objekt: After a successful year with highly popular releases including Cocoon Crush, Objekt will be performing at the Dimensions Festival which is known for its techno-based sounds!

3. Tony Allen & Jeff Mills: Jeff Mills will be performing with the father of Afrobeat, Tony Allen. Jeff an eminent name in the electronic dance scene will showcase the exclusive pairing of drum kits with drum pads at Dimensions!

4. Hunee: Like last year, this year also Hunee will be exhibiting his boundless energy and flawless selections at the opening concert of Dimensions Festival 2019.

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13th August-17th August 2020: Main Festival

Main Festival

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The main festival will be showcasing the performances by the following artists:

Awesome Tapes from Africa | CCL | Credit 00 | D. Tiffany | DarwindBridge Presents Black Electric (Live) | Detroit In Effect | DJ Assault | DJ Koolt | DJ Masda | DJ Stingray | DMX Krew (Live) | Donna Leake | Dr Banana | Ex-Terrestrial | Francesco Del Garda | Gamma Intel | Gene On Earth | GiGi FM | Hamish & Toby | Helena Hauff | Ilija Rudman | John Gomez | Josey Rebelle | Karenn (Live) | Kiara Scuro | Kosh (Live) | Kris Baha | Le Chocolat Noir | Leif | Liquid Earth aka Urulu | Lokier | Mafalda | Marcellus Pittman |  Margaret Dygas | Marsman | Michelle (Live) | Nicolas Lutz | OCB aka Driss Bennis Overmono (Live) | Pangaea | Pearson Sound | Petar Dundov | re:ni | Skee Mask b2b Stenny | Steevio & Suzybee (Live) | Surgeon | Sweely (Live ) | The Ghost | The Hacker | Tikiman + Scion (Live) | Titonton Duvante (Live) | Tom Ellis | Truly Madly | Upwellings (Live) | Vera | Zarkoff (Live) | Zip & many more!

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Tunnel Parties At Dimensions Festival


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This year the festival will also be featuring the Tunnel Parties which was discontinued for the past few years. So, unveil the lost realm of Pula by partying at Zerostrasse, an enormous network of underground tunnels. The tunnel parties will be taking place on 29th & 31st August 2020. Be prepared for the deeper and darker series of mind-blowing parties at Dimensions Festival 2020.

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Boat Parties At Dimensions Festival

Boat Parties

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Another interesting expedition for party lovers heading to Dimensions Festival is the boat parties. You can book a boat party for yourself from the official website of the festival and enjoy partying at the voyages out onto the Adriatic. The duration of these boat parties will be 3 hours and the individual is required to produce the festival ticket to attend these enthusiastic boat parties.

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About Fort Punta Christo

Fort Punta Christo In Croatia

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Fort Punta Christo in Croatia is an enticing home to the Dimensions Festival. The fort was established in the 19th century to protect the beautiful city of Pula. As it was commissioned by the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, it served as the main naval port for them. The fort features the spellbinding vistas of the Bay of Pula. The fortress of Punta Christo has three entrances, leading to the main fort. The stunning architecture of this fort lures Globetrotters from across the world to this popular attraction.

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How To Reach Dimensions Festival?

Aeroplane View

Croatia is well-connected to other parts of the world. If you are heading to the Dimensions Festival 2020 then there are numerous comfortable and lucrative options to reach there:

By Plane

Pula is the nearest airport to the festival and one can reach the festival in 20 minutes by taking a cab or taxi from Pula airport. Venice is one of the most popular airports near Dimensions and welcome flights from almost every part of the world. You can also take a direct cab or bus to the venue from here. Other nearby airports are Treviso, Trieste, Zagreb, and Ljubljana.

By Bus

You can hop on to the Sunshine bus and shuttle services that are connecting Dimensions Festival to the different part of Europe. These are the most affordable and comfortable alternatives to reach the festival.

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Aren’t you willing to witness the awesomeness of the stunning Dimensions Festival this year? Plan a trip to Croatia with TravelTriangle and be a part of this amazing celebration of music and dance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dimensions Festival

What is the location for the Dimension Festival?

The Dimension Festival is one of the most famous festivals that is celebrated in the Fort Punta Christo, Pula, Croatia. It is a very sparkling festival which has many music and dance concerts in it.

What are the dates of the Dimension Festival for the year 2020?

The dates of the Dimension Festival for the year are 13th August to 18th August 2020. This dance music festival witnesses a huge crowd of people from all over the world.

Is there any age bar in the Dimension Festival?

Yes, there is a specific age bar for people to enter in the Dimension Festival. Only the adults above and equal to the age of 18 are allowed to go to the Dimension Festival.

Why is the Dimension Festival popular?

The Dimension Festival is celebrated in the fort that has the largest Roman Amphitheatre and it offers spectacular beauty of dance music, so it is famous. Also, it fills you with immense energy.

How to reach the Dimension Festival location?

You can take airways to reach the spot, Pula is the nearest airport. You can take a flight from Pula and then reach the main venue by cab. You can also go by bus routes to reach the venue.

What is new in the Dimension Festival for the year 2020?

This year, you will get to enjoy the tunnel parties in the Dimension Festival. This tunnel party was not in motion from the last few years but this year you will be enjoying it too.

What is the boat party in the Dimension Festival?

The boat party is also an interesting feature of this festival. People can book their boats online and enjoy partying over there on the Adriatic.

What is the price of the tickets for the Dimension Festival?

The cost of the tickets for the Dimension Festival keeps on rising as the festival dates come closer. So it is better to buy the tickets in advance to get a discount, as in the sale you will get the tickets in around 100 pounds only.

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