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The Eurail pass, commonly referred to as an all-in-one train ticket offers flexible access to individuals across most trains in the beautiful land of Europe. The pass, as the name suggests offers you the liberty to go wherever you want and is certainly a lot different as compared to the traditional train tickets. It further lets you travel anywhere you want and at any time you wish to. Although a few trains ask to make reservations, however with the help of this pass, most trains can be boarded easily just by merely flashing the pass. Offering a wide array of benefits, the pass is indeed a must avail while on your trip to Europe.

How Does The Eurail Pass Work?

Wondering how to use a Eurail pass? The pass functions very similar to that of a ticket for several train routes. With the help of the pass, travellers can move about freely around the entire Europe within a stipulated period. It offers the unique allowance to hop on any train at any point in time without having to make prior plans. The pass is applicable for visitors residing outside of the continent and, hence strictly meant for travellers.

This pass is solely applicable for purchasing before arrival in Europe. This is a paper ticket that needs to be presented each time you use it. The options of the purchase tend to vary each time and with each frequency of use. However, the pass is a valuable document for all regional, local, national and overnight travel on trains. The pass makes it extremely easy and also convenient to travel along the rail system. When this magic document is used justifiably, it helps to save both time and money, thus is time-saving and also economical.

It has been 60 years since its inception and after 60 years in 2019, it has witnessed several changes to offer attractive discounts for budget-friendly travellers to Europe.  Eurail pass cost for senior citizens can be avail 10% discount. 

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Cost And Offers:
The cost of a Eurail pass comprises significant categories which are mentioned in the following:

1. Global Pass

Applicable: 33 countries
Price: Starts at 185 Euros
Validity: 10 days in 2 months
Facilities: Additional discounts for seniors, youths and families

2. One Country Passes

Applicable: 29 countries
Price: Starts at 51 Euros
Validity: 7 days in 1 month
Facilities: Additional discounts for seniors, youths and families
Along with these amenities, the Eurail pass is packed with bonuses and attractive offers that are bound to make your trip even more enjoyable. Some of the common benefits are reduced museum fares, hotel discounts, free ferry rides and many more.

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Countries Where Eurail Pass Is Applicable:

The Eurail Pass is applicable across 33 countries in Europe. Among the 33 countries, here are a few prominent countries as mentioned in the following:

  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Croatia
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Poland
  • Greece and many others

Benefits Of Using A Eurail Pass

Offering a lot more benefits than you would have imagined, Eurail benefit offers one of the most convenient things to splurge on. Let us explore some of the major benefits that can be enjoyed with the help of the past.

1. Private Scenic Train Rides


The powerful Eurail Pass offers easy access to the majority of the trains in Europe. In most cases, all you need to do is simply hop on any train with the pass in one hand. Although in some cases, you might need to reserve a seat online or physically well ahead of time, however in most situations you do not need to do so.

A number of private trains can be availed that offer luxurious and scenic rides that can be availed in an all-inclusive offer. The rides offer breathtaking scenery of mountains and scenic valleys. If a scenic route is on your bucket list, this pass deserves your buy. Moreover, it also offers you an attractive discount on the base fare.

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2. Long Distance Ferry Rides


Ferries are undoubtedly one of the best modes of transport after exploring boats and trains. With the cost of a Eurail pass you can experience the luxury to travel on both, and what can be better than that? There are a number of ferry rides which you can avail and make the most of. It can further save a lot of your travel time including travels made to Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia. As Eurail Pass has a strong collaboration with a number of ferry companies, hence it offers tourists the wonderful opportunity to make the most of their travel itinerary.

3. Picturesque Boat Rides

Boat End

If you are not a lover of long boat rides, then these short boat rides are made for you. You can hop on any of the boats to enjoy short scenic trips. The lakes and rivers in Europe offer some of the most interesting scenery which is worth watching. The Eurail Pass holders are entitled to receive free passage on a number of Swiss rivers and lakes that also include the spectacular Lakes Brienz and Thun. Spend quality time with your loved one while boating through the most scenic boat rides of your lifetime. Do not forget to carry your Eurail pass throughout the trip!

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4. Enjoy First Class Lounges

avail first class lounge with Eurail pass

With a varied number of trains crossing the continent, it is unlikely that you will spend a considerable amount of time in just one specific place, rather than exploring more. If you witness a long layover or a missed connection, the Eurail Pass helps you attain access to a number of first-class lounges available throughout the continent. These lounges offer a lot more than a comfortable seat and a newspaper in hand. Depending on the lounge, you can free to choose free snacks, coffee, soft drinks, WiFi and bathrooms. The stations have their own requirements for entry that you need to comply with.

5. Discounted Accommodation

The Eurail pass is essentially a ticket to availing discount

What can be better than having a travel pass and discounted accommodation? The Eurail pass is essentially a ticket to availing discounted accommodation in some of the prominent locations throughout Europe. A number of accommodation partners have collaborated with the pass and helped tourists avail of a 10% discount on hotel and hostel accommodation throughout the continent.  

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6. Amazing Attractions

Eurail Pass is a must-have for sightseeing

Image Source

If you love sightseeing, Eurail Pass is a must-have. Sightseeing tours and other attractions get easier now. The cost of a Eurail pass entitles an attractive offer to a number of discounted entries to several popular attractions and trips in Europe. These however tend to vary as per the distinct cities in Europe, however, the offer remains to be the same. Offering an attractive discount across many destinations, the pass is one of the most valuable documents to avail.

7. Public Transport

Eurail Pass is the one of the best pass  comparative to swiss pass

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Some of the countries let the holders of the pass enjoy free travel on metro lines and public subways. Although there are a few terms and conditions that need to be met as specific to certain cities and countries, however, the terms almost remain the same. In cities where you are allowed to roam on a few local lines, it would be counted as a travel day.

You would need to write in the journey before boarding to avoid complications of all nature. This helps you to save a few Euros on the last part of your journey and helps travel to a few cities more. However, it is important to check on the validity of the pass before hopping on the transport.

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Swiss Pass vs Eurail Pass

Switzerland is a beautiful place with stunning landscapes. Travelling by train in Switzerland is one of the great ways to experience the stunning scenery and efficient transportation system. But when it comes to choosing a travel pass, it always creates confusion between Swiss Pass vs Eurail Pass. If someone wants to visit multiple European countries alongside Switzerland the Eurail pass is the best option. From local buses to some scenic mountain railways Eurail Pass provides access to the Swiss national railway network. While the Swiss Pass only provide access to travel within Switzerland. Eurail Offers flexibility for travellers with a multi-country itinerary. This Passe come in various durations, including a Eurail pass 10-day option.

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Eurail pass Offers a wide array of benefits, the pass is already a favourite among all. With more and more tourists accepting the pass as a common mode of transport usage, the pass is gaining increased popularity. As a result, tourists are also able to enjoy the advantages and make their travel experience an enjoyable and cost-effective one. So, what are you waiting for? Book your own customized trip to Europe and plan an awesome vacation with the passes!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eurail Pass

What are the kinds of Eurail passes offered?

There are two kinds of Eurail passes available, one being Global pass and the other being country pass. Both of these kinds offer distinct benefits and offers.

What is the ideal time to explore Europe?

The ideal time to explore Europe is during the summer months, between March to August and also in the winters. It specifically depends on what part of the continent you wish to explore.

Is Eurail pass applicable throughout the continent?

Yes, the Eurail pass is applicable across 33 countries in Europe, with Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Sweden, and Turkey, to name a few.

What are the prices of Eurail Pass?

Eurail pass is available at a price of 51 Euros and 185 Euros, as their starting prices. Both the prices are applicable to two distinct kinds of passes, the Global pass and the Country pass.

What are the common benefits of Eurail Pass?

Some of the common benefits of the pass includes free train rides, hotel discounts, free ferry rides, reduced museum fares and so on.

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