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    Any country’s tradition, heritage and ethos are best reflected through its festivals. Bulgaria is not an exception here and celebrates plenty of vibrant festivals. International music festivals, folk festivals, and cultural feasts, one can experience everything. These festivals in Bulgaria are rejoiced with great grandeur and enthusiasm and if you can manage to be a part of it, your vacation will turn out to be ever charming and magical. Here is the list, read on to know the popular festivals in Bulgaria 2019 that enhance the charm and glory of the place.

    Popular Local Festivals Of Bulgaria

    Bulgarian culture and traditions are rejoiced with many colourful festivals, throughout the year. Here are the shortlisted names. See, if you can make up for any during your holiday.

    • Humour Carnival
    • Festival Of Roses
    • Fire Dancing Festival
    • Cherry Festival
    • Wake Up Open Air Festival
    • Wrong Fest
    • Rozhen National Folklore Festival
    • International Bagpipe Contest
    • A To Jazz Festival
    • Zheravna Festival Of National Costume
    • Beglika Fest
    • Pirin Sings Folklore Festival

    1. Humour Carnival

    Humour Carnival

    Image Source

    It is fantastic to start the discussion of famous festivals in Bulgaria with the Humour Carnival. Held in Gabrovo, this carnival focus on merry making, fun, and frolic. Featuring street plays, funny traditions, and fancy-dress parties, the Humour Carnival attracts locals and tourists alike. Along with all these, there is a huge parade on the main street of Gabrovo. Native people dress up in fancy and funny costumes and take part in the rally. For hosting this colourful and unique carnival, Gabrovo have been marked as one of the members of the Foundation of the European Carnival Cities.

    Date: 16th May 2019
    Location: Gabrovo

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    2. Festival Of Roses

    Festival of Roses

    Image Source

    Bulgaria contributes for 70% of the total world rose production every year. Hence it is obvious that the country will host a beautiful festival around this beautiful flower. Held in the Rose Valley of Kazanlak, the Festival of Roses is one of the most spectacular Bulgaria festivals held in summer. There are many events and fun activities like rose picking, Queen rose competition, and fireworks show that make the festival bright and cheerful.

    Date: 31st May to 3rd June 2019
    Location: Kazanlak

    3. Fire Dancing Festival

    Fire Dancing Festival

    Image Source

    Fire Dancing is one of the oldest traditions of Bulgaria. Started by the ancient Thracians for worship of the Sun god, this act is now practiced by few communities residing in the Strandzha region of the Bulgari village. The festival includes barefoot dancing on burning coal by skilled fire dancers. Usually held on 3rd day of June, this daredevil festival honours the two saints named Constantine and Helen. Undoubtedly, this is one of the oldest festivals of Bulgaria and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage legacy of non-material culture.

    Date: Dates for 2019 are not yet declared. Usually happens on the first weekend of June.
    Location: Bulgari village

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    4. Cherry Festival

    Cherry Festival

    Much famed as the fruit garden of Bulgaria, Kyustendil hosts the Cherry Festival in the country. The region grows ample varieties of cherry, which are tasty and fresh. The festival held for two days, revolves around the display of exotic cherry varieties, carvings on cherry, jams, cakes, marmalades, and syrup made from the cherry. If you happen to be in Bulgaria in June, experience this grand festival and relish the flavoursome cherries and its products.

    Date: 27th- 28th June 2019
    Location: Kyustendil

    5. Wake Up Open Air Festival

    Wake Up Open Air Festival

    Image Source

    A popular dance and music festival, Wake Up Open Air Festival is another popular music feast in Bulgaria. Held in the hills of Kuklen Monastery, the place can be reached in 20 minutes from Plovdiv. One can experience music and dance performances, spiritual lectures, fire walking, and yoga sessions here.

    Date: 2nd to 7th July 2019
    Location: Kuklen Monastery, near Plovdiv

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    6. Wrong Fest

    Wrong Fest

    Image Source

    Located 20 kms from Sofia, Wrong Fest is a cultural extravaganza, organised every July. One can enjoy fantastic band performances and music recitals, by globally renowned artists. From international alternative music, hard metal, punk, and metallic rock bands, you name it and Wrong Fest features it. Spread over a large area, the organising committees build camps, where people stay, chill-out and enjoy the carnival.

    Date: 13th to 14th July 2019
    Location: Voinegovtsi village

    7. Rozhen National Folklore Festival

    Rozhen National Folklore Festival

    This festival is held every four years is one of the best festivals in Bulgaria. Showcasing vibrant folk music and dance of the Balkan region, Rozhen National Folklore Festival is a vibrant way to honor the rich culture and traditions of the natives. The most important highlight of the Rozhen National Folklore Festival is Sto Kaba Gaidi, a special opera of 100 bagpipes.

    Date: It is held every four years. The last festival was in 2016 and the next one scheduled in 2020.
    Location: Rozhen area of Rhodope Mountains.

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    8. International Bagpipe Contest

    International Bagpipe Contest

    Image Source

    The lush green meadows of Gela village witness the majestic performances of bagpipers, coming from different parts of the world. Professionals in different age groups, coming from France, Hungary, Japan, and UK participate in this contest and endorse the traditional culture and Rhodope legends.

    Date: 2nd to 3rd August 2019
    Location: Gela Village

    9. A to Jazz Festival

    A to Jazz Festival

    Image Source

    This is one of the marvellous summer music festivals in Bulgaria. Celebrated for three days in Sofia, this fest welcomes bands, and musicians of Jazz genre from all over the world to come and perform. The entry is free for all and people can sit on the lush green ground in front of the stage, chill out, relax, and enjoy some really blissful music. The festival started in 2011 and have picked up tremendous popularity and fame over few years.

    Date: 6th to 10th August 2019
    Location: Sofia

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    10. Zheravna Festival of National Costume

    Zheravna Festival of National Costume

    Image Source

    Zheravna Festival of National Costume is one of its kind festival of Bulgaria, where everyone comes dressed in their national attire. Started in 2014, this celebration aims in reviving and honouring the culture and tradition of Bulgaria. One can listen to age old songs, relish authentic food and experience folk craft workshops, fire dancing, and masquerade games. Mobile phones and cameras are strictly prohibited during the celebration.

    Date: 23rd to 25th August 2019
    Location: Zheravna architectural reserve

    11. Beglika Fest

    Beglika Fest

    Image Source

    Theatre workshops, jam sessions, live bands, and recitals of international and alternative music makes Beglika fest an overwhelming and heart-warming affair. Held on the bank of Beglika Reservoir, this music fest of Bulgaria welcomes music enthusiasts and like-minded people.

    Date: 23rd to 27th August 2019
    Location: Beglika Reservoir

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    12. Pirin Sings Folklore Festival

    Pirin Sings Folklore Festival

    Image Source

    Set in between Rila and Pirin mountains, the Pirin Sings Folklore Festival is a carnival that is held every five years. Promoting charm and diversity of folk music of Pirin region, this colourful festival delights every visitor. Other than the grand performances, there are competitions also which make the festival all the more exciting and intriguing.

    Date: It is held every five years. Last was in August 2015. Next one is scheduled in 2020.
    Location: Predela

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    Festivals in Bulgaria are ever charming and cheerful. Every celebration has its own identity and tradition. Plan a customised holiday with Travel Triangle and be a part of these amazing traditions and festivals.

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