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In the generation of globetrotters, a trip to any country is incomplete without experiencing its local culture and its cuisine. Sharing attributes with other Balkan cuisines, the heterogeneity in Bulgarian cuisine will leave you craving for even more. From street food to fine dining, Bulgaria will most definitely appeal to all your senses. Bulgarian restaurants give the dining spots of London and New York a tough fight. Here’s a compilation of some of the most prestigious restaurants in Bulgaria.

12 Famous Bulgarian Restaurants

Having nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bulgaria draws the world’s attention to Thracian, Persian, Celtic, Macedonian and Roman influences on its cuisine. We’ve shortlisted 12 Bulgarian restaurants that you must dine at:

1. Ethno Restaurant

Ethno Restaurant

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Ethno is one of the best dining spots that will satisfy not only your stomach but also your soul. Located in the sprightly Alexandrovska Boulevard, Ethno restaurant serves scrumptious Greek seafood delicacies. Fresh seafood is plentiful in Burgas, which makes this place worth a visit. Ethno’s centralised location, alluring decor and stimulating delicacies makes it one of the most visited Bulgarian restaurants. Shrimp sahamati, BBQ sea bass, and many other pocket friendly seafood options will leave you spoilt for choice.

Address: Aleksandrovska 49, 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.2

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2. Rose Restaurant

Rose Restaurant

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Situated inside a 200 years old renovated home on the main wayfarer street in Aleko Bogoridi, Rose Restaurant is one the best fusion restaurants in Bulgaria. It serves French-Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. The restaurant boasts of a majestic wine list. Rose, which started out as a splashy pizzeria, has now been transformed into one of the best fine dining restaurants. Along with the fine dining experience, the restaurant offers live music every night which gives a wholesome experience to its visitors.

Address: Aleko Bogoridi 19, 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.4

3. Philippopolis Restaurant

Philippopolis Restaurant

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Located in Plovdiv, Philippopolis is an old town restaurant attached to an art gallery which attracts food and wine connoisseurs from around the world. The extensive menu of this fancy restaurant offers a fusion of national flavours and international delicacies, apart from an assortment of chef’s daily specials. Don’t forget to visit the art gallery that features beautiful paintings by Bulgarian master painters. Philippopolis is a magical place for couples to experience a beautiful and romantic dining experience.

Address: Saborna 29, Plovdiv
Google rating: 4.3

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4. Motto Restaurant

Motto Restaurant

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Known as one of the best Bulgarian restaurant, Sofia Center’s motto has a laid back trendy atmosphere with retro furnishing and décor. It has a beautiful garden outside where you can soak up the sun while enjoying their signature lemonades. If you want to take a break from the traditional Bulgarian food, head here. Their wine list is unmatchable. Reservations are strongly recommended for the special Sunday brunch during winters. Motto is the perfect place to satisfy your appetite while enjoying live music on weekends.

Address: Aksakov 18, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
Google rating: 3.9

5. Izbata Tavern and Winery

Izbata Tavern and Winery

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The food served by this restaurant is a direct reflection of its country’s culture. Izbata Tavern and Winery offers an authentic and intimate dining experience that will leave your taste buds wanting for more. Tucked in Slavyanska away from the hustle and bustle of Bulgaria, this restaurant charms the wine lovers as it offers more than 100 wines. The place serves dishes that are not only a visual delight but also full of flavors. Their perfectly grilled meats are not be missed. Everything from salads to desserts is highly recommended and worth a try! With a pleasing outdoor garden seating and delectable Mediterranean-inspired menu, the restaurant inspires hundreds of foodies to visit this place.

Address: Slavyanska 18, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.3

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6. Leventa Winery and Restaurant

Leventa Winery and Restaurant

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Situated under the television tower, this restaurant cum winery is surely eye-catching. Formerly an Ottoman fortress, this restaurant is located at the highest vantage point in Ruse. Every dining hall has a different theme — each representing a different era in Bulgarian history, varying from Thracian to liberation. It serves not only scrumptious food but also richly flavoured wines.

Address: 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.6

7. Mehana Chiflika

Mehana Chiflika

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For the best traditional and cultural experience in Ruse, you must visit Mehana Chiflika. It serves succulent Bulgarian food. If you’re looking forward to spend an evening full of entertainment with live music, this is the place to be at. In the peak season they’re overflowing with diners, thus you’re advised to reserve a table a day or two in advance. The rustic furnishings on the wall lend a glamorous appeal to the dining area. From salads to fish and lamb dishes, the menu has something that compliments everybody’s taste.

Address: Otetz Paisiy, Ruse Center, Ruse, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.3

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8. Vodenitsata Restaurant


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Situated in the woods of Vitosha mountain, Vodenitsata restaurant is one of the best Bulgarian restaurants in Portugal. It offers an authentic vibe. The place serves the best traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Pair their dishes with wine and you’re good to go. The service is amiable and fast. You will get a chance to enjoy live folklore music show and balkan dance while eating your food. You’re suggested to make prior reservations.

Google rating: 4.5

9. Megdana Restaurant

Megdana Restaurant

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Situated in a lovely stone house with wooden verandahs and a large landscaped garden, Megdana is one of the best Bulgarian restaurants in Plovdiv. The place is adorned with plush cozy interiors. It offers a commingling of traditional Bulgarian and world cuisines. They have special arrangements of live music programs to entertain you while enjoying your supper. It is advisable to make a reservation if you want to grab a table in the outdoors.

Address: Odrin 11, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.3

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10. Beso Restaurant

Beso Restaurant

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Known for fine dining, Beso is a unique restaurant in Sofia that offers fusion cuisine without burning a hole in your pocket. It is an amazing place for sheesha lovers where you can smoke a narghilè among other flavours while waiting for your dinner. To keep the guests engrossed, Beso has live DJ performances every night. The place is beautifully furnished with stylish interiors and dim lighting to make your dining experience memorable. Not only this, they have special arrangements to keep your kids entertained as well. You can leave your kids at the children’s zone while enjoying a glass of chilled beer at the bar.

Address: Todor Kableshkov 1, 1618 Manastirski Livadi, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.2

11. Boom! Burgers N’ Steaks

Boom! Burgers N’ Steaks

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This place is a delightful break from formal dining. It is a casual dining area which provides great bread and meat quality. They serve juicy and well cooked burgers. The restaurant is spacious and the service is fast and prompt. The menu is not very extensive but the food is, nevertheless, delectable. Egg plant, goat cheese burger, rib eye steak and pear bacon salad are definitely worth a try. The restaurant is open from noon to 10 PM.

Address: Karnigradska 15, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.2

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12. Talents Restaurant

Talents Restaurant

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As the name suggests, Talents is an innovative and creative restaurant in central Sofia. It is the best place to taste the finest of international cuisine along with some of the world’s best desserts. A real time view of the action in the kitchen provided on the screens is a visual delight for the guests while relishing their food and drinks. Talents is the perfect place in town to experience a unique culinary experience, including a novel concept in the culinary world which is ‘dining in the dark’.

Address: 9, Petar Beron Str, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1142 Sofia
Google rating: 4.7

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Food is undoubtedly an integral part of your travelling experience. Some of the best restaurants in Bulgaria understand this feeling to the core and provide you the world’s best culinary experience. The restaurants in Bulgaria will leave you spoiled for choice when dining out with your friends and family. Right from its refreshing chopska salads to hearty clay pot stews, Bulgaria has a variety of dishes to offer and the chefs here do justice to each one of them. Make sure to visit the aforementioned Bulgarian restaurants on your trip to Portugal for an exquisite culinary experience.

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