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There are multiple reasons for you to fall in love with Finland in winter. Finland is known for its enchanting forests, lakes, glassware, food, untouched landscapes and much more. Though it might be cold when you’re surrounded by snow with daylight lasting just for a couple of hours, but nevertheless there’s a plethora of foreign tourists, breathtaking winter landscapes and the magical Northern Lights. Finland in winter looks nothing less than a winter wondeland with magical vibes encircling the atmosphere. This country has plenty to offer, even when the cold is bitter!

Winter Temperature In Finland


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The temperatures in Finland drops very low during the winter season to about -30°C – 0°C for nearly 120 days. Finland weather in winter experiences the bitter cold. The season usually starts from the mid of October in Lapland and continues spreading throughout Finland from the month of November, while it spreads out a bit slower in the southwestern archipelago not until December. Finland winter daylight hours are considered to be very short as well. With snow all around, Christmas in Finland is all about extra magic!

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Top 10 Things To Do In Finland In Winter

While there might be many winter activities that you might’ve explored before, we are sure nothing compares to these. Listed below are 10 things to do in Finland in winter:

1. Take On The Ski Slopes


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The skiing season in Finland lasts from late October until the month of May, which is a little over 6 months. Finland has around 75 ski resorts. Even though FInland doesn’t have any mountains as such, the hills here are covered with snow for almost 200 days in a year. Even the kids can try their hand at skiing as there are trained instructors who can guide the kids with skiing down the slopes. There are also some world-class slopes. Skiing in Finland in January is the best with fresh snow covering the floors. 

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2. Go Ice Fishing


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If you like to enjoy some peace and quiet, then ice fishing is the perfect activity among all Finland winter activities for you to try. Ice fishing is considered to be one of the oldest and unique methods of fishing here in Finland. This is also considered as a winter activity and there is no license required to go ice fishing, as fishing is known to be accessible to all public in Finland. You can expect the top of the lake to be frozen, so you would have to rent an ice drill.

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3. Explore The Scenery On A Snowmobile

Snow motor ride

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Riding a snowmobile is an amazing way to explore the outdoors in Finland while you zip through some gorgeous scenery along the way. Learning how to ride a snowmobile is pretty easy and you can rent out a snowmobile almost anywhere in Finland, where there is lots of snow in sight. But ensure you are careful and follow the instructions from your instructor, in case you get stuck in a snowdrift. This could also be one of the offbeat ways to celebrate New Year in Finland that you can boast about in front of your groups!

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4. Enjoy A Ride On A Dog Sled

ride on a dog sled

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Have you ever dreamed of riding on a dog sled? Well, you can make that wish come true in Finland. Dog Sledding is one of the most famous and common winter activities here in Finland. You just need to get familiar with the basics of controlling the direction, and the brakes, so you and you can enjoy the ride with the adorable huskies leading through the snow.

5. Take A Dip In The Sauna

sauna view

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Sauna in Finland is considered to be an important part of the Finnish culture. It is known to host many major events in life from birth to death, get togethers, a place for meditation and even apt for business meetings. It is quite common for Finnish homes to have their own private saunas in their homes and summer cottages.
If you are looking for an authentic experience, then renting out a cabin with a sauna next to a lake is perfect.

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6. Watch The Northern Lights

Beautiful Lights in the sky

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The glass igloos are a perfect way to watch the beautiful Northern Lights as you are tucked in your cosy blankets. The best place to view the Northern Lights is away from any unnatural lights and pollution, situated inside the Arctic Circle. You will definitely require a little bit of patience and luck along with your warm clothing and supplies while watching the mesmerizing Northern Lights. This is one of the best things to do when on a honeymoon in Finland, especially. 

7. Give Snowshoeing A Go


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If snowboarding or skiing is too fast-paced for your liking, then you can give snowshoeing a go. It is a different experience altogether, you would have to strap on a pair of oversized shoes and just wander off into the snow-filled landscape. The shoes distribute the body’s weight evenly onto the snow, which helps you walk on snow rather than sinking in it. You can enjoy the magical landscapes whilst snowshoeing.

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8. Stay In An Igloo Or Ice Hotel


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Staying in an igloo or ice hotel is a once in a lifetime experience to enjoy your Finland winter holidays. There are many hotels here where the entire room is made out of ice. They are usually kept in below freezing temperatures to keep the ice from melting. The guests are provided with thick fur and heavy-duty sleeping bags so that they can keep warm. They are fully heated and cosy, so you can enjoy laying in bed and gaze at the sky. Ice hotels are one of the famous Finland attractions in winter. If you are not a fan of snow and ice, you can book yourselves any of the extravagant villas in Finland and enjoy the snow from behind the windows!
But if you are interested, you can try out the ‘GOT’ themed ice hotel sitting in Finland!

9. Taste The Authentic Cuisine

tasty cuisine

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If you like to experience the traditional Finnish cuisine, then make you sure try the roasted reindeer with mashed potatoes, topped off with lingonberry sauce, which is considered to be a popular lunch dish here and can be found in most of the restaurants in Finland. Meats such as reindeer, bear, and elk are commonly served throughout the country’s restaurants. Finland also has some amazing berries which you should definitely give a try. Also, if you’re thinking of what to wear in Finland in winter, we’d suggest take really warm clothes!

10. Spectate The Local Hockey Match

Spectate The Local Hockey Match

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If you are a sports enthusiast and have a thing for the local matches, then winter activities in Finland are perfect for you. The best way to witness the culture of Finland is to go and be a part of the audience of ice hockey. This sport is the most popular among the locals of this nation and is fun to watch. If you are not a fan of hockey, you can also spectate other sports such as pesapallo, harness racing, F1 racing, and more. The local professional team of Finland is Lukko which plays the sport in the most engaging and energetic manner.

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11. Go Ice Karting

Ice Karting

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Another fun way to spend Finland winter holidays is by being a part of the hair raising ice karting. One can simply race around the ice on a go-kart and drive through the slippery circuits that are specially designed for ice karting. To be a part of this sport, one needs to book for at least 2 people at once. If you are traveling to the country with your family, you can opt for mini ice karting for the little ones. Imagine gushing through the snow on the white winter wonderland!

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12. Learn About Sami Culture

Sami Culture

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If your idea of a vacation includes spending some time knowing about a particular culture or the people, winter time in Finland is the most exciting time. The Sami are locals who have lived across various parts including Norway,Sweden, Finland, and Russia. This culture is known to have survived through the years and engage in various activities such as sheep herding, reindeer herding, hunting, fur trapping, and of course, fishing. In the present day, due to all the government policies one may not find many locals from this culture but there has been great interest to protect the traditional culture.

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Winter Clothing In Finland

Heavy Jacket

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If you aren’t used to travelling in extremely cold weather, then we advise you carry an extra pair of warm clothes to keep you nice and warm, during your visit to Finland in winter. It is best that you come prepared during your visit by packing warm clothes to keep you warm, given the winter temperature in Finland. A full dry survival suit is usually considered as winter clothing in Finland as it keeps your body insulated.

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You will never run short of things to do in Finland in winter with our list of winter activities in this whimsical winter wonderland. Your vacation to Finland in winter will truly be spectacular if you include these unique winter activities. Embrace the Finnish way of life on your trip to Finland.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Finland In Winter

How cold does it get in Finland in the winter?

February is usually Finland’s coldest month, with temperatures averaging from – 22 to -3°C. In northern Finland, winter temperatures often drop as low as -30°C or even down to -50°C, sometimes with strong, cold easterly or northeasterly winds.

How many hours of daylight does Finland get in the winter?

Finland gets 6 hours of daylight in the winter.

How do people survive winter in Finland?

People in Finland make the best out of the winter season. They dress properly in all the woolens and jackets, take a sauna, walk on the ice, make sure of their winter health, watch the ice hockey game, and enjoy the blessed weather.

Is Finland always cold?

No, it is not always cold in Finland. The winter season in this country lasts for around 5 months from November to March.

Is Finland a good place to live?

Finland is a good place to live for those who wish are a fan of nature, vast wilderness, and a lot of snowfall!

Does it rain a lot in Finland?

No, it does not rain a lot in this country. The precipitation across the country is not very abundant.

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