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A food festival is held annually and the food is the main ingredient of this festivity. Canada is a place that is highly diversified with respect to culture and taste. So, it will not be surprising to say that Canadian attracts the attention of food lovers all across the boundaries who love to celebrate any event related to food. Whether it is summer or winter, it does not affect the Canada’s food spirits. Plenty of food festivals are arranged keeping in view the changing requirements of the weather. Summer Food festivals in Canada are as famous as the winter festivals.

10 Food Festivals In Canada

If you are planning to visit Canada to satisfy your thirst for amazing food, you must know the best food festivals in Canada. Here we will discuss ten famous food festivals in Canada.

1. Prince Edward Island Fall Flavors Festival

Prince Edward Island Fall Flavors Festival

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This culinary event is celebrated for a whole month, and there are plenty of small festivals that are held under this main event too. Two main sub festivals are International shellfish and lobster party on the beach side and Beef N ‘Blues. If you are a true food lover, this culinary event is the best choice for you. This food festival has a great importance because many known chefs are part of this festival to impart the cookery knowledge to the valuable visitors. You can enjoy the yummy food, but it also helps in learning a variety of cooking techniques too.

Location: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Date: Beginning of September

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2. Ottawa Poutine Fest

Ottawa Poutine Fest

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People who love food and food festivals, they can plan to join the Ottawa Poutine Fest. The Ottawa Poutine Fest is held in May, and it is a worth joining festival. This festival owns a famous tagline, and that is #spreadthecurd. At this event, mighty Canadian Poutine is promoted. You can take pleasure in the traditional poutine cuisine. Poutine eating contest, Spud up Relay, Potato sack races are the main features of this amazing event. Live and entertaining music is another promising feature of this food festival. This food festival is a complete source of entertainment. Variety of cuisines with the enticing beats of music is a great combination for visitors from all around the globe. This festival is well recognized across the boundaries.

Location: City hall 11o Laurier Ave World of Poutine, Ottawa, Canada
Date: Early May

3. Winterlicious


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When there is a talk about the food festivals in Toronto Canada, the name of the winterlicious food festival cannot be overlooked at any cost. Plenty of sub festivals are held under the name of Winterlicious event, and this theme is centrally focused at this event. More than 200 restaurants are there to participate in this event. People who have strong taste buds; they must not miss this opportunity to treat their food fever by attending this amazing event. Intimate chef workshops, culinary classes, dinner theatre, demonstrations, etc. are a prominent part of this remarkable event.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: Late January to the middle of February

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4. Dine Out Vancouver Festival

Dine Out Vancouver Festival

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This is among one of the biggest food festivals in Canada. It is a 17-day event, and it enables the presence of 277 Vancouver’s best restaurants that provide the opportunity of scrumptious dinner with fix price menus. It was held in 2002 for the very first time, and it has remained successful in attracting the attention of not only the local foodies but also the international food enthusiasts. 30 sub festivals are held under this event and people can enjoy this occasion fully. Mouthwatering meals are paired with local brews, cocktails, and wines. This is a real treat for foodies.

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Date: Mid of January

5.The Gatherings

The Gatherings

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This food festival was started with humble beginnings and to achieve the big dreams. The history of this food festival is 5 years old. This event facilitates the features of fire, food, and music. There was a time when Newfoundland was an isolated place, but this place has got fame with time. Now it has become a hub of world-class chefs. You can join this food fest and enjoy your gourmet meal fully.

Location: Burlington, Newfoundland, Canada
Date: Late August

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6. Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival

Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival

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Sweet tooth is the weakness of so many people. When we talk about Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival, we come to know that this festival facilitates the availability of more than 100,000 freshly baked tarts and this festival is the best choice for dessert lovers. People can satisfy their mad cravings for tart here. In this fest, a competition is held between professional chefs and amateurs to create the best tarts, and Ontario’s Best Butter Tart title is provided to the winners. This festival even attracts the attention of international foodies.

Location: Midland, ON, Canada.
Date: After the 10th of June

7. Taste Of The Danforth

Taste Of The Danforth

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Street food festivals play a pivotal role in Canadian food history. Canada is a diversified place, so the taste of the foodies also holds the element of diversity. Taste of the Danforth is the biggest street food festival in Canada that greatly holds the attention of foodies and it was expected in 2016 than 1.65 million people would be a part of this festival and this estimation was not wrong. People have an opportunity to taste the variety of dishes that are presented by the Greek Town Vendors. Classic dishes are the main part of this festival.

Location: Toronto, Canada
Date: Beginning of August

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8. Taste Of The Caribbean

Taste of the Caribbean

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This food festival is conducted to celebrate Caribbean food, culture, and music. In this festival, delicious Caribbean foods can be enjoyed by the people. Professional and famous chefs are part of this event. Presence of Jamaican Chef, Jae Anthony makes this event more famous. Aromas and flavors of the food provide a pure treat to your taste buds.

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada
Date: Mid of June

9. Shediac Lobster festival

Shediac Lobster festival

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Shediac Lobster festival is quite famous among seafood lovers. In this festival, fresh seafood is provided to valuable visitors. This is the largest lobster feast where foodies are provided with more than 1000 lobsters. People can also watch the making of the world’s largest roll of lobster here.

Location: Shediac, NB, Canada
Date: Beginning of July

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10. Corn And Apple Festival

Corn And Apple Festival

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Corn and apple festival is another well-known food festival where hot corns are provided free of cost to the visitors. The history of this festival is 50 years old. Aroma of freshly prepared, hot butter corns is good enough to drive your hunger pains. In this festival, people are also engaged through mud racing, giant parade and midway games. This is a family friendly festival where you can enjoy not only the hot corns but also the entertaining activities too.

Location: Morden, Manitoba, Canada
Date: Late August

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These are the well-known food festivals that provide good entertainment to its visitors. If you like to be a part of food festivals then Canadian food festivals can be the right choice for you. So, pack your bags, book your international vacation and enjoy real flavors of food in these mega events.

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