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Mexico is one of the countries in the world which is known for having many festivals and fairs which are celebrated all over the year. All the festivals which are celebrated in Mexico are organized on a larger scale. This is one of the major reasons why it is very much easier to eat well in Mexico. The country is known for having an enticing list of traditional dishes from which people will be able to choose from. If you are visiting Mexico and you want to try all the different types of food which are available there, then the best way to do so is to simply attend a local food festival. Here we have listed down all the food festivals in Mexico, which you need to visit to try out the different types of food.

15 Best Food Festivals In Mexico

If you love to try new food and you have plans to visit Mexico, make sure to plan your trip in a way that you are able to attend one of these festivals. Take a look at the best food festivals in Mexico that will help you savour best dishes that the place offers whether you’re with friends or family!

  • Three Kings Bread Fiesta – January
  • Corn And Tortilla Fair – May-June
  • Ice Cream Festival – March
  • San Miguel de Allende Food Festival – July
  • San Felipe Shrimp Festival – November
  • Sabor a Cabo – December
  • Amaranth Candy & Olive Festival – February
  • Coffee & Guava Fair – February
  • Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival – March
  • Wine & Food Festival – October
  • Vegetable & Salsa Fair – May
  • Pineapple Festival – May
  • Rice Festival – May
  • National Wine & Cheese Fair – May
  • Festival de Vanilla – June

1. Three Kings Bread Fiesta

Three Kings Bread Fiesta

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The whole tradition of Rosca de Reyes is one of the most celebrated traditions in the country of Mexico. This tradition is very famous in all the towns which have a lot of pre-Hispanic Malinalco ruins. It is basically a time when people celebrate by keeping a huge feast. The festival is celebrated in the month of January in Mexico. Attending the festivals is one of the best things to do in Mexico for sure.

Location: Malinalco, State of Mexico
Date: Early January

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2. Corn And Tortilla Fair

corn and tortilla fair mexico

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Since corn is the primary crop in Mexico and Mexico is the land of tacos, Corn and Tortilla Fair is kind of a big affair here. The Mexican food festival celebrates the contribution of corn in food and economy. If you thought tortillas are the only Mexican food made from corn, then you could not be more wrong. Try various other dishes made from corn like tlacoyos, ponteduros, and esquites.

Location: Santiago Tepalcatlalpan
When: May-June 2023

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3. Ice Cream Festival

ice cream festival mexico

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Who doesn’t love ice cream? Scream ice -cream at one of the most amazing Mexican festivals where you will get to enjoy new and different flavors of ice cream. It is not just a festival about ice-cream but a 127-year old tradition. The people of Tulyehualco used to make frozen treats from the nearby snow-capped volcanoes which is followed by the ice-cream producers of the region to this date.

Location: Tulyehualco
When: March

4. San Miguel de Allende Food Festival

mexican food festival

Image Source

The three day food event in San Miguel Allende is one of the most prominent Mexico festivals. It is a three-day event held in July where the country’s top chefs create a gala dinner for the guests. The event is open to the public, however, the tickets are limited. So, make sure you grab yours. San Miguel is a popular hub for authentic Mexican food.

Location: San Miguel Allende
When: July

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5. San Felipe Shrimp Festival

shrimp food festival

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The love for food is so diverse in the country that one of the Mexico festivals is dedicated to shrimps. If you are wondering what to do in November in Mexico, then head to this event. San Felipe Shrimp Festival is where all seafood lovers gather to enjoy fresh shrimps.

San Felipe is a popular fishing town in Baja California. The chefs take the opportunity to experience new recipes and serve local recipes. Live music and other activities are also there to keep you hooked at one of the most happening food festivals in Mexico

Location: San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico
When: November

6. Sabor a Cabo

mexican food festival

Image Source

Los Cabos is a mecca for food lovers who are on a lookout for authentic Mexican food. The place is famous for a variety of restaurants, each leading in their forte. If you are spending winter in Mexico, then you must attend this event.

Sabor a Cabo is the event when the restaurants come together for the love of food and serve delicious local cuisine. One of the most popular Mexican festivals 20020, Sabor a Cabo is the festival you should get tickets to.

Location: Los Cabos
When: December

7. Amaranth Candy And Olive Festival

Amaranth Candy And Olive Festival

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The Mexican festival is more commonly popular in the whole southern side of the Federal District. It is popularly known in Mexico for having floating gardens which all the tourists will be able to see from the boats. This is the festival, which is specifically dedicated to all the pre-Hispanic grain features Amaranth in different forms.

In this festival, a lot of hot drinks and snacks are served which are called alegrias. Xochimilco is popularly known for having the largest crafts market in Mexico. The event is celebrated in the month of February in Mexico.

Location: Xochimilco, DF
Date: February

8. Coffee And Guava Fair

Coffee And Guava Fair

Image Source

This is the festival, which is known for sampling different types of java blends and guava preserves amongst the people who are attending the fair. This is the festival, which is generally celebrated in regions where there is a wide range of mountains and which is basically the North side of Mexico.

This is also a festival which happens in the month of February in Mexico and it is known to attract a lot of coffee enthusiast. This is one of the most popular food festivals in New Mexico.

Location: Canelas, Durango
Date: February

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9. Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival

Traditional Mayan Food Fiesta

Image Source

This is basically one of the biggest Mexican Food Festivals celebrated in the month of March. If you are attending this festival, then you will be able to taste all the different specialties of the place Maya of the Yucatan peninsula which is basically located in the indigenous village.

This festival is basically in the Mexican Photo Archives of Beatrice Trueblood Studio which is situated in Mexico City. The place Dzula, where the festival is celebrated is basically about 30 miles west on the Hwy 184. This location is also about 54 miles south from Tulum on the Hwy.

Location: Dzula, Quintana Roo
Date: March

10. Wine & Food Festival

Wine Festival

Image Source

A must-attend festval for all wine conneseurs out there, Wine & Food Festival is where chefs and wine someliers display their best talents. Get the opportunity to taste the wine from the best wine makers in America and Europe. Attending this festival is the best thing you could do on your honeymoon in Mexico.

It is basically a fair which is organized by the state and a lot of food and beverages are displayed at the fair. The plaza is also decorated in a lavish manner for this festival. This is the best food festival in Mexico right now.

Location: Mexico City
Time: October

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11. Vegetable And Salsa Fair

Vegetable And Salsa Fair

Image Source

This is the town in Mexico, which is known for producing the best sauces in Mexico taking place in the month of May. This town generally displays all its sauce by throwing a big fair. Everything the ones grown in this area is displayed in this fair. This fair is basically a commercial exhibition, but people visit this fair to try out all the new sauces.

Location: Rosario, Sinaloa
Time: May

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12. Pineapple Festival

Pineapple Festival

Image Source

One of the most unique food festivals in Mexico, Pineapple Festival is celebrated in a region which is located in the lush tropical vegetation and it is just 20 miles away from Cosamaloapan, Veracruz. The area is very fertile for agriculture purpose and therefore, in this fair, all the agricultural items are displayed. You will be able to get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in this fair. This festival is generally organized in the month of May in Mexico.

Location: Loma Bonita, Oaxaca, Feria de la Pina
Time: May

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13. Rice Festival

Rice Festival

Image Source

One of the must-attend food festivals in Mexico, this is basically the gateway to the Maya Route where you will be able to experience authentic food in Mexico. This place is just about 40 miles away from Hwy 261. This place is known for its seafood and the largest variety of seafood is displayed at this fair. The festival is generally organized in the month of May in Mexico.

Location: Escarcega, Campeche, Feria del Arroz
Time: May

14. National Wine And Cheese Fair

National Wine And Cheese Fair

Image Source

The fair where you will be able to taste the best cheese and wine of Mexico. This festival is celebrated in a small little town which is about 12 miles away from San Juan del Rio. This town is easily accessible and therefore a large number of people visit this fair every year.

The making of cheese is a very honourable tradition here and in the years they have been able to make a wide range of gourmet varieties. Since the popularity of this fair is increasing, small hotels are being built around this place. This festival is also celebrated in the month of May in Mexico.

Location: Tequisquiapan, Queretaro
Time: May

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15. Festival De Vanilla

Festival De Vanilla

Image Source

A very famous festival in the region of Mexico is celebrated in the hills and it is in the center of the Totonac culture, which is basically one of the largest zones of vanilla production. Dance performances are one of the most engaging entertainment at one of the most happening food festivals in Mexico, which is thoroughly enjoyed by the locals.

You will be able to find booths for both regional food and beverages at this festival. This is a perfect festival to try out new food in Mexico. This festival is generally celebrated in the month of June in Mexico.

Location: Papantla, Veracruz
Time: June

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The food festivals in Mexico are something that you need to be a part of. Visiting any food fests in Mexico will help you try out all the local food for a totally new experience. Generally, most of the food festivals in Mexico are organized in the month of May. So, this will be the perfect month for you to visit Mexico and attend multiple food festivals in just one visit. So, plan a trip to US and have the best experience ever!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Food Festivals In Mexico

What festivals do they celebrate in Mexico?

Three Kings’ Day, Day of the Dead, and Candlemas are some of the Mexican festivals that are celebrated around the country.

What are typical Mexican dishes?

Here are some typical Mexican dishes you must try on your vacation:
1. Tacos
2. Burritos
3. Enchiladas
4. Mole
5. Churros
6. Chilaquiles
7. Tostadas

What foods are native to Mexico?

You will observe that many foods like avocados, agave, amaranth, tomatillos, cacao, spirulina, and squash are indigenous to Mexico

What is Mexico’s national dish?

Mole is the national dish of Mexico. It is made from sauteed onions and garlic with a mix of herbs, spices, and groundnuts.

What is the most popular drink in Mexico?

You will be happy to know that margarita is the most popular drink in Mexico.

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