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    Geylang Restaurants

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    Geylang is a small town located in central Singapore and is one of the most interesting places on the island. It offers a variety of activities in which one can indulge in. There are several serene unexplored parts of this town which makes it a nature lover’s paradise. It is a perfect place for people who like a calm and cozy environment as this is one of the least crowded areas in Singapore. A few Geylang restaurants which are definitely worth dining in are mentioned below.

    9 Must-Visit Geylang Restaurants

    Geylang has a chain of restaurants which are the go-to places to satisfy one’s taste buds. Geylang has everything ranging from the small street food joints to classy restaurant setups.

    1. Yes Natural Restaurant

    Yes Natural Restaurant

    Image Source

    There are several vegan food options as well. Diners love the Almond Sauce Ramen which is one of the signature dishes of this restaurant. Organic food lovers must visit this place as it lays out plenty of delicious organic food options. The other dishes which are worth trying are Sushi Roll, Beancurd Skin served with sauce, Olive Fried Rice, Pocket Salad and much more. For dessert one must definitely try their range of organic ice creams in different flavors.

    Location: 57 Lor 27 Geylang, Singapore 388184
    Cost for two: INR 800
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 4.0
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

    2. Golden Jade Restaurant

    Golden Jade Restaurant

    Image Source

    This Geylang restaurant serves the most delicious vegetarian dishes. Golden Jade Restaurant is known for its exceptional food and service. The quality of food exceeds the expectations. The ambiance of this place is pretty simple and chic which makes it a perfect place for an evening get together with friends and family. The frog based dishes are extremely popular here an must be given a try.

    Cost for two: INR 1,000
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 4.5
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

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    3. Hiang Kee Kampong Flavour

    Hiang Kee Kampong Flavour

    Image Source

    This is a must-visit place for all those visitors who are having a casual stroll on the streets of Geylang marketplace. One should not go by the looks of this food kiosk from outside. It may seem like a small mediocre stall but the food served here is far from being mediocre and tastes truly delicious. This is one of the food center restaurants in Geylang Bahru which is a crowd favorite. Almost all the traditional dishes from the Chinese cuisine are served here. The staff members of this restaurant are very friendly and interact in a very polite manner with the visitors. The dishes which one must try while visiting this place are Rou Gu which is a fish head curry and Gang Gong.

    Location: #01-2827, Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre, 69 Geylang Bahru, Singapore 330069
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 4.0
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

    4. Thai To Go Restaurant

    Thai To Go Restaurant

    Image Source

    Curators at Thai To Go Restaurant in Geylang aim at creating lip-smacking dishes at affordable prices. They want to make it accessible to every visitor and local in this part of Singapore. The in house chef at this Thai food restaurant in Geylang is an expert at blending all the traditional ingredients in such a way that the final dish turns out to be extremely delicious and unique. Authentic dishes from the Thai cuisine are served here which is loved by every diner.

    Location: 391 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399789
    Cost for two: INR 2,000

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    5. Spicy Thai, Thai Cafe

    Spicy Thai, Thai Cafe

    Image Source

    This small cafe has maintained a steady flow of regular diners for decades. The manager at this Thai food restaurant in Geylang has a clear understanding of authentic Thai cuisine flavors as well as Thai food traditions. He uses this knowledge to create the most flavorsome range of dishes which have the authentic taste of traditional Thai food. The iced drinks served here go very well with the food and are quite refreshing. The must-try dishes of this place are Fried Pork Balls, Catfish Curry, Som Tham, Crispy Kangkong, Thai Otak, Coconut Tom and Jim Jum.

    Location: Blk 115 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-35, Singapore
    Cost for two: INR 2,100
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 4.0
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

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    6. Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant

    Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant

    Image Source

    This is one of the most unique Geylang restaurants which specializes in serving delicious soups and stews flavored with locally grown herbs. Their famous soup stock is made freshly every day. They work extensively on creating new and unique blends of herbs, soups, and meat to satisfy every kind of taste bud. These soups served here are not just full of flavor but they are highly nutritious as well. It is currently managed and operated by Mr. Tan. This restaurant has been running successfully for more than 14 years and it still continues to please every diner who visits here.

    Location: 29 Lor Bachok, Singapore 387791
    Cost for two: INR 2,100
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 4.5
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

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    7. Restoran Tian Lai

    Restoran Tian Lai

    Image Source

    Restoran Tian Lai is one such restaurant which has gained massive popularity over the years. It is one of the most popular restaurants among the local crowd and is crowded on most days of the week. The highly recommended dishes which one must try at this restaurant are steamed Ikan Patin which is served with assorted vegetables, Curry Pork Ribs, Hot Plate Tofu, Chili Crab, Sambal Kang Kong, among several others. In spite of having a huge number of diners, the service here is exceptionally good and the prices are reasonable as well.

    Location: 158 Jalan Ulu Choh, Gelang Patah 81550, Malaysia, 50 minutes drive from Geylang, Singapore
    Cost for two: INR 6,300
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 3.5
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

    8. Tonny Restaurant

    Tonny Restaurant

    Image Source

    At Tonny Restaurant, authentic dishes from the premium Hong Kong cuisine are served. The chef here has more than 30 years of experience in the food industry and has been highly acclaimed internally. He has also featured in many publications due to his excellent culinary skills. He curates the most unique and innovative dishes which never fail to please anybody who tries them out. The Cantonese meals served at this Geylang restaurant are full of flavor and are freshly prepared using only the fresh local ingredients.

    Location: 10 Lor 3 Geylang, Singapore 388862
    Cost for two: INR 5,800
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 4.5
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

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    9. Pendas Floating Restaurant

    Pendas Floating Restaurant

    Image Source

    This unique restaurant in Gelang Patah is located near the fisherman village. It is about 50 minutes drive away from Geylang. Pandas Floating Restaurant is known to serve delicious seafood which is freshly prepared using all the locally sourced seasonal ingredients. All the meals from the menu are carefully curated by blending different to give out a unique and appealing taste. It is more popular among the tourists who look for trying out the different traditional cuisine dishes. It is highly recommended that one must dine at this place during the late evenings as the ambiance of this entire place is mesmerizing with a spectacular surrounding view.

    Location: Jalan Tanjung Kupang, Gelang Patah 81550, Malaysia, 50 minutes drive from Geylang, Singapore
    Cost for two: INR 1,800
    TripAdvisor/Zomato rating: 4.5
    TripAdvisor/Zomato reviews

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    These Geylang restaurants are the best places for dining with your loved ones. When in Geylang food enthusiasts must visit the restaurants in Gelang Patah as well which is just 50 minutes away from central Geylang. Contact the travel experts at TravelTriangle and plan a vacation in Singapore at discounted rates.

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