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The beaches and the beyond called and you got to pack your backpacks. Get over the blues and get into the beach groove, what’s say a hiking trip through the Aussie trails? We have for you an amazing list of 15 great places for hiking in Australia. Are you ready to be spoilt for choices? Don’t forget to get your best folks along on this fun paradise! It can’t get any more exciting than this! Here are these intense hiking trails for a leisurely stroll.

Hiking In Australia: Best Places To Visit

While you’re out and about in the gorgeous land of Australia, don’t forget to check out these best spots for that much-awaited scenic encounter that will surely woo your senses!

  • Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory
  • Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania
  • Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, Tasmania
  • Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland
  • The Arkaba Walk, South Australia
  • Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria
  • The Maria Island Walk, Tasmania
  • Freycinet Experience Walk, Tasmania
  • Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland
  • South Coast Track, Tasmania
  • Cape to Cape Track, Western Australia
  • Western Arthur Range Traverse, Tasmania
  • Wilderness Coast Walk, Victoria To NSW
  • Australian Alps Walking Track, Victoria/NSW/ACT
  • Thorsborne Trail, Queensland

1. Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

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This one’s at the West MacDonnell Range and the trail for hiking in Australia is a challenging one, nearly 16 to 20 days trek route covering a stretch of 223km. It’s full of bleak yet beautiful scenery. Not at all for beginners, don’t forget to prepare. Plan a trip during the cooler months from April to September. Are you ready to hike in this beautiful paradise?

Tip: Pack food drops and plan for rest days to complete the hike.

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2. Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania

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The next one on the list for hiking in Australia is The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk. This one covers a patch of the coastline in north-eastern Tasmania and it is situated by the edge of Mount William National Park. The trail offers an idyllic hike and it will surely take you through untouched, exotic and serene scenery that has been there since thousands of years. Watch out for the rocky headlines and behold the pristine stretch of pure water. It’s such a dramatic backdrop that you cannot possibly ignore while on your hike.

Tips: Explore the caves and beaches; touch the softest of white sands along the way. Plan a trip anytime between October and May.

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3. Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, Tasmania

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Go for hiking in Australia to the Cradle Mountain trail. This one is yet another most spectacular hiking route that you can find in Australia. It also falls under the World Heritage Areas of Australia. There are two separate routes, two hiking options, one of which is a challenging six day course and the other one being a shorter and somewhat easier four day hike through the terrains, perfect for those hikers with limited time in their hands.

Tip: Check out the rain forest on your way, you would get ample opportunities during both the trails. Explore the waterfalls and the valley of grassland spreading vast across.

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4. Scenic Rim Trail, Queensland

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If you happen to be around the South East Queensland, go for the South East Queensland’s Main Range National Park. The best way to explore the trail while hiking in Asutralia is to go through the four day Scenic Rim Trail. Explore the exotic wildlife and unique vegetation along the way. Here, in this part of Australia, the stories unfold and the rituals of the indigenous tribes attract the travelers. Mingle with the local inhabitants on your walk through these mesmerizing ancient volcanic plateaus and mountains, the forests and the ridges.

Tip: The trail is a must-walk while you are in the South East Queensland.

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5. The Arkaba Walk, South Australia

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Here comes the next trail for hiking in Australia on your way. Go for the Arkaba Walk with a guided four day trip. Explore the traverses of the trail in the ancient lands of South Australia, amidst the iconic Flinders Ranges. This unique part of the country is best explored through the trails of the Arkaba Walk. Once you go for it you can expect to see some of the iconic Australian wildlife including kangaroos, wallaroos and emus. Behold the rich scenery of the trail.

Tip: Notice the 600 years of geological history that the terrain reflects. The locale is harsh yet it is undoubtedly beautiful. You can also think of camping under the starry nights.

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6. Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria

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The next one in the list of trails for hiking in Australia is the Twelve Apostles Lodge walk, a trail truly alive with its surroundings of native bushland and the exotic wildlife. The trail will take you through unknown landscapes and gift you a variety of scenery with spectacles of the coastline that connects Apollo Bay to the iconic Twelve Apostles.

Tip: Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk offers both a cooler climate within the rain forests and the warm sunny weather on the remote beaches that you will cross; it has something in store for every hiker. Don’t miss it. Witness Australia’s famous wildlife like wallabies, koalas and fur seals.

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7. The Maria Island Walk, Tasmania

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If you are in it for a bit of tranquil time then the next in the list for hiking in Asutralia will definitely win your heart. Explore the unspoilt beauty of the Maria Island Walk in Tasmania’s natural retreat and the hike of Maria Island National Park. It is not much farther than a few kilometres off the east coast of Tasmania. The hike is a perfect blend of spectacular coastlines and the sightings of rare wildlife. What’s more is that, this hike will give you a closer look into Australia’s unique convict history.

Tip: A must-do if you are in the East of Tasmania.

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8. Freycinet Experience Walk, Tasmania

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Here, in Tasmania, the hikes are always beautiful and plentiful! This one, again, another Tasmanian hike, the four day spanning Freycinet Experience Walk will take you through the Hazard Mountains. The landscape is famous for its pink granites and the coastal forest of the Wineglass bay is rich and lustrous.

Tip: Don’t skip on this one, while you are on a hike through the Freycinet Experience Walk, you are destined to discover some of the rarest and riches of wildlife and natural spectacles.

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9. Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland

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Then comes the Fraser Island Great Walk, a five to seven day spanning trek, a relatively easy one, covering the spread of 84 kilometres. This route is generally considered easier and it happens to offer the perfect introduction to its geography. So, is this the one that you’re going to add on your list for an ultimate trekking experience in Australia?

Tip: Plan your trip during the colder months, from April to September. You will also require camping permits for wherever you stop during the trek.

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10. South Coast Track, Tasmania

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Last but not the least, here is an amazing coastal trek in Tasmania. The trek spans around six to nine days in the South Coast Track and the distance it covers is a stretch of 85 kilometres. This is surely one of the best hiking in Australia for all kinds of trekkers!

Tip: The track is not too easy or not too difficult; the hike is considered at medium difficulty level. The track can also be accessible via public transport. Plan your trek during the warmer month of the year.

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11. Cape to Cape Track, Western Australia

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A unique excursion point awaits you in the region of Western Australia where a trekking experience is described as being on a whole new level. That’s right! The Cape to Cape spot is one of the most charming ones in this area of Australia. It takes approximately 6 to 8 days to finish this trek and is comparatively an easy one too!

12. Western Arthur Range Traverse, Tasmania

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One of the most serene hiking trails in Australia, Western Arthur Range Traverse is known for its gorgeous views. Also considered as one of the most difficult routes out of the ones mentioned here, this one takes about 11 days to finish and is approximately of 75 kilometres. This route is also slightly steep.

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13. Wilderness Coast Walk, Victoria To NSW

Wilderness Coast Walk

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For those who are seeking trails to experience best hiking in Australia should definitely consider the Wilderness Coast Walk. A perfect place for the pros who are in search for some challenging hike, this is one location that offers a plethora of hair-rising and awe-inspiring views of mother nature. The Wilderness Coast Walk offers a trail that takes around four to five days to cover but the experience is something that is bound to make one cherish it.

Tip: Take the permit well in advance to hike on this route.

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14. Australian Alps Walking Track, Victoria/NSW/ACT

Australian Alps

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A trail that defines the best hikes in Australia, Australian Alps Walking Track is a treat for all the daredevils out there. An extremely challenging and one of the longest trails covering the floors of Australia, this trail is spread around 655 kilometers ahead. With the terrain being brutal on certain points, this trail is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This long trail takes around 45 to 60 days, depending upon the speed to get covered.

TIp: Do not try this trail if you are a beginner in hiking. This trek can get extremely challenging at certain points.

15. Thorsborne Trail, Queensland

Thorsborne Trail

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One of the best places to hike in Australia, Thorsborne Trail is one of those adventurous escapes that has hidden jewels hidden at the end of the escapade. Leading trekkers and hikers to something extremely jaw-droppingly beautiful, this trail for hiking is a must-try for all the hikers out there. It takes around four to five days to complete the whole hike with the difficulty level being moderate.

Tip: It is advised that one should book well-in-advance.

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So, that’s about it. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, do not forget to pick one of these hiking trails on your next vacation in Australia. Are you feeling enticed already? Well, don’t forget to pack a little extra in case you decide to change your mind and extend your holiday for hiking in Australia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top trails for hiking in Australia?

There are numerous trails for hiking in Australia including Larapinta Trail, Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Cradle Mountain Huts Walk, Scenic Rim Trail, The Arkaba Walk, Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, and many more.

Do I need an advance permit for hiking in Australia?

One does not need an advance permit for all the trails but there are a few trails that need a permit.

What is the best time to visit Australia?

The best time to pay a visit to Australia is either from September to November or March to May. The weather during these months are neither hot nor cold.

What are some adventure activities in Australia?

Some of the famous adventurous activities in Australia are bungee jumping, ocean rafting, zorbing, skydiving, and many more.

What should one pack for hiking in Australia?

One should pack a warm jacket, bottle of water, hiking shoes, torch, rope, warm socks, food items, first aid, and the basic toiletries when hiking in Australia.

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