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Did you know that there are 8222 islands in Australia? We bet you didn’t. From Whitsundays to Fraser Islands, and from Fitzroy to the great Keppel, each island has its own paradisiacal charm. If you are wondering which of these islands to visit and what to do there, just refer to our list of the most beautiful Australian islands for a perfect holiday.

Best Islands In Australia

Here is a list of the top 15 Australia islands:

1. Whitsunday Islands

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Whitsunday Islands are the largest group of islands in Australia consisting 74 individual islands. It has numerous iconic white beaches, cool waters, and luxury hotels all essentials for a perfect island holiday.

How to get there: Flight or bus from Australia’s East Coast
Things to do: Sailing tours, snorkeling, surfing, swimming

2. Rottnest Island

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Rottnest Island has a rich history and background. The island is located west of Australia and south of Perth and is particularly famous for golfing and surfing.

How to get there: Ferry from Perth
Things to do: Cycling, golfing, Segway Tours, snorkeling, surfing, swimming

3. Magnetic Island

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Although there are numerous islands in Australia, the Magnetic island is slowly becoming a favourite among backpackers. When here, you must check out its unique tourist attractions like Florence and Radical Bays, Arthur Bay Lookout, The Forts Walk, Rocky Bay, Hawking’s Point Lookout, and Wallabies at Arcadia.

How to get there: Ferry from Townsville

4. Fitzroy Island

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Fitzroy Island is among the most offbeat Australian Islands. Ideal for backpackers and spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef, this island is popular amongst hikers and surfers from around the world.

How to get there: Ferry from Merlin Marina
Things to do: Fish feeding, walking tours, snorkeling, surfing, swimming

5. Fraser Island

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Fraser Island in Australia is the largest island in the world. You can go sailing around the island, which is one of the most popular ways to explore this place! The beaches aren’t great for swimming due to rough waters, but one can surely take a dip in any of the beautiful lakes here.

How to get there: Flight or bus from Australia’s East Coast
Things to do: A drive along the beach, sailing, and more

6. Phillip Island

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Phillip Island is located south of Australia just 1.5 hours away from Melbourne. It’s a great place to go for a day trip with the whole family.

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How to get there: Sailing tours from Melbourne CBD and Base St. Kida
Things to do: Snorkeling, surfing, swimming

7. Lord Howe Island

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Lord Howe Island is without a doubt one of the most beautiful islands near Australia. The islands boast of an abundance of wildlife, walking trails, coral pools, mountain peaks, and breathtaking landscapes.

How to get there: Flights from Sydney
Things to do: Birdwatching, hiking, snorkeling, surfing, swimming

8. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, Australia

If you are wondering which islands in Australia to visit in order to enjoy the diverse Aussie wildlife, plan a getaway to the famous Kangaroo island. Here, you will find Wombats, Koalas, Kangaroos, and seal colonies almost everywhere. You will need at least 2-3 days to fully explore the island.
How to get there: Ferry from South Australia
Things to do: Visit a National Park, try the local cuisine

9. Cockatoo Island

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There are many islands in Australia. But perhaps the Cockatoo Island is ideal for the perfect island holiday in Australia. Once a convict settlement, the island is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can enjoy a great day at the island with sightseeing and BBQ evenings.

How to get there: Ferry from Harbour city
Things to do: Guided tours of the island

10. Great Keppel Island

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If you are wondering which islands around Australia to visit in order to explore the Great Barrier Reef, then we recommend the Great Keppel Island. And when you’re here, don’t forget to indulge in an exciting Glass Bottom Boat tour to witness the enchanting marine life Keppel is home to.

How to get there: Ferry from Keppel Bay Marina
Things to do: Snorkeling, jet skiing, paddle boarding, Glass Bottom Boat tours, wakeboarding

11. Lady Musgrave Island

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One of the most popular islands off the coast of Australia has to be Lady Musgrave. It’s frequented by locals more so than foreigners and is a great place to go on a Glass Bottom Boat tour, try snorkeling, or just sunbathe on the fantastic beaches.

How to get there: Road trip or flight from Brisbane
Things to do: Snorkeling, wildlife spotting

12. Moreton Island

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There are numerous islands near Australia, but if you want to enjoy sandboarding, swimming, and dolphin spotting, Moreton Island should be at the top of your list. It is among the few Australia islands you can visit year-round.

How to get there: Ferry from Holt Street Wharf, Brisbane
Things to do: Sand tobogganing, whale watching, feeding dolphins, hiking, snorkeling, swimming

13. Green Island

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There are numerous islands Down Under, but if there is one place you can enjoy snorkeling as well as delicious cocktails by the pool before breathtaking views, then Green Island must be on your itinerary.
How to get there: Ferry from Cairns
Things to do: Walking tours, snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boat tours

14. Bruny Island

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It’s the indisputable home to fairy penguins, rainforests, seal colonies, and fantastic beaches. Often called the ‘Gateway to Antarctica’, Bruny Island should be on everyone’s list of Australia tourist attractions.

How to get there: Ferry from Kettering
Things to do: Sightseeing, walking tours

15. Hamilton Island

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Hamilton Island is among the most luxurious islands around Australia. If pure luxury is what you seek on your holiday in Australia, then there is no better place than this. You can spend your day by the infinity pools, go golfing, sip cocktails, and relax at the spa.

Hamilton Island beach copy

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How to get there: Flight or bus from Australia’s East Coast
Things to do: Golfing, sailing, surfing, swimming

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Take your pick from our selection of the top islands in Australia and let us know which ones you like. Book your Australia trip at once and embark on what will be the most memorable holiday of your life!

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