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Deserts offer a few of the best sceneries on Earth for adventure trips. Either you will like to trek, drive through on a 4×4 vehicle, or hop a ride on camel, the rugged magnificence of the Egyptian desert seldom fails to surprise any visitor. With one of the 7 wonders that Egypt holds, the country’s hiking routes are also established in some of the most amazing landscapes that will not be forgettable for any visitor. Take in some fresh air and explore the most wonderful places while hiking in Egypt.

8 Trails For Hiking In Egypt

Hiking in Egypt adds in the possibility to endure exhilarating desert cultures along with stargazing under skies in the country. All that sand in your shoes makes your trail seem worthy.

1. Sinai Trail

Moses Egypt Mountain Saint Catherine Sinai

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Sinai is one of the most chosen routes to do hiking in Egypt by the adventurers. This hiking course is Egypt’s first long-distance hiking trail trip. The Sinai Trail is a 550 km long with 42-day sea to-summit trekking path, starting and concluding by the Gulf of Aqaba.

During this popular Egypt trekking, you will navigate the epic deserts of the Sinai, displaying the best of Egypt’s famous wilderness. Created by Bedouin pioneers from eight distinct clans with support from a group of volunteers, the Sinai Trail is something for all of Egypt travelers. It offers both Egyptians and tourists from all over the world another way to investigate and experience this nation. The region has exceptional desert scenes, nature, legacy, and locals.

While hiking, you can even hire camels to carry your food, equipment, water, baggage, and different supplies. You can even get to refill your bottles en-route from natural springs.

The treks will be one day to fifteen days long and can be customized as per your preference and wish.

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2. Nuweiba 


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This hiking trip lets you enjoy the trail of nearly 800 meters stretch – the Colored Canyon, situated in the Sinai Peninsula. The closest town to this hiking route is Nuweiba; you can easily reach here by a 4WD.

This trek is really a mesmerizing adventure because the canyon offers distinctive shades and tints of hues – as the name suggests. The shades of the canyon are an aftereffect of the retreating tides from the Red Sea in those days when the canyon’s rough walls were shaped by limestones, granites, and sandstone. The vibrant scenes of the canyon will be a treat to your eyes!

After getting a charge out of the canyon trek and its contrasting facades, go to the Basata Eco-Lodge to rest, as it is one of the best eco-lodges you can find in Egypt. There you can appreciate a Bedouin-cooked feast as you camp to satisfy your hunger after a hike and unwind while stargazing.

3. Mt. Catherine

Mt. Catherine

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This trek is situated toward the southeast of St Catherine’s village in the high mountain locale of the Sinai Peninsula. Clear from the peak of Mount Sinai, Mt. Saint Catherine region is Egypt’s tallest mountain and got its name from the tormented Christian martyr called Saint Catherine.

Mount Catherine stands tall at 2645m above sea level and in Arabic, it is called Jebel Katherin.

Generally, many travelers overlook this trail as many of them give preference only to the Mount Sinai trek. However, climbing Mount Catherine grants trekkers an additionally difficult ordeal, more fantastic perspectives and relative isolation on its grand summit. A must-do hiking in Egypt if you are a strenuous adrenaline junkie!

Mount Catherine hiking will take up to 5 to 6 hours.

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4. Sahara Desert Hiking

Sahara Desert Hiking

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The world’s biggest desert – nothing else resembles it on the planet Earth. The greater part of this desert area is forbidden for the voyagers, yet there are some western regions accessible for desert hiking in Egypt. Some Egyptian tour operators can arrange hiking trip to the Sahara Desert to see void desert towns in the north at Siwa area.

In this desert trek, you get to enjoy the Sahara Desert —a “land” of orange, black, and white, sand hills, as well as, rock etched to supremacy by the wind.

During the desert hiking trip, you will explore different areas like the White Desert, the Black Desert, and the Crystal Mountain. Also, visit the Valley of the Whales which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site to see 40 million-year-old whale skeleton, different fossils, the Valley of the Kings from Luxor, and the tomb of Alexander the Great.

This desert hiking is best done between the months of October to April or early May and can take around 12 days to finish.

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5. Jebel Serbal


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Numerous individuals consider Jebel Serbal as the best mountain in the Sinai region – it is likewise one of the hardest to trek on. Although the fact is that it’s not as high as a couple of different mountains in the area, the encompassing region is low so the ascend during the trail is really the longest, driving up in an exceptionally steep crevasse. Just the Qararsha tribe of Wadi Feiran is permitted to lead the treks to this mountain.

There are basins that lie between awesome pinnacles on the top with greenery enclosures, wildlife, and water sources. The perspectives you will get down to the drift on one side on reaching the summit are breathtaking.

The Jebel Serbal route also gives outstanding scenes over the Gulf of Suez and Wadi Firaan. It’s a challenging trek but will conclude in 3 days and worth of money hiking trip in Egypt.

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6. Giza Trail

Giza Trail

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When numerous individuals everywhere around the world consider Egypt, the first thing that definitely comes to mind is about the Pyramids with a polite caravan of camels roaming around. It is a romantic dream of several tourists in Egypt to attempt such a moment.

A camel ride is an impeccable voyage for Egypt explorer. Many visitors who visit the Giza book a camel trekking in Egypt around the Pyramids. However, a superior thought is to investigate the desert behind with the Pyramids as the beautiful backdrop.

Try to be there just before sunrise or sunset to appreciate a grand perspective of the Pyramids, and the magical and resonant Call to Prayer ascending from many mosques in the meantime. Later, mount a camel and take it through the desert to the center of the Great Pyramid.
You can experience a camel ride at Giza Pyramids for 2 hours in the dawn or nightfall.

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7. White desert

White desert

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An excursion to the White Desert – El Sahara El Beida – is an extraordinary affair.

Trekking trip in Egypt’s the White Desert offers the chance to observe what resemble as snow routes among sand dunes. Also, here the long periods of extreme weathering have etched enormous surrealist rock figures from a generally desolate bed of sand. Take in the marvels of this extraordinary district by foot and doze under the stars. It is also amongst the best things to do in Egypt

Additionally, head to visit areas of old archeology, neighboring towns and lavish oases en-route your trek.

It’s a dramatic desert trek loaded up with strong neighborhood cultures, wildlife and furthermore you to enjoy dune bashing. You can either stay in lodges or go outside for camping.

8. Red Sea Mountain Trail

mountain view in Egypt

The 170km-long, Red Sea mountain trail is the first long distance hiking trail in Egypt and the sister project of the award-winning Sinai Trail. Here you will get a chance to visit the less known rugged mountains capes outside the beach side resort town of Hurghada. Also, there are no accommodations or settlement along the way so prepare well in advance. 

The Red Sea Mountain Trail is a community tourism project. Owned by local Maaza tribe, its aim is to create jobs and preserve Bedouin culture. 

Tips For Hiking

Sahara Desert Trekking

Check out the following hiking tips for a successful trek. 

1. Make sure to choose the right trail for your fitness level
2. Check the weather few hours before you head for hiking
3. Once you have selected a trail, familiarize yourself with the route
4. Don’t forget to pack necessary items like sun protection, repair kit, extra food and water 

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Mountains along with the dunes, wadis, and canyons that define the Egyptian scene imply that if you desire to trek in Egypt, the country will not fail to impress you in this too. The mountain trails and dusty tracks are available for all types of trekkers. Remember to avoid the summer months as temperatures reach up to 40 degrees and up by midday. So, if you feel the urge to pack up your bags and step out of your mundane life to spend an adventurous vacation in Egypt , then do not forget to go for hiking in Egypt.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Hiking In Egypt

When is the best time to hike Red Sea Mountain Trail?

Red Sea mountain trail is a wilderness route; so it’s important to consider how the seasons change. Any time other than summer is possible for a good experience. One should avoid summer as temperatures get uncomfortably hot.

What should I wear for hiking?

Sneakers or hiking sandals are comfortable for most terrain. Clothing will depend mainly on the environment you are hiking in.

What are the best places to visit in Egypt?

Following are some of the best places you can visit in Egypt for unique experiences – 1. Hurghada 2. Cairo 3. Luxor 4. Giza Necropolis

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