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    Amazing Hiking in Greenland

    If you appreciate the harmony and tranquility of hiking in the flawless field and long for wide open places you couldn’t ask a more serene and immaculate space than Greenland. 80% of Greenland is an ice sheet. However, in the late spring, 20% of the ice melts and recedes, revealing a treeless yet stupendous view. Hiking in Greenland is very unusual. Maps can be very hard to locate. That’s what makes it an adventure worth seeking. We have shortlisted top 10 lesser known trails.

    Top 10 Trails for Hiking in Greenland

    Greenland has the least population density of any country on the planet, and you do not have to venture remotely from its settlements to engage yourself in hiking in Greenland. Here are the top 10 trails:

    1. Alpine East

    Alpine East

    Image Source

    Hike through one of the remotest and wildest places in Greenland on this unusual trekking trip. In this trip, the mountains are higher and steeper than in most different areas of Greenland. Deep fjord structures and large icy masses make the ideal Arctic air for a remarkable adventure. You get the opportunity to appreciate the view of the terrific nature all around you from the grounds and the highest point of little pinnacles. On this hiking journey, you will see vast numbers of East Greenland's features, for example, the incomparable Karale fjord and the incredible Tasiilaq fjord.

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    2. Above Arctic Circle

    Above Arctic Circle

    Image Source

    Get ready to witness the world's second largest icecap with this hiking trip in Greenland! Experience life over the Arctic Circle in west Greenland. Greenland's Arctic Circle route is frequently recorded as a standout amongst other long-distance hiking trips on the planet. The trail extends up to 200 km from the edge of the ice cap to Sisimiut, the fishing town on the West drift. This beautiful town, which is situated 250 km above the arctic circle, has only 4,600 occupants. Appreciate encountering the colossal icebergs cut rough glaciers and buoy along the deep fjords.

    3. South Greenland Adventure

    South Greenland Adventure view

    Image Source

    Experience one of the world's last extraordinary wildernesses areas and know about its lively culture and Viking legacy. During this hiking journey, you get to discover historic settlement locales, sheep ranches, lush mountains, and beautifully hued icebergs in South Greenland. The icebergs-filled fjords and glaciers will genuinely leave you spellbound here. It was, indeed, the Vikings first entry to the locale of Narsarsuaq which gave Greenland its name, as Vikings get back to home with stories of the fertile land deep in the fjord.

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    4. Ammassalik


    Image Source

    You will accommodate at a mountain cabin at the unbelievable Sermilik icefjord and get the opportunity of enjoying the perspective of the stunning icebergs in the sea. The Ammassalik area is amongst the most secluded occupied locales on earth. Mountains, large glaciers, icebergs, and streams frame the excellent scenery that you will investigate during your trek here. You can also visit three separate towns with amicable people, beautiful houses, and howling sled dogs in this region.

    5. Big Walls & Hot Spring

    Big Walls & Hot Spring

    Image Source

    At this hike, you will get to see a lot of South Greenland's hidden jewels. You will be hiking to achieve perspectives overlooking mountains, glaciers, and icebergs, wonders of Greenland. En-route you will visit villages and towns that will offer you an understanding of the Greenlandic normal lifestyle, traditions, and culture. Also, relax after a tiring day of hiking by taking a dip in hot springs with icebergs and humpback whales drifting around 500 meters from you.

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    6. Sun Gate to Icefjord Trail

    Ice snow

    Image Source

    You will be inundated with the most remarkable view that you will see ever in any other hiking trail. You will camp with impressive mountain landscape as your background and hike along the popular ice fjords of Greenland. However, this experience won't be fierce or daring so, even novice can try this hiking trip. Also, in between the trail through the immaculate wilderness visit the little yet vivid town of hunters - Tiniteqilaaq. You are in for a fortifying and bizarre experience during this hiking adventure.

    7. Polar Route

    Snow mountain

    Image Source

    A tour to Greenland would not be complete without a sight of the thick polar ice sheet which overlays most of the island. Starting at Kangerlussuaq, explorers can trek ten miles up going to Kellyville. This wonderful trail is the choice that most novice trekkers begin with as it is set with markers and might be finished in around ten days. Additionally, you can go on a day hike near the rocky coast of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you'll observe icebergs docking in the sea and the enormous glacial sheets crumbling into the water.

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    8. Kuannit Hike


    Image Source

    Geographically, this is one of a kind place in Greenland mainland, as the island is a lot younger than other regions of the nation. A significant portion of this island comprises of tall, steep mountains and amidst the island where you discover the Lyngmark glacier. During the whole hiking experience, enjoy a magnificent scene, where you also have an amazing chance at spotting whales in the Disko Bay.

    9. Aurora Borealis Explorer

    Aurora Borealis Explorer

    Image Source

    Aurora Borealis or northern lights are amongst the most astounding things nature can produce. And where can it be witnessed anywhere else than Greenland? This trek will take you to valleys, lakes, and mountains with beautiful perspectives. This hiking trip is specially designed to see Aurora Borealis. It will take you to precisely the same location where the astronomers go for studying the night sky, and Aurora Borealis.

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    10. Schweizerland Alps Traverse

    Schweizerland Alps Traverse

    Image Source

    In case you're searching for a wild trek in a remote locale, then Schweizerland Alps Traverse offers a novel, challenging venture through one of the most significant mountain ranges of East Greenland. This hiking tour will take you into the core of one of the most beautiful districts out there. Enjoy a hiking tour deep into the absolute most isolated, wildest, and unusual territory in East Greenland. It is an outing for bold hikers searching for a splendid, seldom attempted wilderness excursion.

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    While climbing the fantastic landscapes of Greenland, you can genuinely encounter the transience of human life. The country’s panoramas offer the ideal aspect for voyagers desiring to step aground and revel in a spot of hiking. With the scenes of giant mountains and ice caps, explorers can wander the unfenced wilderness, seeing nature’s miracles like verdant valleys and impressive fjords. Let’s discover the untamed trails for hiking in Greenland on your trip to Greenland soon.

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