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Tokyo, the cosmopolitan capital city of Japan, blankets everything one can hope for and more. Emerging as one of the destinations that allow its visitors to experience the best of both worlds- ancient and modern, Tokyo attracts flocks of tourists all year-long with the weather being pleasant throughout. Ranging from luxurious shopping malls and historic castles to futuristic architecture to hiking in Tokyo, the capital city is action-packed. The city hides treasured experiences for all kinds of travelers including shopaholics, history fanatics, food lovers, nature admirers, and thrill seekers.
Providing a cherishable experience for the nature admirers and adventure lovers alike, hiking in the capital city makes sure that travelers get to forget about their stress and rejuvenate. Hiking allows visitors to embrace the wonders of mother nature and get away from the monotony of busy life schedules. Take a look at this guide and find out about the best time and spot one should choose for hiking in the juxtaposed yet beautiful capital city of Japan.

Best Time To Visit Tokyo

Best Time To Visit Tokyo

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Tokyo experiences temperate weather patterns almost throughout the year. Although little monsoons, national holidays, and fluctuating temperatures should still be kept in mind when traveling to this magical city in order to witness Tokyo at its best. Spring and fall season are the best months to visit Tokyo. Both these months bring out different colors of the city and make it look enchanting. While the autumn season is all about hues of orange and yellow foliage covering the city, Tokyo in the spring season switches to the shades of pink and green. The summer season in Tokyo experiences an extremely hot and humid climate making it an unfavorable weather to visit the city.

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Hiking In Tokyo

Offering some of the most paradisiacal views that look straight out of a fairytale story, hiking in the capital city of Japan is an experience like no other. The serene lakes, mighty Japan Alps, surreal trails surrounded by dense greens, and dreamlike sunsets soothe the souls of travelers and leaves one awestruck. Hiking in Tokyo allows travelers to get closer to marvels of nature including waterfalls, wildlife, green foliage, and many others. Below are a few hiking spots that one should add to their bucket list when visiting the city.

1. Mt Mitake

Mt Mitake

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Hiding one of the popular shrines in Japan, Mt Mitake offers some of the magnificent elements of nature like flourishing flora, crystal clear streams, refreshing waterfalls, and varied species of birds. Mt Mitake oozes out the tranquility, peacefulness, and spirituality vibes. The forest-clad mountains simply add an already entrancing experience. The hikers get spoilt with choices of hiking options from the shrine. Enveloping dense green forested valley, streams, and waterfalls in between the stones and rocks, hike to Rock Garden is one of the must-visit spots when hiking in Tokyo.

Starting Point: Miake-jinja Shrine

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2. Mt Takao

Mt Takao

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Offering picturesque views of Tokyo city and the famous Mt Fuji, the summit of Mt Takao is a nature lover’s delight. Travelers get to encounter the statues of tengu, the long-nosed goblin in Japanese mythology, halfway up their hike, marking the entry of a temple sitting on the mountain. Mt Takao houses a number of hiking trails for visitors to choose from. The trail that offers an easy hike is the most popular amongst travelers and provides visitors with an opportunity to visit the monkey park. The mountain is also known for its huge variety of vegetation that can be best witnessed during the spring season. Mt Takao is one of the famous spots for hiking in Tokyo.

Starting Point: Cable car and chairlift terminal at the base of the mountain

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3. Mt Tsukuba

Mt Tsukuba

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Perfect for those who are hiking for the first time, Mt Tsukuba is one of the charming locations for hiking in Tokyo. Also housing a shrine that is dedicated to love, this mountain has earned itself a romantic reputation for all the right reasons. Mt Tsukuba might lack height but the beautiful scenic views, bewitching twin peaks, years old cedar tree, and the shrine makes up for it. Conquering this mountain is ideal for those who are looking for a short, day trip around the mountain.

Starting Point: Tsukuba-jinja Shrine

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4. Koburi Pass

Koburi Pass

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Sitting away from the bustling city, offering unspoiled nature to its visitors, Koburi Pass is a perfect escape from the usual city culture and the crowds. Unlike other famous hiking spots in Tokyo, the Koburi pass is extremely easy to reach within the cost that won’t be too heavy on the pockets. Koburi Pass hides some of the spectacular views in its lap that leaves the spectators in awe. Towering lush trees and bamboo grooves cover the floors of Koburi Pass making it look enchanting.

Starting Point: 顔振峠 (Face Tremor)

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5. Mount Mitsutoge

Mount Mitsutoge

Acting as a perfect alternative of Mt Fuji, Mt Mitsutoge offers surreal views of the capital city, the Japan Alps, and the might Mount Fuji. Mt Mitsutoge is a collective name for a total of three different mountains namely mt Kaiun, Mt Osutaka, and Mt Kenashi. The mountain allows to satiate the souls of those travelers who are seeking for challenging trails to conquer. The rock-climbing wall sitting near the summit is nothing but a cherry on top for the adventure enthusiasts. Orange and yellow autumn leaves covering the floors of the trail, milky and gushing clear stream, lush greenery, and pleasant weather make this one of the most delightful spots for hiking in Tokyo.

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Tips For Hiking In Tokyo

This adventure sport gives a perfect opportunity to satisfy the adventurous inner souls of travelers and allows them to get closer to nature. Although hiking is a fun-filled activity, it’s always better to keep some of the pointers in mind to be prepared from some unfavorable and unpredictable variables. Go through this list of a few tips and be fully prepared to enjoy hiking in Tokyo without any hassles.

  • Research about the weather well in advance in order to avoid hiking in the rains as hiking in the rainy season can turn out to be a slippery and unpleasant affair.
  • When hiking for the first time or at a beginner level, it is advised to choose a simple and easy trail in order to allow one’s body to adjust to the sport.
  • Pack ample of first-aid supplies to be prepared for any casualties.
  • One should remain hydrated when hiking in Tokyo. Do not forget to carry extra botlles of water.
  • Wearing sturdy, light shoes with woolen or synthetic socks ensures a good grip when hiking.
  • One should make sure that the backpacks they are carrying are light in weight.
  • If possible, try and arrange a map of the trail and study about all the exit points along with the safest path.
  • Dress appropriately for the hike. Avoid cotton clothing and opt for synthetic clothing instead. Adding layers to the outfit gives one a chance to add or shed an item as and when needed.

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Tokyo is a city that hides ample experiences for every kind traveler ranging from nature admirers to adventure seekers. This action-packed city offers an entrancing amalgamation of cosmpolitan city culture and authentic traditional lifestyles. Nothing less than a paradise for thrill lovers, Tokyo gives its travelers an opportunity to engage in various adventurous activities. Hiking in Tokyo is one such activity. If you are looking for some similar experiences, plan your escapade to Japan to indulge in such venturesome sports and make thousands of cherishable memories!

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