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If you have been planning a holiday trip for the New Year and want to spend some time away, you must look out for the spots around Gokarna. It isn’t a new tale that Gokarna itself is one of the most popular vacation spots in India, but the hill stations near Gokarna are even more amazing. For those people who want a change of scenery and want to visit a spot that is not that frequented by tourists the entire year around, we would suggest that you look down at the list of hill stations near Gokarna that we are going to mention. If you are planning the trip near the peak season, we’d suggest you make all the bookings beforehand.

6 Hill Stations Near Gokarna

Karnataka is home to some of the most beautiful hill stations that you can explore, but for the most part, not many people are aware of these spots. If you are planning a trip to one of the hill stations near Gokarna, we’d suggest you look down at the list below and see which place interests you the most.

1. Biligiriranga Hills

Biligiriranga Hills View

The very first on the list is one that is located a bit far out, but you can make a road trip out of the entire experience. This is one of the most popular destinations that witnesses tourists flooding in mostly from Bangalore. The primary reason why this is such a well-known spot is all because of the combination of the perfect weather and climate paired with the beauty of nature around. It is located in YelandurTaluk of Chamarajanagar district in Karnataka and is situated in the easternmost provinces of the Western Ghats. It is spread across a total area of 594 sq. km and is a tiger reserve as well, so if you are lucky, you might even witness one or two during your stay there.

Distance from Gokarna: 532.4 km
Best time to visit: End of the summer months or start of the winters
Things to do: Explore the lush greenery around
How to reach: Take a cab from Gokarna
Special Attractions: Gonda Trek Forest Outpost, Nagavalli Gudda and Sri Biligiri Ranganathaswamy Temple

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2. Coorg

trees on mountain

If you want to witness the beauty of mini Scotland in India, Coorg is the best hill station to be in. It is located comparatively closer to Gokarna than B R Hills. It is the perfect spot to explore the natural beauty, enigmatic waterfalls and viewpoints to adore the beauty of the natural beauty around. The hill station is also popular for its widespread coffee and spice plantations that you can explore and witness around. It is located on the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats. It is also where you can witness the site of origin of the Krishna river and the peaks around just add to the overall experience of being there. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations that you can explore that is close to Gokarna. It also offers quite a lot of adventure options that you can check out.

Places to Stay:

  • Kannika International Lodge
  • Hotel Madikeri Heritage
  • Castle International
  • Sri Venkateshwara Residency
  • Hotel Mayura Valley View

Ideal Duration: 2 Nights/3 Days
Pacakge Starting From: 7,930/-
Distance from Gokarna: 364.5 km
Best time to visit: During September to February
Things to do: Explore the sightseeing spots, Indulge in the adventure activities, Try the local wine
How to reach: Book a cab or drive from Mysore railway station for an easier route
Special Attractions: Iruppu Waterfalls, Brahmagiri, Abbey Falls Madikeri, and Mallalli Waterfalls

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3. Chikmagalur


If you are on the lookout for some of the best hill stations around Gokarna, Chikmagalur is one of the most popular sites to visit and explore. Even this place is famous for its coffee estates around. The combination of the lush greenery, the beautiful mountain peaks, and the surrounding landscapes make this one of the most beautiful spots to be in. Apart from just the natural beauty, the place is also quite popular among trekkers and adventure enthusiasts. The climate is pleasant all year around, so that is another one of the bonuses. If you want to gain some peace of mind and be away from the constant hustle of the city, this can provide an amazing escape.

Places to Stay:

  • Trivik Hotels & Resorts
  • Hotel Aadrika
  • Java Rain Resorts
  • Zostel Chikmagalur
  • Gateway Hotel Chikmagalur

Ideal Duration: 1 Night/2 Days
Pacakge Starting From: 11,407/-
Distance from Gokarna: 308.00 km
Best time to visit: During the end of the summer months and the winter months
Things to do: Explore the natural beauty and the landscapes and the coffee plantations, Go trekking
How to reach: Take a rental car from Mysore or even Bangalore
Special Attractions: Rameshwara Tank, Kodanda Ramaswamy Temple, and Chikmagalur Gandhi Park, Chikmagalur

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4. Agumbe


Yet another one of the popular hill stations around Gokarna that is worth the visit is Agumbe. It is quite an underrated spot, but holds untouched beauty that you just can’t miss out on. It is located in Shimoga district and is one of the most beautiful and picturesque hill stations in Karnataka. It is regarded under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites which further make this such an important spot to be in and explore. It is also often known as the Cherrapunji of the South and all for the right reasons. Even this spot is quite a famous and popular trail for the trekkers if that is something you would like to indulge in. One can even try their hands out on nature photography and various other activities that this place has to offer.

Distance from Gokarna: 200.9 km
Best time to visit: Visit during the end of summer months and avoid the rainy season
Things to do: Trekking, Nature Photography
How to reach: Take a rental car from the main city of Gokarna
Special Attractions: Agumbe Sunset View Point and Onake Abbi Falls

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5. Madikeri


If you are visiting Coorg, visiting Madikeri from Gokarna is a good option if you want to explore hill stations. This is more of a city-based hill station and won’t get you the kind of peace that you need, but the unmatched beauty of the peaks around make it worth the visit. The place is known for its breathtaking waterfalls and the lush valleys and untouched greenery and nature that you just can’t miss out on. It is located around 1700 meters above sea level and is an amazing spot to explore and be in. You can even explore Coorg while you are there, killing two birds with one stone. The place also does offer some amazing spots to explore around.

Places to Stay:

  • Hill View Hotel
  • Coorg Nishani Hills
  • Hotel Mayura Valley View
  • Three Hills
  • Imarat Hotel

Ideal Duration: 1 Night/2 Days
Distance from Gokarna: 364.5 km
Best time to visit: March to May or October to February
Things to do: Explore the sightseeing spots and indulge in adventure activities
How to reach: Take a rental cab from Mysore for an easy journey
Special Attractions: Madikeri Fort and Omkareshwara Temple

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6. Nandi Hills

closest hill stations from Bangalore

If you are visiting Gokarna and want to explore another one of the majestic hill stations nearby, Nandi Hills is an amazing spot to be in. It is located in the Chikkaballapur district and is a bit far from Gokarna but the journey does make it worth the visit without any kind of complications. It is located at a height of 4851 ft above sea level and is one of the most popular hill stations across India and the rest of the world. The kind of view that you get once at the top of the hills is something unmatched and unparalleled. The place is now scattered with shrines and remains from back in the day. It was once a summer retreat of Tipu Sultan. The ambiance around is peaceful and everything that you need for a retreat.

Distance from Gokarna: 491.9 km
Best time to visit: Between October and June
Things to do: Witness the view and explore the nearby sightseeing spots
How to reach: Take a car rental or even a bus from Bangalore
Special Attractions: Tipu’s Dro and Nandi Hill Caves

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If you have been planning a vacation to a hill station near Gokarna, these are some of the best ones that are worth the visit. While you are there, make sure that you explore all the spots around. Book the tickets beforehand as well if you want to avoid last-minute changes. Plan a trip to Gokarna now and treat the thrill-seeker in you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hill Stations Near Gokarna

What is Gokarna known for?

Apart from the natural beauty of the place, Gokarna is also popular for the wide range of water sports that you can explore there. The place also has beautiful beaches that you can explore.

Which is the best hill station near Gokarna?

While there are so many amazing hill stations near Gokarna, Nandi Hills and Coorg are often the ones most visited by the tourists. The unmatched beauty paired with the beautiful experiences that you gather is what makes them so popular.

Which hill station near Gokarna is best known for coffee?

If you are looking for coffee plantations, Coorg and Chikmagalur are the best options. Both of these places have unmatched beauty and exotic coffee options.

Is alcohol banned near Gokarna?

If you want to purchase hard liquor, know for a fact that you will only get them in the main city of Gokarna and on the way to the Om beach and nowhere else.

Is it safe to visit Gokarna?

Many people have this notion that Gokarna is not a safe place to be in. That is not the case at all. It is quite safe and often suggested for solo travellers too.

How should one travel from Gokarna to other hill stations around?

Since the roads can get pretty tricky, it is best suggested that you hire a rental car to take you around. This takes off the risks and even doesn’t tire you out, which is amazing.

Is it better to make bookings beforehand?

If you are planning to visit during the peak seasons, it is best to make the bookings beforehand. This avoids the last-minute rush and the issues that many face with the prices too.

Which hill station near Gokarna is best for trekking?

For trekking, Agumbe and Chikmagalur are quite popular. Just make sure that you book the trekking trips beforehand so you can secure a slot for yourself.

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