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    Romantic Honeymoon In Spain

    Planning a honeymoon in Spain and can’t choose between a beach and a hill station for your beautiful plans? With its world famous beaches, lush meadows, green valleys, hills and snowy mountains, Spain has it all. Not to mention the flamenco dances, the hot samba and the unending Sangrias. Look below to choose the best places for a fantastic honeymoon in Spain – the magical country! Best time to visit Spain for a honeymoon. Since summer is quite hot in Spain, the best months are: April, May, June, September, and October.

    Top 15 Places For A Honeymoon In Spain

    Spain is an amazing country with a warm and friendly culture, beautiful scenic cities and delicious food. Here are some of the best romantic honeymoon destinations in Spain.

    • Tenerife – The Rocky Beaches
    • Madrid – The Urban Chic
    • Toledo – Rustic Charms
    • Andalucía – A Fairytale Honeymoon
    • Costa Galicia – Colorful Shores
    • Alicante – Romantic Nightlife
    • Mallorca – Luxurious Adventures
    • Benidorm – A Fun-Filled Getaway
    • Ibiza – White Sand Beaches
    • Barcelona – A Laidback Cultural Retreat
    • Seville – A Town Of Fountain-Filled Plazas
    • Salamanca – The City Of Honey-Hued Architecture
    • Segovia – Cinderella’s Disney Castle
    • Ávila – The Land Of Gothic Churches
    • Cádiz – The City Of Cathedrals And Castles

    1. Tenerife – The Rocky Beaches

    Rocky Beach

    Image Source

    Blessed with year-round sunshine, a great choice of beach resorts and plenty of restaurants and entertainment, Tenerife in Canary Islands is one of the most perfect honeymoon destinations in Spain.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 7 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: The rocky terrains & scenic backdrops make this 500 km long, secluded, pine-fringed, white-sand beaches an utterly romantic getaway.
    Why should you go there? Tropical-forest walks, Designer-shop struts, Volcanic lava, Carnaval and Pico del Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain
    Best time to visit: April, May, September and October

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    2. Madrid – The Urban Chic

    Madrid View

    Image Source

    Your Spain honeymoon is incomplete without a visit to the capital. A perfect spot for the cosmopolitan couple, this Spanish city blends big-urban style and energy with laid-back Mediterranean attitude. Honeymoon in Madrid, Spain will be an exhilarating experience as this city has a lot of positive energy. This is a great place to kick-start your new life together.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 5 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: If you and your partner are night crawlers & party lovers, the bustling restaurants, galleries, Tapas and copas of Madrid will add the needed spark to your new beginnings.
    Why should you go there? A collection of cocktail bars and nightclubs & crowds dancing until dawn, Madrid nights are the stuff of legend.
    Best time to visit: September to November, March to May

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    3. Toledo – Rustic Charms


    Image Source

    Wondering about Spain honeymoon ideas? A walled and fortified location, with a castle on the top and a river at the bottom, Toledo whispers romance around every corner. Cobbled streets, ancient walls, cosy restaurants; for a memorable honeymoon in Spain, get happily lost with your loved one in Toledo.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 3 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Romantic sunsets, beautiful churches, museums, synagogues & mosques and late night dancing on weekends make this city of Spain a perfect honeymooner’s pick!
    Why should you go there? One of the oldest city in all over Europe, it will vow you with its old town charm.
    Best time to visit: All through the year.

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    4. Andalucía – A Fairytale Honeymoon


    Image Source

    Undoubtedly, Andalucia makes for a perfect Spanish honeymoon destination. Its got it all – the sun, sea and sand but with a twist. Add to it the remote villages of the Alpujarra, hilltop retreats and the gypsy quarters and it is sure to be a memorable trip with your better half.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 7 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Romance straight out of a Hollywood flick! Gypsies, flamenco, matadors, tapas bars, geraniums, and strolling guitarists pull the lovebirds to this gorgeously romantic city.
    Why should you go there? Unforgettable natural settings as Sierra de Aracena and Doñana wetlands, Parque Natural de Cazorla, pueblos blancos and Alpujarras mountains.
    Best time to visit: April to June and September to the first half of October.

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    5. Costa Galicia – Colorful Shores

    Spain Breakwater Costa Beach Lugo Galicia Sea

    Image Source

    This is one of the most romantic places in Spain for the honeymoon. Wild coastal walks, deserted white beaches, private windswept coves, a green coast with clifftop retreats and great seafood, the Costa Galicia is the chosen spot for honeymooners.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 4 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Imagine a thermal bath with your love, some delectable food and bonfires all along the beach. The vibrant Costa Galaicia is sure to charm you with its wits & leave you spellbound.
    Why should you go there? With wild beaches and arguably the best seafood in Europe, this unique Spanish honeymoon destination remains largely unexplored and is still very much affordable.
    Best time to visit: May and June

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    6. Alicante – Romantic Nightlife

    Romantic Place

    Image Source

    A historic Mediterranean port, dynamic, attractive, this Spanish city with a castle, old quarter and long waterfront is a great honeymoon spot. The eating scene is exciting and the nightlife is absolutely legendary.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 6 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Experience the royalty of the place as your relive in the contemporary Victorian era. Don’t forget to visit the Castle of Santa Barbara, El Palmeral Park, Explanada de España beach.
    Why should you go there? Long golden-sand beaches, remnants of Roman and Arab civilizations and a choice of palm-fringed plazas, sidewalk cafés and bars make this city a perfect destination for honeymoon in Spain.
    Best time to visit: May to October

    7. Mallorca – Luxurious Adventures

    Luxurious Place

    Image Source

    Spain’s most popular Mediterranean Island, it is amongst the most perfect adventurous honeymoon locations in Spain. Hiking and cycling routes, private yachting facilities, head to Mallorca on the Balearic Islands for an adventurous yet laid back time together.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 6 Nights
    Honeymoon Specials: This beach side honeymoon destination is sure to wow you & your partner with its prehistoric sites, delectable beaches and beautiful forts.
    Why should you go there? Pine-fringed white-sand beaches, whitewashed windmills and picture-perfect mountain village scattered across the spectacular Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.
    Best time to visit: December to April

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    8. Benidorm – A Fun-Filled Getaway

    The night view of one the best honeymoon destinations in Spain - Benidorm

    Image Source

    With three magnificent golden-sand beaches, four theme parks and innumerable hotels, bars, restaurants and discos and nightclubs, the beach resort of Benidorm in Costa Blanca offers everything you need for a fun-filled honeymoon in Spain.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 5 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: For the adventure freaks and daring duos, Benidorm is the place to be! Water sports including water skiing, scuba diving and snorkeling, windsurfing, paragliding & other mischievous indoor adventures will make your time together all the more special.
    Why should you go there? The coastal town is considered as a celebrated destination for its seafront hotels, lively nightlife, gorgeous restaurants and excellent shopping facilities.
    Best time to visit: December to April

    9. Ibiza – White Sand Beaches

    White Sand Beaches

    Image Source

    The über-chic Balearic Island of Ibiza is renowned for its raucous dance club scene and more than 50 white-sand beaches making it a perfect spot for active newlyweds looking to honeymoon in Spain.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 5 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: The party never stops in the world renowned town of Ibiza! And to treat your senses are the world heritage sites D’Alt Vila lined with 500-year-old houses. Head here for a wild time together.
    Why should you go there? World’s best clubs, white sand beaches and unforgettable parties – a great kickstart for the party obsessed honeymooners.
    Best time to visit: June to August

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    10. Barcelona – A Laidback Cultural Retreat

    Barcelona In Spain

    Image Source

    A quirky blend of elegant museums and structures, lively markets and outdoor cafes, laid-back bar and lounge scene, beaches and rooftops, Barcelona is a perfect spot for the cultured honeymooners.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 5 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Live music at night, sun-drenched beaches, romantic yachts and 2000-year-old architecture – what more do you need to woo your partner on your first intimate time together?
    Why should you go there? Boundless culture, fabled architecture, and a world-class drinking and dining scene invite newlyweds to Barcelona.
    Best time to visit: May, June and September

    11. Seville – A Town Of Fountain-Filled Plazas

    gorgeous architecture of a city

    Image Source

    Seville, probably the most romantic city in Spain, is home to some of the best fountain-filled plazas. While exploring the narrow alleys of the city that are filled with the sounds of Spanish guitar, you can take a horse and carriage ride with your love.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 2 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Romantic sunsets, beautiful streets, grand churches, and Real Alcázar palace.
    Why should you go there? For its old-world charm and incredibly beautiful architecture.
    Best time to visit: March to May

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    12. Salamanca – The City Of Honey-Hued Architecture

    Salamanca kb6592thdg

    Image Source

    Salamanca is a UNESCO World Heritage city, which eventually makes it interesting enough to explore. Decorated with Gothic, Baroque, and Romanesque architecture, it’s a picture-perfect place for couples to visit on their Spain honeymoon.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 2 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Beautiful architecture, the absolutely delicious food, and serene villages.
    Why should you go there? For the love of the brilliant architecture and picturesque streets.
    Best time to visit: March to April and October to November

    13. Segovia – Cinderella’s Disney Castle

    a beautiful castle well lit at night

    Image Source

    If you want to witness the real Cinderella castle, you must come to Segovia. The Cinderella castle was inspired by Alcázar of Segovia. That’s not all, the city is packed with romantic architecture, stunning cathedrals, and gorgeous streets.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 2 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Romantic and gorgeous castles, cathedrals, and romantic snowfall.
    Why should you go there? If you’re someone who wants to visit a city that’s laid back and packed with brilliant architectures, Segovia is the place for you.
    Best time to visit: March to April and October to November

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    14. Ávila – The Land Of Gothic Churches

    beautiful town

    Image Source

    Also known as the ‘Town of Stones and Saints’, Avila has the largest share of the absolutely spectacular Romanesque and Gothic churches in entire Spain.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 3 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Romantic sunsets, gorgeous churches, and the serenity of the town
    Why should you go there? If you want to feel that you’re in a fairytale world, far-far away, then you must visit this on your honeymoon.
    Best time to visit: May to October

    15. Cádiz – The City Of Cathedrals And Castles


    Image Source

    Another romantic old town of Spain is Cádiz which flaunts beautiful cathedrals and ancient castles. The port city has amazing beaches where you can sit with your loved one and enjoy the castle views.

    Ideal honeymoon duration: 2 Nights
    Honeymoon delights: Elegant architecture, castle views from beaches, and amorous sunsets
    Why should you go there? For its intriguing monuments, crazy carnival and incredibly romantic beaches
    Best time to visit: March to July and September to November

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    Get a blend of culture, fashion and the good ol’ sun tan during your time here with your partner. If you have decidee Spain for honeymoon, plan a Spain honeymoon trip soon and head to this wonderful country with your amore to make memories that would last for a lifetime.

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