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If you love trekking then you must love the hours of walking through the wilderness and through the amazing panoramic view. If you crave for the amazing experience of the same, then you must visit the John Muir trail at least once in life. This trail is 220 miles and filled with amazing wilderness through California’s high Sierras. If you are attempting to start for John Muir trail Scotland you will have to travel to the U.S. From here your journey starts from Yosemite Valley and the adventure trail ends at Mt. Whitney.
If you are looking for a long trek just to relax your mind in nature then JMT trek is the best one for you. This trail offers you the best feeling of the long-distance hike. If you ask for adventure then you will not be able to stray your eyes, because the entire journey is surrounded by Alpine lakes, 14 passes, wide vistas, that will not let you feel alone even if you are hiking all by yourself.

About John Muir Trail

About John Muir Trail

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As it goes by the words of mountaineers they will inform you that this is the best place to backpack in the United States. This is the place nature built with 13 to 14,000 peaks, lakes at thousand miles up, mysterious canyons and shiny granite cliffs. John Muir trail is also filled with a sunny atmosphere and surrounded by the crucial mountains in the world.

The entire trail is 211 miles long and it mainly starts from Yosemite and ends in Mt Whitney in California district. The trail winds through the Sierra Nevada, some famous national parks like Sequoia national park, and Kings Canyon as well. The John Muir Trail section hikes will always be in your memory.

John Muir Trail Permit

John Muir Trail Permit

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You have to get a permit and here is the first and most important issue you have to face. John Muir trail permits process is complex and competitive too. To get the permit a lottery takes place 168 days earlier from the actual journey date. So if you are thinking about having this trek, you must start planning at the beginning of the year. At the time of getting the acceptance, you will have to face some problems, at least for those who are seeking the hike. Backpackers have to submit their permits through fax, or by mail or you can do that via phone too.
However, in reality, 97% of the applicants get denied, and then it becomes frustrating for the trekker, as they have thought a lot for this adventure. On the other hand, you can always follow some steps to get the permit from SOBO.

Step 1: Fix the date before 168 to 170 days.
Step 2: Fill out the reservation form and don’t forget to rank the trailheads you have decided on.
Step 3: You can submit your permit via mail, phone, or fax.
Step 4: If you don’t get a reply you can always apply again.
Step 5: You can always pick up the permit at one of the Yosemite Valley wilderness concerns.

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Cost And Duration

Waterfall view

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The entire trek can be cheap or if you are looking for a rather comfort journey then it will take $700. As the trail is of 211 miles, so it should take on feet for 3 weeks. If you are an experienced trekker then the entire trail will take 11 days, and it will be the whole journey, from your arriving to the start and to the end. You can finish the trail in 10 days too, but it will be better if you walk in your own face and comfortable enough. However, if you have decided to finish the journey in 10 days then you have to set 20 miles per day. Most people take 2 to 3 weeks and some ends in 22 days with all the time at the onion valley.

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Best Time To Visit

Best Time To Visit

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The best time to hike John Muir trail is from early July to Mid-September trek normally starts from July, August or in September, and this time the snow melts fully. If you prefer trekking in the winter season then you need an ice axe and warmer clothes. Most of the hikers attempt to travel from the north side to south of the John Muir trail because the southern part is remote and it has high elevation.

4 Things To Do At John Muir Trail

Check out the amazing list of things you can do while you are exploring the thrilling John Muir Trail located in California, USA. Take a look!

1. Mount Whitney Trail

Mount Whitney Trail

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To get the best views from the trail you must look for the Mount Whitney trail. However, keep your eyes on the road, as the trail isn’t smooth. You can have a camp here at night and experience some amazing star gazing.

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2. Lone Pine Creek

Lone Pine Creek

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While you are hiking towards the end of the trail, you must stop at this place and let yourself emerge in the beauty that surrounds you. Take some photo here, take rest, and don’t forget to drink water a bit, it will give you energy for the road ahead. Check out the rock formation here and you will get to see the wonder of nature in this place. The tall alpine trees will surely make you feel enchanted on this trail.

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3. Sequoia National Forest

Sequoia National Forest

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At the time you are walking on the trail you will pass by the Sequoia national forest. If you have heard of the forest then you know this place is popular for its 38 types of groves. You might not get to enter the place because you have a different destination but you can surely watch the forest from the far.

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4. Long Pine Lake

Long Pine Lake

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If you are not interested in submitting the Mount Whitney, then you can always have a 5 miles walk around the mountain and get to experience the Long pine lake. This very hike gains 1800 feet and the lake is at the elevation of 8,300 feet. You can have a steady uphill climb and the steps are not too tough. You can stay up here for a while, and you will not want to leave the place sooner.

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What To Pack?

Try having lightweight luggage for this trek at least. You can have 3 liters of water and 7 days of food, and that will weigh 45 pounds only. If this is your first hike then do take care of the things you are packing with you. Pack some dehydrated foods, necessary electronics, clothing, tent, cooking stuff and so on. If you are not traveling with many supplies, you can buy them in Onion valley or before you start the journey.


Tips for travelling
  • Have your own gear
  • Try to carry lightweight
  • Be afraid of mosquitoes in here and have repellant for the same.
  • Have some snacks with you.
  • While crossing a log on water make sure you are careful and take care of the log first.
  • Try to start as early as possible, because morning times are the best.
  • While in the tent tries to get out of the temporary home and take a look at the amazing stars.
  • Try avoiding the large camp stores. If you can pack and buy things from beforehand.

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Thus, here you got every detail on the John Muir trail and you also have an estimation of how much it can take as well. So get a permit and pack your bag and plan your international vacation in the upcoming year.

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