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Zimbabwe happens to be a curious beast. When talking about visiting Africa, you simply cannot afford to miss visiting the country of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe alone stands as one of the most visited places in Africa. It has numerous beautiful places located within its boundaries that are worth visiting. There is no doubt that Zimbabwe has numerous exotic tourist attractions that perfectly reflects the culture of the people of Zimbabwe. Anywhere you go in the country, you are sure to find something interesting. Also, you can find tons of activities to make your holidays even more fun as well. When speaking of Zimbabwe, we cannot forget to mention about the Kariba Dam. This happens to be one of the topmost attractions in the country. We have outlined the details of the dam below. You can also check Kariba Dam images in order to get an idea about the place.

About Kariba Dam

About Kariba Dam

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When in Zimbabwe, one thing that you surely cannot miss out is the Kariba Dam. Many of you may not be aware of this destination but it happens to be one of the most spectacular sites in Zimbabwe. International tourists from all corners of the world are known to visit the place in order to witness this man-made majestic dam. The dam has its own beauty which is surely going to sweep you off your feet. For the locals, the dam is known to be very close to their heart as it serves to be their main source of food. This place is truly a vacationer’s paradise.

Kariba Dam happens to be a double curvature dam constructed with concrete in the Kariba Gorge of the Zambezi River basin between Zimbabwe and Zambia. The dam is 128 meters long and 579 meters long. You can say that it is a huge man-made dam that is known to serve the people of Zimbabwe for years now.
The place is mainly known for its beautiful sunsets and fishing activities. The beautiful scenery around the dam is a view which is hard to resist. The vastness of the dam allows you to take a multiple-day excursion. You can travel from one end of the lake to the other by riding Kariba houseboats and ferry. You can also find a lot of accommodation around the dam area. Starting from safari camps to lodges, the area has all sort of accommodation arrangement for its visitors.

The main hype about the place is that Lake Kariba is known to be the largest man-made lake and dam wall in the world. This artificial lake is considered to be very important for the people of Zimbabwe. No wonder they hold the dam so close to their hearts. The construction for the dam began back in 1955 which was then completed in 1958. The dam was mainly constructed in order to meet the needs of hydroelectric energy in Zambia and Zimbabwe.
The story of the construction of the dam is not complete without the mysteries and myth surrounding the Zambezi river god and his home. Even after the construction was completed it took around 5 more years to assume the present day dimensions of the dam. Today, the dam happens to be the largest source of hydroelectric power supply for the people of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe, the largest dam wall constructed by humans is known to settle across the Zambezi River at Kariba Gorge which falls on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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Things To Do

There are plenty of things that you can do at the Kariba Dam. Some of the main activities that you can enjoy include.

1. Houseboats


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You can live on the houseboat for a few days and enjoy the nice comfortable ride. This is going to be a great experience for you if, you haven’t been on such a ride before.

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2. Fishing


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If fishing is your thing then this is the perfect spot for you. Lake Kariba is mainly known for fishing and especially sports fishing. Tigerfish happens to be the most popular catch in the lake. The water level of the Kariba dam is too high.

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3. Water Sports

Water Sports

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You can also enjoy a variety of water sports out here. If you are the adventurous type then this is the perfect place for you. Water sports such as canoeing, speed boating, and wakeboarding, all of these can be enjoyed here.

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4. Game Viewing

Game Viewing

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You can witness a number of animals around the dam. Starting from big crocodiles to hippos, you can find it all here around the lake.
So these are some of the interesting activities that you can involve yourself at Lake Kariba or Kariba Dam. Read about the facts of Kariba dam in order to know more.

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Nearby Places To Visit

There are also a number of beautiful places that you can visit near the dam which include.

1. Matusadona National Park

Matusadona National Park

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The national park lies in the west of the Kariba Dam. This game reserve is a beautiful place to visit. You can witness a wide variety of animals in the park. Starting from buffalo to zebra, you can see it all in the park.

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2. Chete Safari Area

Chete Safari Area

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This place lies in the upstream from Matusadona National Park. The only problem is that this place is difficult to access by a game or car vehicle. This is actually a hunting area.

How To Get There?

If you are wondering how to get to this beautiful location, we have got you covered.

1. By Road

By Road

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There is a road that runs besides the south bank of Kariba from Binga to Kariba town. You need to hire a high clearance tough vehicle in order to travel down the road. The ride may be a bumpy one so you need to be prepared for it. Travelers should be informed that it is going to be a long journey of approx. 400 km. you will travel through the Charar basin, directly to Kariba. It is going to take you around 8 hours in order to reach your destination.

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2. By Flight

By Flight

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You can also reach your destination by the air route. However, you need to opt for a private charter as there are no commercial flights scheduled for this route. Many charter companies are known to serve this area. Kariba airport is the only airport located there.

3. By Boat

By Boat

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You can also reach your destination via the Kariba Ferry which is known to travel across the Mlibizi to the Kariba Town. The Kariba Ferry is known to provide you with overnight service. This is actually the most convenient and relaxing way of reaching your location. You can also go for an upmarket houseboat which you can hire from one side to the other. From the above points, it is clear that you can travel to the Kariba Lake by all the three routes. Now, it is up to you and your convenience that which route you will take.

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Now that you know about the Kariba Dam, it will be easier for you to visit the place. It is one of the most beautiful locations in Zimbabwe. The dam and its surrounding areas are worth exploring. You simply cannot miss visiting the surrounding areas of the dam. So, plan an international trip and have a heart warming experience!

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