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Just as the roads of Welkom scream creativity, so does its restaurants. There are such a wide variety of restaurants you will find in Welkom and in there, you will get a chance to discover a new range of cuisines. The best part for an Indian, at Welkom is that you also get a chance to discover Indian restaurants in welkom. The range of creativity in the foods and cuisines, along with the interior decors, is another factor that makes the Welkom city walk irresistibly charming for all those who love an unforgettable dining affair.

Top 9 Restaurants In Welkom

Here is the list of restaurants in Welkom where you can enjoy a delicious meal at on your trip. Keep scrolling down to know more and read along!

1. The Mediterranean Wine & Grill

The Mediterranean Wine & Grill

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The Mediterranean Wine & Grill is counted among the top restaurants in Welkom. It is known to be a popular steakhouse with a variety of European and Greek cuisines. Along with its tasty food, the restaurant is quite famous among the locals for its ambiance. The wide variety of options of the dishes available on the Sunday buffet menu is another reason, that makes the people flock to the restaurants. Moreover, the interiors and decors of the restaurant are quite fancy and Instagram-worthy and thus, steps up the rank of the restaurants.

Location: The Stripp, Stateway, Welkom 9459 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.0.

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2. Mugg And Bean

Mugg And Bean

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Over the years, Mugg and Bean have been satisfying the people and tourists of Welkom with their variety of vegan options. There is hardly any other restaurant in the city, which offers such delicious vegan dishes with obviously, a lot of creativity. This place is quite known in the city, among the locals, because of its breakfast, lunch and brunch platter options. The ambiance of the restaurant, its interiors, and decors are such that it serves perfectly, both for professional as well as for personal purposes.

Location: 3 Buiten Street Shop 72 Goldfields Mall, Welkom 9459 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.0.

3. Modern Pantry

Modern Pantry

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As the name says, the restaurant does justice to it. Though there is not enough space to host a great party at the restaurant, it serves as a nice and cozy place to have breakfast or brunch. This is one of the best restaurants in welkom when it comes to the taste of the food and its presentations. Besides providing amazing foods the restaurant also serves the best wines in the town! To sum it all, the place has got the best of everything.

Location: 368 State Way, Welkom 9459 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5.

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4. Panarottis Welkom

Panarottis Welkom

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The Panarottis Welkom is one of the best Italian restaurants in welkom south africa. The place serves a variety of Italian items be it in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The decors of the restaurant are family-friendly and also have a separate playground for the children. Also, if you are a pizza maniac, then you are not probably going to leave the place forever and ever. Besides this, the services provided by the host and waiters, the concerns showed by the managers of the restaurant, and the ambiance of the restaurant is perfect to spend a weekend or a day out.

Location: Cnr Toronto & Long Rd Shop 33 Welkom Square, Welkom 9460 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.0.

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5. Siete's Restaurant

Siete's Restaurant

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If you are craving for some seafood now, then there cannot be any better place than this. You will get everything from steaks to drinks to delicious squids and octopuses. Moreover, the services you receive and the food you very to taste, is more than just amazing. Don’t forget to try the fish curry which is a must try when you are craving for seafood.

Location: 58 Tempest Road Rovers Club, Welkom 9459 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5.

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6. Ocean Basket Welkom Metro Village

Ocean Basket Welkom Metro Village

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This one is known to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Welkom. From Sushis to Seafoods, and even a variety of vegetarian food dishes, adds to the variety of the restaurant's menu. Whether you are a lover of seafood or vegetarian food, Ocean Basket Welkom Metro Village will satiate all foodies for sure!

Location: Metro Village 312 State Way The Strip, Welkom 9459 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.0.

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7. Indiana Spur Steak Ranch

Indiana Spur Steak Ranch

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The most popular among the Indian restaurants in welkom, is this one. From bars, too fast foods, barbeques, and drinks you will get everything at this place. Also, there is good news for the vegetarians out there as this restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

Location: Cnr Long Rd & Toronto Rd Indiana Spur Building, Welkom 9460 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.0.

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8. Wimpy


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If you love Chinese, then there cannot be an any better place to hop on, than Wimpy. The restaurant is sure to give you the authentic feels of the South African foods with bacon and eggs on breakfast. This restaurant is also counted among the romantic restaurants in Welkom because it gives you a chance to spend some time with your spouse by offering a play area to your children.

Location: Shop 100 Goldfields Mall Corner Buiten & Stateway Boulevard, Welkom 9459 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.0.

9. Billy G

Billy G

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The best of the African, International and Italian restaurants in the city of Welkom is this one. Though this place is still new to the locals and as well as to the tourists, it offers great foods and services. The variety of non-vegetarians dishes served here, with grilled steaks and porks, is sure to fill your heart with delights. The creativity shown in salads and desserts is also worth appreciating. The best part of this restaurant is that, if you are a pension holder or a senior citizen, you will get a good discount on your meal. To top it all, the restaurant also has a casino, to play your heart and try your luck out! It's time you discover the place!

Location: Corner of Stateway and Buiten Street, Welkom, Free State Goldfields Casino, Welkom 9460 South Africa.
TripAdvisor Ratings: 5.0.

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So, what are you waiting for? Are these restaurants already making you drool? Surely, South African cuisine is a must try for all those who love trying the traditional food of the place they are traveling to. Get packed, book your trip to South Africa and get ready to eat like the locals at the above restaurants in Welkom !

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