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Karmatang Beach is one of the rare places to find some of the extant species of turtles coming here for hatching. This is why it is called a turtle’s paradise in Andaman. Apart from turtle nesting parks, it is also the place to enjoy the beach, water sports and beach partying. The tourists need not have any guides to help explore the beach and nearby attractions. Andaman and Nicobar Island is a tourist-friendly territory of India. It has excellent tourist facilities and amenities.

A few parts of Karmatang Beach have protected areas for turtle hatching. It is not advisable to harm them in any manner on your Andaman tour. The rest of the places, you can enjoy this beach at the fullest with its vastness with creeks, mangroves, forest, and streaks. It is the best place to visit by zoologists, nature lovers, honeymoon couples, and marine life research.

Weather At Karmatang Beach


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Karmatang Beach’s geographical location is in the middle of the Andaman Sea coast facing the Andaman Sea. The entire stretch of Andaman and Nicobar Islands comes under the tropical zone. Therefore, one can experience tropical climate throughout the year. The summer temperature can rise up to 35-degrees Celsius. Yet, one can experience the cool sea breeze day and night. This will make you keep on indulging in any recreational and water sports activities without making you hit by sunburns. The winter temperature can come below 20-degrees Celsius. The Bay Of Bengal Sea lies on the west and the Indian Ocean towards the south. These sea surroundings make this place very high in humidity.

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Best Time To Visit Karmatang Beach

Karmatang Beach

Andaman is an all-season island tourist place in India. Still, all four seasons have some dos and don’ts.

Dry Season

December to May is the dry season. It is the best time to visit to enjoy Karmatang Beach attractions. You can go for seawater sporting, hiking, trekking and do recreational activities available on this beach. It is also the best time to come here and wed.

Wet Season

May last week to November is monsoon season. You can experience heavy rain with thunderstorms. It is not advisable to visit during this season. You will have no transport facilities via road and sea.

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Ideal Trip Duration

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A day trip is enough to see this beach alone and the turtle park. If you wish to enjoy the beach attractions, seawater sports, and Mount Harriet trekking trail, a weeklong holidaying is the best.

Top 7 Things To Do In Karmatang Beach

Here are some of the best things to do in Karmatang Beach which will definitely make you enjoy a day at ease.

  • Karmatang Beach – Enjoy Recreational Activities
  • Beach Walking – Admire The Beautiful View
  • Swimming – An Amazing Recreational Activity
  • Snorkeling – Explore Unique Coral Life
  • Sea Diving – Splendid Seawater Adventure
  • Turtle Nesting Farm – For Children And Marine Life Lovers
  • Beach Partying – Crazy Dance Parties, Bonfire And More

1. Karmatang Beach – Enjoy Recreational Activities

Karmatang Beach

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This beach main attraction is its hanging hammocks and traditional huts. This is a vast beach such that every tourist can find their private place and enjoy the sea breeze and recreational activities available here. This is the best beach to come for day and night beach partying. If you are lucky, you can find a wedding ceremony taking place in its beachfront resort. It is the best place to stay in beachfront resorts and enjoys this beach. You can taste seafood and authentic foods of Andaman from the beachside vendors.

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2. Beach Walking – Admire The Beautiful View

Walking on Beach

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Karmatang Beach in Andaman is not good for the beach walking near the shore. This is due to muddy wet sand in many places on this beach. Yet, they come and vanish away by high tides. It is advisable to walk some distance away from wet sand. Here, you can find the forest, mangroves, and creeks. This will make you like a nature walk along the Andaman Sea. If you are lucky, you can see some reptiles and birds.

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3. Swimming – An Amazing Recreational Activity


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The beach sand and the seawater may look brackish. Yet, you have to walk and find a place where the water is clear. This beach has shallow seawater. It is advisable to swim during the day hours only. This is because this public beach is open 24-hours for the tourists and its local people.

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4. Snorkeling – Explore Unique Coral Life


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This beach is popular for turtles. Yet, you have to find some clear seawater places to go for snorkeling. You can hire snorkeling gears from Mayabunder Town or the beachside vendors. They charge on an hourly basis. If you are here for a weeklong holidaying, it is advisable to buy one. You can find many small to medium and huge turtles while snorkeling in seawater. Moreover, this place has some unique coral life to see. This is due to the presence of mangrove forests and creeks.

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5. Sea Diving – Splendid Seawater Adventure

Sea Diving View

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This is an assisted seawater adventure activity to do once in Karmatang Beach. It is advisable to come here under an adventure tour package. They will give proper training and instruction before venturing into sea diving from this beach. March to May is the best season for sea diving in Andaman. This is because sunlight visibility will reach up to the abyss. Moreover, the sweater temperature will be normal during the summer season.

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6. Turtle Nesting Farm – For Children And Marine Life Lovers

Turtle View

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Visiting the turtle-nesting farm is one of the important activities at Karmatang Beach in Andaman. You can see how the turtle eggs are kept for hatching by the forest department and its village people. If you are lucky, you can see the hatched turtles moving towards the seawater. You will be surprised to see, as they do not move in any other direction. This beach is closed for the tourists by evening from December to March. This is because this is the egg-laying period where a large number of turtles come here and lays an egg. This is a natural phenomenon, which is taking place here for many years. This is a great place for children and marine life lovers.

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7. Beach Partying – Crazy Dance Parties, Bonfire And More

Beach Partying

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Karmatang Beach in Andaman and Nicobar Group of Islands is a popular place for beach parties. One can do day and night beach parties. If you stay in a beachfront resort, you can have drinks and food arranged by that resort. Otherwise, you have to depend on Mayabunder Town. There are many eco-friendly huts and wooden seating arrangements on this beach. These are with sunshades. It is ideal for daytime partying. During the night, you can make a bonfire and enjoy the cool sea breeze along with the party. This beach is open to the public 24-hours. There are ample parking facilities on this beach. You can do a late-night party and return to your hotel or resort. Yet, you cannot do a night party on this beach from December to March. This is because these months are left for turtles to come here and lay eggs.

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3 Other Attractions Near Karmatang Beach

Some other popular attractions which you can explore near Karmatang Beach are as follows: 

  • Mount Harriet Trekking – For The Ultimate Thrill
  • Madhuban Beach – Enjoy An Elephant Safari
  • Authentic Seafood – Taste Fresh Seafood

1. Mount Harriet Trekking – For The Ultimate Thrill

Place of Trekking

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If you come for a weeklong holidaying in Karmatang Beach, you must try Mount Harriet Trekking. This is the highest mountain peak in Andaman Island. A day trip is sufficient to reach here and come back. On the way, you can see the exotic flora of this island. You will pass many streaks by crossing the water over wooden bridges. In a few places, you have to trek along with streaks, which is also a trekking path to Mount Harriet. This is a pure freshwater source. You will be passing through scenic villages of Mayabunder. The villagers are friendly people. As the elevation rises, you can see the vistas of the Andaman Sea.

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2. Madhuban Beach – Enjoy An Elephant Safari

Madhuban Beach

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If you love elephants, you must visit nearby Madhuban Beach. It is the best place to take your children and see the giant animal from close. The local villagers give training on this beach. This is for taming the elephant to do lumber related lifting works. If you request them, you can take an elephant safari and explore the beach and adjoining forest. A day trip is the best to see this elephant training ground in Andaman Island. Most of the trained elephants are taken for elephant safaris in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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3. Authentic Seafood – Taste Fresh Seafood

Authentic Seafood

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Most of the restaurants near Karmatang Beach in Andaman are in Mayabunder Town. Yet, you can find many beachside food vendors. They are the best to taste fresh seafood once on this beach. They do serve authentic Andaman food too. They do sell some beverages and mineral water bottles. Therefore, food is not a problem in Karmatang Beach. This is a cost-effective way to have tasty food. The hotels and restaurants serve local cuisine and international cousins. They are costly when compared to beach food vendors. Therefore, food and beverages are not a constraint for the vegetarians and non-vegetarians once in Karmatang Beach.

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Traveler Tips

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Following are some tips which is important for you to know before visiting Karmatang Beach. 

  • Make sure you carry a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun
  • Do not carry excess water or food as all the facilities are available at the beach 
  • Carry a mosquito repellent since the place has a lot of trees and it becomes the breeding place for mosquitoes 

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How to reach Karmatang Beach?

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Here is a detailed description on how you can reach Karmatang Beach by different modes of transportation. 

By Air

If you are arriving through a flight, you will land at Veer Savarkar International Airport. This is in Andaman capital the Port Blair. From here, you have to book a passenger helicopter to reach Mayabunder Town. From here, you have to hire a bus or taxi to reach Karmatang Beach, which is just 12-km away.

By Train

The Andaman rail line is a proposed project only. As of now, there is no rail transportation service in Andaman.

By Road

The NH 4 or Grand Andaman Trunk Road from Port Blair touches Mayabunder Town. The road journey will cover 240-Kms through scenic villages and scenic sea drive. It may take 6-hours to come here by the government bus. A private taxi will reach her within 4-hours. From Mayabunder Town, you have to go via road to reach Karmatang Beach, which is 12-Km away.

By Boat

You have to get in a passenger boat from Port Blair to Mayabunder. It may take 9-hours to reach by a steamboat. There are also private boats, yet it will be a costly option to reach by 6-hours.

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Karmatang Beach is open to the public 24/7. This is the best beach for partying, relaxing in hammocks, and enjoy the recreational activities available on this beach. Everyone must visit this beach to see the rare species of turtles, which are seen on this beach alone. This is a vast beach with calm seawater. It promotes international wedding and beach tourism. So whenever you plan a holiday at Andaman, make sure to not miss out on a visit to this exotic beach.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Karmatang Beach

How safe is Karmatang Beach for a solo woman tourist?

This beach is open to the public 24-hours. This is a safe beach for a solo woman too. There are forest guards, local villages and local police having a vigil on the beach as it is a protected area for turtles.

Is Karmatang beach good for swimming?

You can find this beach with brackish water. Yet, the high tide brings some changes in seawater on this beach. You have to find the right place to swim, where you can find clear water.

Where to stay once in Karmatang Beach?

Mayabunder Town has budget-friendly hotels. You can also stay in beachfront resorts in Karmatang Beach. They are the best for honeymooners. You can find beach huts on the shores.

Are there eateries in Karmatang Beach?

Yes, Mayabunder Town has many multi-cuisine restaurants and hotels. Locally, you can find its village people selling traditional seafood and beverages on the beachfront.

Is night partying is allowed in Karmatang Beach?

Yes, there are traditional canopies where you can make a bonfire and party day and night. If you are staying in a beachfront resort, they will do all the arrangements on the beach.

Is there and threats from the tribal people of Andaman in Karmatang Beach?

No, Mayabunder Town is with angler’s settlement. They are friendly people who take care of turtles too. There are no threats from the tribal people of Andaman on this beach.

Is Karmatang Beach an excellent place for a sunbath in Andaman?

No, there are sand flies on this beach. Moreover, the sand is wet and muddy at many paces. This is due to the presence of mangrove trees and forests. You can only relax in a hammock. If lucky, you can get some sunlight falling on your body.

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