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India is a land of varying landscapes and coastal and beach spots are quite abundant. Kerala and Andaman are often pitched against each other because of their similar forms of natural beauty and the landscapes around. Even if these coastal states and union territories do make for a very popular travel destination, there are quite a lot of differences to them that most people aren’t even aware of. Here is a Kerala vs Andaman that might interest you.

If you are planning a vacation and have been stuck between the two, we would suggest that you scroll up to get a bit by bit comparison between the two to further help you choose.

Natural Landscape

back water in Kerala

Coming round to what kind of experiences you can get around Kerala and Andaman visually, we would say that they outsold any of the expectations that you could have. Both of the spots are beautiful in their way, covered in lush greenery, coastal tides and the beauty of the natural landscape.

Unlike Kerala, Andaman is known for its wide stretch of beaches and smaller islands around. The place is also quite popular because of the marine life and the fresh and tranquilising look of the seawater.

Kerala, known as God’s own country, lives up to the title because of the breathtaking spots around, especially the thick lush greenery and beautiful spots around that make up for a very enigmatic experience in itself.

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Weather And Best Time To Visit

Andaman Islands

The best thing about Andaman and Kerala is the fact that you can more or less visit them any time of the year, except maybe the rainy season.

This is one of the primary reasons why Andaman experiences tourist visits throughout the year. It does have very pleasant and consistent whether the year-round without any drastic fluctuations. So, anytime you visit, the weather is going to be the same more or less which is quite soothing and not too harsh.

On the other hand, experts do suggest that you visit Kerala during the winter season when the weather is optimal and has a very pleasant vibe to it. The months between September to March are often considered the best. The weather in Kerala is also not humid, so you know that you are going to enjoy being there. If you are looking for any form of ayurvedic treatments and such, the months between June to August is the best.

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Ideal Duration

Best Places to visit in Kerala

Kerala and Andaman both have a lot of sightseeing spots in and around. If you want to make the most out of it, visiting for a week or 10 days is often considered ideal but nobody has that kind of time.

For Andaman and Nicobar islands as well, you can allow around 4-5 days to get around which is often good enough for you to witness and explore. Aside from that, for Kerala, we would suggest that you at least stay for a week to get the most out of it in the long run.

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Kerala Vs Andaman: Average Budget

Kayaking in Andaman

To be fair, neither of the two can be planned with a limited budget and can be a bit harsh on your bank account but trust me, the overall experience being in any of the places does make up for the amount you spend.


Transportation – INR 2000 (to and fro) for railways
Accommodation – INR 1500 to 2000 per night
Accessory expenses – INR 2000-3000 per day
So, in total, you can estimate around INR 5000-6000 per day which is a pretty decent price point with all the luxuries involved.


Transportation – INR 4000-7000 in flight
Accommodation – INR 1500-2000 per night
Accessory expenses – INR 2000-3000 per day

So, on average, you are likely to spend around INR 10,000 and a little more in a day, which does include your standard expenses for the travel fare too.

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Kerala Vs Andaman: Places To Visit

beach view

Before anything, you must know of some of the best places to visit in both the destinations that would further make your trip worth the while.

Places To Visit In Kerala

Before anything, you must know of some of the best places to visit in Kerala that would further make your trip worth the while. Take a look!

1. Alleppey

It goes without saying that if you are visiting Kerala, you have to visit Alleppey, the spot known for its backwaters. The wide range of houseboat stays and the peaceful surroundings around make this a spot worth visiting and exploring. Expert travellers often also tend to suggest this as the Venice of the South which is true to its saying. There are several sightseeing spots around as well, which you can further explore.

2. Kumarakom

If you don’t want to visit a spot that is already infiltrated by tourists, Kumarakom is a good option for you to look into. The alluring beauty of the surroundings paired with the tranquilising lush greenery, you are never going to want to come back from there. The place has a little of everything, from the backwaters to the delectable Kerala special cuisine that is a hit or miss among many. In terms of sightseeing spots, there are several as well.

3. Munnar

For those looking for a romantic getaway, Munnar is an amazing spot for you to visit in Kerala. This hill station is one of the highlights in this state. Apart from the thick blanket of vegetation and greenery around, Munnar is also a popular tea plantation spot. homestays in Munnar are quite popular while you are there, so try and book that instead of a hotel.

4. Kovalam

If you want to explore the authentic beauty of coastal life, Kovalam is your place to be in. Known for its eccentric beaches, this place is quite a popular spot for the family getaways. This is a place that you come to relax in with the amazing sunbathing fests and the spa and massage options available around. It also has several activities you can indulge in along the coastline.

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Places To Visit In Andaman

With the spots in Kerala covered, it is now time for you to look through the popular sites in Andaman.

1. Havelock Island

There is no point visiting Andaman if you are not even going to visit Havelock Island. This is the best spot for water sports enthusiasts as it has options for snorkeling and scuba diving activities. This is the spot the majority of the explorers embark upon to quench their thirst for some adrenaline rush. It is also a popular site for photographers as well.

2. Cellular Jail National Memorial

Even though this place does bring back dark pasts and very horrific tales, visiting the Cellular Jail National Memorial in Andaman is a must-do. It is the former British prison. Even though it was destroyed by the Japanese troop back during the time of World War II, this spot is now very popular among the tourists.

3. Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

To be honest, this isn’t a spot for everyone but if you are a knowledge buff and like to know about the place and the history, the Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is quite an amazing spot to be in while you are in Andaman. It gives an insight into the rich and in-depth knowledge about the culture and history of the islands around. You can even get a glimpse into the rich biodiversity surrounding at this museum.

4. North Bay Beach

Yet another popular beach destination in Andaman that is worth visiting in the North Bay Beach which is known for its “Octopus Garden”. You can walk under the sea, and explore the beauty of the rich marine life there, which is one of the reasons why this is such a popular spot around. There is a wide range of marine life and coral reefs that are worth witnessing. It is convenient even for those who don’t know how to swim.

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Kerala Vs Andaman: Shopping

Restaurants that offer Indian food in Austria

Kerala is predominantly known for its natural beauty and doesn’t gloat with its shopping spots but Andaman does have several options for the shopaholics. You are more likely going to find shops selling marine and coastal stuff, especially in terms of the corals and the natural seashells that you can find. Apart from that, you wouldn’t predominantly want to spend much on the remaining stuff.

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Kerala Vs Andaman: Getting Around


There are public transportation in both Kerala and Andaman but those aren’t always the best options for the tourists. If you do want to have a comfortable experience, we would suggest that you either hire a rental car for Kerala or opt for the cruises in Andaman. These can be a lot in the pocket but it is completely worth it.

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This is the major information you will need to know about both the destinations for a hassle-free vacation. Either it is a mesmerizing vacation in Kerala or an enthralling holiday in Andaman, you will be able to enjoy them both like a pro with all these aspects known to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kerala Vs Andaman

Is it safe to visit Andaman?

Andaman is a safe enough spot for even solo travellers. Even with all the repertoire, we would suggest that you always opt for reputed accommodations and stay on high alert all the time, to keep yourself safe and secure.

Are the packaged tours better for Kerala and Andaman?

If you want something within a fixed budget without excess expenditure, we would suggest that you look into the packaged tours for Kerala and Andaman. But, these come with limitations too, like the limited options for sightseeing and even a restricted timeline for everything which can get pretty overwhelming at times.

Which is a better tourist spot for couples?

If you are planning for a honeymoon getaway, we would suggest you do opt for Kerala over Andaman. Not only is it a better budget-friendly option, but it also offers several romantic sightseeing spots around, making this one of the better options of the two.

Is it important to make the bookings ahead of time?

Irrespective of whether you are visiting Kerala or Andaman, we would suggest that you do focus on getting the tickets booked ahead of time. This helps keep your deals in range and you can even avoid the last-minute rush with everything.

Are there cab facilities in Andaman?

App-based taxi services aren’t available in Andaman. So, if you thought of booking an Uber to take you from one spot to the other, you do need to rethink things further. Just ensure that you talk to the locals and ask them the best way to get around and they would be more than happy to help you around.

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