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Kullu is famously known as Kulanthapitha, which roughly translates to the valley of Gods. The valley has been a favorite destination for tourists who want to experience the mystical land. Kullu Dussehra festival, which commemorates the local deities and upholds the spirit of good over evil, is celebrated with pomp and show. Our guide to Kullu Dussehra 2023 will acquaint you with the dates of the festival, legends behind it, the main procession, and things to do at the time of the event.

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  1. About Kullu Dussehra 2023
  2. History of Kullu Dussehra 2023
  3. Kullu Dussehra Day Program
  4. Kullu Dussehra Night Program
  5. Kullu Dussehra Mela
  6. Places to Visit on Dussehra
  7. Things to Do on Dussehra
  8. Where to Stay
  9. How to Reach

Details About Kullu Dussehra 2023

Opening date 24th October 2023 (Tentative)
Closing date 30th  October 2023 (Tentative)
Duration 1 week
Venue Dhalpur maidan

Dussehra is celebrated all over India on Vijay Dashmi day, which is the tenth day of Navratri, in the month of October. Kullu Dussehra is celebrated slightly differently from the rest of the country because the festivities in Kullu begin after the nine-day festival ends. This week-long festival, which was declared an international event in 1972, is witnessed by more than 5 lakh people.

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History Of Kullu Dussehra 2023

History Of Kullu Dussehra 2019

There are several legends surrounding Kullu Dussehra festival. One of them is that Maharishi Jamadagni was returning from Kailash Parbat with a basket full of idols of eighteen different gods. While crossing Chanderkhani pass, he was caught in a storm where he saw these images take the form of Gods. These Gods saved him from further suffering. As a result, people celebrate these Gods with great fervour.

Kullu Dussehra Program In The Day

Kullu Dussehra Program In The Day

Dussehra celebration in Kullu kick starts early in the day. On day one, 200 village devtas (deities), including Lord Raghunath, arrive in palanquins to the valley. They’re carried by messengers on foot. These messengers are handpicked by the locals among themselves. The deities assemble at Raja Rupi Palace before proceeding to Dhalpur Maidan. They are decked in garlands and draperies and decked with silver masks.

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Kullu Dussehra Night Program

Kullu Dussehra Night Program

At night, several cultural events and activities are held. Dussehra celebration in kullu is famous for its night program. With drums beating and trumpets blaring, it makes for a wonderful source of entertainment. The local deities dance, ie charge backward and forward and tilt from side to side, before settling down. The image of Lord Raghunath is placed in a chariot and the ropes of the chariot are pulled by the devotees.

Kullu Dussehra Mela

Kullu Dussehra Mela

The latter half of the week is dedicated to Kullu Dussehra Mela, a huge retail fair which takes place in Dhalpur Maidan. The fair is famous for local dance and music performances. The locals start practicing six months prior to the big event for putting up a spectacular show. The final day of the celebrations are reserved for animal sacrifice. At the Kullu mela, a fish, a crab, a buffalo, a rooster, and a lamb are sacrificed in a huge bonfire.

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Best Places To Visit In Kullu On Dussehra

Best Places To Visit In Kullu On Dussehra

Image Credit: Rajarshi MITRA for Wikimedia Commons

Here is a list of the most famous places that all travelers must visit on their vacation. Keep scrolling down and read along!

  • Raghunath Temple: Famed as the oldest temple in Kullu, Raghunath Temple is home to an ancient idol of Lord Raghunath. A lot of devotees visit this temple during Dussehra and you must add it to your list.
  • Bijli Mahadev Temple: Dedicated to Lord Shiva, Bijli Mahadev Temple is one of the best places to visit in Kullu for all pilgrims. It is also known as the temple of lightning and attracts a lot of tourists every year.
  • Basheshwar Mahadev Temple: Built-in 8th century, this stunning temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the prime tourist spots near Kullu. Marvel at the spectacular structure of this temple and relax amidst serenity by stopping here on your trip.

Best Things To Do In Kullu During Dussehra

Best Things To Do In Kullu During Dussehra

Image Credit: Himanshu Jain for Wikimedia Commons

Take a look at this amazing list of things to do in Manali that you can do on your vacation while you are enjoying the celebrations of Dussehra in Kullu. Pick the ones that you like the most and make your trip a memorable one!

  • Shopping: While you are in Kullu, one of the best things to do is shopping for souvenirs to take back home. You can shop for different items like pickles, jams, traditional jewelry, and Kullu shawls.
  • Local Food: For all foodies, Kullu is one of the best places where they can satiate their taste buds with scrumptious food. Some of the dishes that you must try are Patrodu, Bhature, Kodra Roti, Vada, Sattu, and Jatu. Visit the most popular cafes and restaurants like Kullu food cafe, Kuber Fast Meals, and the Rolls cafe for trying these scrumptious delicacies.
  • Temple Tour: Kullu has a plethora of temples and you must pay a visit to all of them. During the daytime, you can explore the famous temples and in the evening you can attend the Dussehra festivities. Bijli Mahadev Temple and Raghunath Temple are the most beautiful temples that you must visit on your holiday.
  • Hiking: All adventure buffs can indulge in hiking and trekking in Kullu. There are terrific hiking and trekking trails in Kullu and you must explore them for that adrenaline rush!

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Where To Stay In Kullu

Where To Stay In Kullu

This decision depends on your choice of place and budget. You can stay in Hotel Shobla Royale if you want a luxurious stay. The hotel is equipped with world-class facilities and is a popular favourite among foreign tourists. Hotel Kullu Valley, on the other hand, is closer to the venue and has a balcony attached to the rooms from where you can gaze at the mountains while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

How To Reach Kullu

How To Reach Kullu

Indira Gandhi International Airport is located at a distance of 16 km from the New Delhi City Centre. The airport is located at Palam and is known to be one of the busiest airports in the country. Daily flights are provided by Air India and one can take the earliest flight to leave from Delhi at 6:45 AM. Delhi is 497 kilometres away from Kullu by road, which can be easily covered in 9 hours by car, bike, or state bus, if everything goes smoothly.

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The Dhalpur ground is decorated with colorful flowers and tents, which change the overall getup of the venue. Among a variety of dances in Kullu like Ghadai, Panjragi, dohri, Pheti, Lahuli, Kortha, Charase-Tarase, Bandhu, Rakhs, and Phagli, etc, Lalhri dance is very popular. Book a trip to Kullu right away with TravelTriangle to avail of exciting deals and discounts to watch live Kullu Dussehra. This trip will be worth your time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kullu Dussehra

Why is Kullu Dussehra famous?

Dussehra is the celebration of good over evil and is celebrated throughout India. Every year a Dussehra fair is organized in Kullu and this makes Kullu Dussehra famous. A lot of travelers visit Kullu to attend this grand fair.

Can I attend the Kullu Dussehra Fair during COVID-19?

Only individuals who have taken both the vaccine doses are allowed to enter Kullu Dussehra Fair. The ones who have not been vaccinated or just taken the first dose are prohibited from entering the meal.

When was Kullu Dussehra started?

Kullu Dussehra was started in the 17th century by King Jagat Singh.

Which are the best restaurants in Kullu?

Valentino Cooking With Herbs, Maitre, and Root Restaurant are some of the most popular restaurants in Kullu where you can enjoy a delectable meal on your vacation.

Which are some of the best places to visit in Manali?

The best attractions where you must visit in Manali are Manikaran, Naggar Castle, Raghunathji Temple, Raison, Dhakpo Shedeupling Monastery, Great Himalayan National Park, Jamula Temple, Bijli Mahadev Temple, and more.

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