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    If you are planning to make your dream of ‘Balle Balle To LA’ come true this year, then these 22 most romantic places to visit in Los Angeles definitely need to be on your list. From charming beaches to a dinner date under the sky, and a peek into Hollywood’s reel life, your trip to Los Angeles will be more than magical. Also known as the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles is located in a large basin, beautifully surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean on one side and by huge mountains on the other sides. The city is popular for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity and bustling metropolis, making it the perfect haven for a romantic vacation. So, check out the most visit-worthy spots in this city tat you can explore with your lover by your side.

    22 Most Romantic Places To Visit In Los Angeles

    Scroll through, imagine yourself with your loved one, and take a virtual tour before you visit in real. Have a great time reading through the list and planning your trip to LA. We have covered all the best possible romantic places in LA that you can explore in this city for some god times with your partner.

    • Griffith Observatory
    • Universal Studios Hollywood
    • Hollywood Bowl Museum
    • El Matador State Beach
    • The Getty Centre
    • Exposition Park Rose Garden
    • Disneyland Park
    • Beverly Hot Springs
    • Sunset Ranch Hollywood
    • The Grove Shopping Centre
    • Electric Dusk Drive-In
    • The Greek Theatre
    • The Ritz Carlton Hotel
    • The Carbon Beach Club Restaurant
    • Gondola Amore
    • Santa Monica Pier
    • Walt Disney Concert Hall
    • Marina Del Rey
    • Cicada Club
    • Sunset Flight Tour
    • Roxbury Park
    • Mulholland Drive

    1. Griffith Observatory

    Places To Visit In Los Angeles

    Image Source

    If there’s really heaven out there, it’s right here. Being one of Southern California’s top attractions and iconic landmark, Griffith Observatory gives you the opportunity to admire the sky and the surrounding universe like never before. The Observatory sits 1,134 feet above the sea level and offers some of the most romantic views in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for romantic things to do in Los Angeles as a couple, then look no further!

    Highlight: Being one of Los Angeles’ iconic landmark, this place offers a free public telescope to explore the sky.
    Cost: The entry to the Griffith park or the observatory is absolutely free.
    Time For Visiting: While Monday this place is closed, it’s open from 12 PM to 10 PM on the
    weekdays and from 10 AM to 10 PM on the weekends.
    How To Reach: Located on the Observatory Road, the place can be reached in 30 minutes via the US-101 N.

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    2. Universal Studios Hollywood

    Hollywood LA

    Image Source

    If you’re someone who’s always imagined yourself with your loved one during every flick you watched, it’s time you live the reel life in real. Visit the Universal Studios Hollywood with your better half and explore the sights you have been watching on the big screen. Hold hands, walk closer, and transit into the world of romance. This theme park and film studio offers you a good sneak peek into some of Hollywood’s famous movies and their behind-the scenes. This is surely one of the top romantic places to visit in Los Angeles.
    Highlight: Offers you a good sneak-peek into some of Hollywood’s famous movies and their
    Cost: $105 onwards.
    How To Reach: This place can be reached in 20 minutes via US-101 N.

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    3. Hollywood Bowl Museum

    hollywood bowl museum

    Image Source

    One of the most romantic places to visit in Los Angeles, Hollywood Bowl is an idyllic spot for both honeymooners or any couple visiting here for the first time. This 1920’s amphitheater hosts music performances throughout the year and also features exhibitions, concerts, and various other shows. So this is a great place to mingle for couples who admire music and find it soul-satisfying than anything else out there.

    Highlight: This amphitheatre is one of the world’s famous concert venues, and is also known because it’s carved into a shape like that of a bowl.
    Cost: The ticket prices depend mostly on the shows and the seats. It starts from as low as $20 and goes as high as $1000.
    How To Reach: The museum can be reached in 20 minutes via US-101 S.

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    4. El Matador State Beach

    couple on la beach

    Image Source

    Small, beautiful, and surrounded majorly by rocky outcrops, this beach is not only one of the best ones to visit, but also one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles for a date. Arrive in either too early here or later in the evening to enjoy the beauty of the dawn at one of the best beaches in Los Angeles. Once you easily find a private spot, lie down, talk love to each other, and watch the high tides coming.

    Highlight: This is one of the top best beaches in Los Angeles.
    How To Reach: Located in Malibu, this beach can be reached in an hour via CA-1 S, CA-1 S and I-10 E.

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    5. The Getty Centre

    museums in la

    Image Source

    Situated at a height in Santa Monica Mountains, this stunningly beautiful complex was designed by Richard Meier. The museum here is beautiful inside and out and has a vast collection of works by Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Renoir, Cezanne, and many other artistic masters. It’s one of the most romantic places in LA that also displays ancient antiquities, modern sculptures, and illuminated manuscripts. Couples who admire art and are ready for a little romantic interlude will love this place, especially the exquisite gardens that smell of roses all the time.

    Highlight: A famous museum which highlights the American and European art in style.
    Cost: There is no ticket for entry in the centre.
    How To Reach: The centre can be reached in 30 minutes via I-10 E.

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    6. Exposition Park Rose Garden

    exposition park

    Image Source

    Known as one of Los Angeles’s best-kept secrets, this garden is an amazing spot for couples. The colorful aura of the place takes you away from the bustling city life and offers a beautiful backdrop for photography. The park also houses the California Science Center, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, and other great attractions. Get ready to take a romantic stroll by the roses, click some lovey-dovey pictures together, and take home memories for a lifetime at one of the most romantic spots in LA.

    Highlight: One of the most famous parks in Los Angeles, this place is a great spot for couples looking for a romantic hideaway.
    Timings: The park is open every day from 9 AM to 5 PM.
    How To Reach: The park can be reached in only 20 minutes via I-110 N.

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    7. Disneyland Park

    disneyland park

    Image Source

    If you’ve been thinking that Disneyland is just for kids, well you are wrong. This happiest place in Los Angeles is the perfect spot to get into your old school fantasy of being a prince and princess. Let the romantic adventurer in you go for some thrilling rides, while you make the most of those moments with the love of your life.

    Highlight: An iconic amusement park, this is the only theme park designed and built under
    the direct supervision of Walt Disney.
    Cost: $90 and above.
    How to Reach: Situated in Anaheim, the park can be reached in 45 minutes via I-5 N.

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    8. Beverly Hot Springs

    natural hotsprings spa la

    Image Source

    There’s no better way to rejuvenate yourselves and spend some time together than pampering yourselves in a natural hot springs spa. Located just outside of Beverly Hills, the spa offers an array of Balneotherapy treatments, massages, and water-based remedies. With a serene ambiance surrounded by natural elements like rock, waterfalls, and flowers, this is one of the best romantic spots in Los Angeles.

    Highlight: A natural hot springs spa that offers amazing facilities for both men and women.
    Cost: $30 on the weekdays and $40 on the weekends and the holidays.
    How To Reach: This place is located 10 minutes away from Downtown and 15 minutes from Beverly Hill.

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    9. Sunset Ranch Hollywood

    Horseback Riding LA

    Image Source

    A horse ranch on the outskirts of Hollywood, Sunset Ranch offers a great horseback riding experience for all levels of riders. Out of the many tours available, the ‘Best View and BBQ’ tour is the best which includes a two-hour long evening ride to Mount Hollywood. While it also offers amazing panoramic views, this spot is one of the best places in Los Angeles to propose. This is the perfect place to visit if you’re a sporty kind of a couple.

    Highlight: It is known to be one of the most romantic places in LA at night mostly because of its horseback proposal tours.
    Cost: $50 to $125 for different tours.
    How To Reach: Located on the North Beachwood Drive, this place can be reached in 20 minutes via US-101 N.

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    10. The Grove Shopping Centre

    places to shop los angeles

    Image Source

    If food is the way to win a man’s heart, shopping is for a woman’s. And being one of the huge shopping and entertainment complexes, the Grove is one of the most romantic spots in Los Angeles, where you wouldn’t just get to know her better, but also woo her in every way possible. This open complex boasts of various designer stores, boutiques, shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

    Highlight: An outdoor mall, known for offering the hottest and newest fashions, the must-have gadgets, the dreamiest beauty products, and the most stylish furniture.
    How To Reach: Located on the Grove Drive, this shopping centre can be reached in no time from central Los Angeles.

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    11. Electric Dusk Drive-In

    drive in

    Image Source

    Getting cozy over some popcorn and a classic movie in your very own car, and under the stars. What could be more romantic than this?! And while drive-ins have been one of the ideal places for the most romantic dates in Los Angeles since ages, this place only makes it better with the touch of modern spin. So cuddle up in your car, as the sparkling city lights meet the silver screen, and spark up your romantic holiday!

    Highlight: Los Angeles’ only outdoor and drive-in movie venue, this place gives you the most romantic movie watching experience in your own comfort seats.
    Cost: $12 and above.
    How To Reach: This place can be reached in 10 to 15 minutes via CA-110.

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    12. The Greek Theatre

    Greek theatre

    Image Source

    An internationally renowned place in the beautifully built Griffith Park, this theatre showcases a plethora of world-class performances throughout the year. While its 5900 seats give space to a lot of people around you, this place still stays one of the top 10 romantic places to visit in Los Angeles. So dine under the stars as you watch some of the most memorable live performances here, and enjoy your Greek picnic basket.

    Highlight: This theatre is known for its architectural design, which is akin to that of a Greek Temple.
    Cost: The ticket prices usually varies and depends on the shows. It may start from as low as $13 and be as high as $450.
    How to Reach: The theatre can be reached in 20 minutes via I-5 S.

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    13. The Ritz Carlton Hotel

    luxury hotel to stay in los angeles

    Image Source

    No matter how many romantic spots you visit in Los Angeles, the one that makes your romantic getaway merrier is your accommodation for the time. Situated on West Olympic Boulevard, this posh 5-star hotel is an epitome of luxury and romance. From the club rooms to classy suites, everything is super elegant and the hotel boasts a rooftop outdoor pool, a luxe spa, and an amazing dining experience.

    Highlight: Located in close proximity to a lot of entertainment venues and attractions, this posh hotel is a great accommodation for a romantic stay.
    TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5
    Price: INR 40,000 and above.
    Website | Reviews
    How To Reach: The hotel can be reached in 25 minutes via I-10 E.

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    14. The Carbon Beach Club Restaurant

    places to eat los angeles

    Image Source

    Come here to enjoy some of the most romantic views in Los Angeles. Situated on the sands of Carbon Beach in Malibu, this beach club restaurant is the idyllic place to have a fancy luncheon or a dinner date with your spouse. The restaurant is a part of the luxurious Malibu Inn hotel, overlooking the waves of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most romantic places in Los Angeles, this place feels dreamy right from the moment you step in. Talking about the food, the restaurant uses only fresh, locally produced ingredients for its seasonal and sea menu. The culinary experience here is an absolute delight, and this place is undoubtedly one of the best romantic places in Los Angeles for a date. So enjoy the ocean views with some delectable Californian cuisine and quench your thirst with the regional wine.

    Highlight: The restaurant is situated on the beachside and built in an English style by the renowned designer Waldo Fernandez.
    Cost For Two: $31 to $50
    Website | Reviews
    How To Reach: The restaurant can be reached in 45 minutes via I-10 W and CA-1 N.

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    15. Gondola Amore

    gondola amore

    Image Source

    One of the many romantic places to visit in Los Angeles, a gondola ride at Redondo Beach lets you experience Venice in LA. This is one of the most romantic things to do in Los Angeles at night. Cozy up during the sunset or under the light of the moon, enjoy some fine wine, and admire the picturesque beauty of the city with your better half.

    Highlight: This place not only lets you experience Venice in LA, but offers the most romantic rides ever.
    How To Reach: Situated on the Redondo Beach, this place can be reached in 50 minutes via I-110 N.

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    16. Santa Monica Pier


    Image Source
    You must visit this place if you’re looking for fun things to do in Los Angeles for couples. One of the most luxurious spots for couples to visit in LA is the Santa Monica Pier. More than the essence of the place, it is the amazing view around the place that makes it one of the best spots for couples to spend their time. Not just that, there are a number of activities for couples to indulge in which adds to the fun even more, making it one of the most romantic places to visit in Los Angeles. The carnival rides at Pacific Park are a must.
    Highlight: The scenic beauty and the activities around the Pacific Park
    How to reach: Cars can run through the beach through Colorado Avenue to reach there.

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    17. Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles

    Image Source
    If you are tired of the common date locations in Los Angeles, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the best places to visit. Book a show for you and your beloved and listen to some of the most beautiful and melodious tunes played by some of the most talented musicians. Once you are done with the music, visit the local restaurants to have a tasty meal. So don’t miss out on one of the best romantic places to go in Los Angeles!
    Highlight: Masterpieces played by some of the popular musicians from L.A. Philharmonic, international orchestras, L.A. Master Chorale.

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    18. Marina Del Rey


    Image Source
    The best way to surprise your partner in Los Angeles is by taking them out on a romantic dinner cruise. Marina Del Rey is one of the best options for a romantic cruise in Los Angeles. You can enjoy wine with a complete three-course dinner meal with your beloved on the tranquil waters of the Pacific. Dance to the melodic tunes and have the night of your life with your love.
    Highlights: Delectable chef cooked dinner, romantic dances, scenic beauty from the dock

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    19. Cicada Club

    cicada club

    Image Source
    Next on the list of the amazing spots to visit in Los Angeles for couples is the Cicada Club. This is one of those spots that are best for experiencing the nightlife of Los Angeles. The retro theme and feel to the place with the music and decor from the 1920s take you back to those days and prove why it’s one of the most romantic places to visit in Los Angeles. Treat both of yourself to delectable food, drinks and even get a hang of the swing dancing.
    Highlights: The retro theme around the place catches the attention of even visitor.

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    20. Sunset Flight Tour

    Los Angeles skyline view from above

    Image Source

    Here’s a journey through some of the most romantic places to visit in Los Angeles. If Los Angeles has been your dream destination, then surely a sunset flight tour should be on your list to witness the splendid views of this city from above. A fabulous sparkly view with your partner and some champagne is a good combination if you’re looking for a lovely evening out before heading for dinner. Some companies even provide an exclusive facility to drop off at high-end restaurant. So, if you are looking for some of the luxurious as well as romantic restaurants in Los Angeles, then this place is a must visit.

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    21. Roxbury Park

    couple sitting in a park bench for picnic

    Image Source

    While you can go out for shopping and dine in those fine restaurants with your partner, finding some space to spend time amid the soothing nature with your partner is always a good idea. It will let the two of you unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. Parks in Los Angeles are well-maintained and one of the best romantic places to visit in Los Angeles.

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    22. Mulholland Drive

    famous mulholland drive

    While you’re out and about in the serene land of Los Angeles, taking a break from the regular routes is always going to be fun. This is so because there is no shortage of romantic places to visit in Los Angeles. So, rent a bike, get your loved one and ride along the mesmerizing views that Mulholland drive has to offer! Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

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    These romantic places to visit in Los Angeles might look dreamy, but they aren’t. Fortunately, they exist for real. So, relish all this and much more, by planning your Los Angeles honeymoon via Travel Triangle, and have a fantastic experience! Do make sure you pack a few extra clothes in case this place changes your mind!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Romantic Places To Visit In Los Angeles

    Q. Which are the romantic places in Los Angeles to visit at night?

    A. Griffith Observatory, Dockweiler State Beach, Cicada Club, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Last Bookstore and the Observation Deck at City Hall are some of the most romantic places in Los Angeles to visit at night.

    Q. Which places in Los Angeles can be covered in 2 days?

    A. You must visit these places on your 2 day trip so that you can cover a lot of things to do Los Angeles:

    1. Hollywood
    2. Hollywood Walk of Fame
    3. Miracle Mile
    4. Griffith Park & Griffith Observatory
    5. The Original Farmers Market
    6. The Groove Shopping Centre
    7. Disneyland Park

    Q. Which are the best nightlife locations in Los Angeles for couples?

    A. Los Angeles offers some of the most unique ways for couples to enjoy their nightlife. Here are a few places to explore:

    1. Cicada Club- A throwback of retro music, dance and great food
    2. Electric Dusk Drive-In- Catch up with old classic ways of a drive-in movie in a car.
    3. The Greek Theatre- Enjoy live music by world-class performers

    Q. Where can I go on a date in Los Angeles?

    A. Redondo Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Marina Del Rey, and El Matador State Beach are some of the most amazing places to go on a romantic date in Los Angeles.

    Q. Which are the best restaurants for a romantic date in Los Angeles?

    A. The NoMad Mezzanine, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, and The Carbon Beach Club Restaurant are the best places to enjoy a romantic evening with your special one.

    Q. Adventure places in LA for couples?

    A. Some of the top things to do in Los Angeles for adventure are:

    1. Ride the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica Pier
    2. Ride a rollercoaster at Disneyland or Universal Studios
    3. Gondola ride at Redondo Beach
    4. Sunset Flight Tour over the Los Angeles city

    Q. Are there any sports activities in Marina Del Rey?

    A. Yes, sailing, sport fishing, parasailing, kayaking, and diving are some of the popular sports activities that you can take up in Marina Del Rey.

    Q. When is the best time to visit Marina Del Rey?

    A. The best time to visit Marina Del Rey is between April and May when you can enjoy the most pleasant weather.

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