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From Bombay to Mumbai, the name might have changed, but what hasn’t changed is the everlasting beauty of this city when it rains. Thanks to ‘Wake Up Sid’ and a zillion other Bollywood movies for capturing the true spirit of the monsoon in Mumbai. The clear skyline with clouds as visible as possible, raindrops embracing your face like a gentle breeze, a cup of cutting chai, and your favorite beats in the background will surely get you right in the feels the moment you step out. And whether you’re taking a trip to Mumbai with your friends, your significant other, or all by yourself, the joy of rainy season in Mumbai is absolutely worth experiencing!

Onset Of Monsoon In Mumbai

Monsoon In Mumbai

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While it’s difficult to predict anything about the rain in Mumbai, the yearly awaiting of the monsoon ends from the beginning of June. The weather stays humid as the rainfall intensifies gradually, and the maximum and the minimum daily temperature stay around 31.9 °C to 25.8 °C.

July is known to be the wettest month in the city, and has weeks of non-stop rain with no sunshine. And likely, August experiences the same. Though, the temperature is then 29.3 °C during the day and drops to 24.5 °C at night. By the month of September, the intensity decreases with hardly any rains and the third week bids official goodbye to this season. Monsoon duration in Mumbai is two months from July-August.

Whilst the best time to visit Mumbai may be during January, which is the coolest month with a drop to 16 °C at night, but if you want to experience the spectacular magic of nature, this city calls for a visit during the monsoon!

10 Best Things To Do In Monsoon In Mumbai

This city of dreams, which is home to both the rich and the homeless, has a lot of tourist attractions, and an endless list of things to do, but these 10 moments are definitely worth experiencing during the monsoon!



  • Cutting Chai – Marine Drive
  • Admire The Sealink
  • Bandra Bandstand
  • Ferry Ride – Gateway Of Mumbai
  • Leisure Walk – Juhu Beach
  • Rooftop Lunch – Bayview Cafe
  • Relive Bollywood
  • Long Drive – Lonavla
  • Hot Chocolate – Theobroma
  • Get Around The City



1. Cutting Chai – Marine Drive

Marine Drive

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One of the best things to do in Mumbai in monsoon is to have a conversation over cutting chai with your close friends or family. And while it’s raining, there is no place more ideal than Marine Drive to experience this moment! Let the beats of ‘Ik Tara’ or your favorite song soothe your ears as you sit here watch the clouds dancing as the waves show their moves too, and enjoy the famous cutting chai or bhel puri.

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2. Admire The Sealink

Worli Seaface

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If there’s anything more gorgeous than the Sealink, then it’s the Seaface at Worli. Also, this is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai in rains with your loved one. Find a shade that’s cozy enough for you two and enjoy the rain. The picturesque beauty of the place will not only make you fall head over heels for nature, but also for each other. Hold hands, sit close to each other, and let the raindrops embrace you both while you whisper the magical words. It is one of the best things to do in monsoon in Mumbai 2022.

3. Bandra Bandstand

Bandra Bandstand

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One of the best monsoon places in Mumbai is Bandra Bandstand where you can admire the beauty for hours. The endless stories of the stunning Mannat and how one can spot Shah Rukh Khan often around, have made Bandra Bandstand a famous hotspot for anyone who visits the city. And there’s no reason why you shouldn’t! Visit the place with your family or friends, grab a bite of the spicy bhuttas while you sit at the rocks and admire the beautiful view. It’s among the most romantic places to visit in Mumbai during rains.

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4. Ferry Ride – Gateway Of Mumbai

Gateway Of India

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We’re sure you have heard of the Gateway Of India a zillion times before, but maybe this is the time you actually visit it and witness its true beauty. The monument looks spectacular when the clouds come over and it’s about to rain. Spend some time together and take a ferry ride when it’s drizzling mildly. Climb up the deck if the staff permits, enjoy the cool breeze, and let the raindrops kiss you while you stand next to each other.

5. Leisure Walk – Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach

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Mumbai boasts a lot of beaches in every nook and corner, however, there’s nothing that can beat the charm of the Juhu Beach. The monsoon in Mumbai brings with it a sigh of relief from the scorching heat, and this is the moment you must live to the fullest! Take a walk across the beach while it’s raining, and enjoy the feeling of bliss when the waves kiss your feet.

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6. Rooftop Lunch – Bayview Cafe

rooftop lunch at the famous Bayview Cafe

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While there are innumerable places to visit, restaurants like Bayview Cafe in Colaba are a must visit during the monsoon in Mumbai. Overlooking the harbour and the Gateway of India, the cafe lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of the city while you gulp down delectable food. Be it a visit with your friends, family, or your spouse, this is the perfect place to listen to the whispers of the rain.

7. Relive Bollywood

Relive Bollywood from the windows of your home

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The best way to enjoy the Mumbai monsoon is definitely heading out into the city and exploring it, but a better way is to reminisce the golden memories Bollywood has given us. And if you’re one of the people who dread the Mumbai rains, staying at home and watching your favorite movie, or listening to your favorite beats while you look out from the window panes is an experience worth living!

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8. Long Drive – Lonavla

drive to Lonavla

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Thinking about the best places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon? The answer is Lonavla. The monsoon season is undoubtedly the best time to go on a romantic drive with your special someone or a road trip with your best buds. Drive through the Navi Mumbai route to witness the breathtaking beauty of nature, and chill at the Lion’s Point to experience some thrill.

9. Hot Chocolate – Theobroma

enjoying rain at theobroma

There’s nothing more soul-satisfying than the smell of rain and sand, and your favorite book. So it wouldn’t be difficult for you guys to guess that among the most popular things to do in Mumbai during monsoon is sitting in a cozy cafe and reading a book. Grab your fav book, visit the famous patisserie in Mumbai, and indulge in hot chocolate while you read. This is the best way to enjoy the Mumbai monsoon if you’re someone who loves having some ‘me time’.

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10. Get Around The City

local taxi

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If you’re someone who feels like experiencing all of the above at once, get into a kaali-peeli taxi, and roam around the city. This is a fun way to explore and witness the charm of the city, especially when it pours. Keep your camera ready, and capture the mesmerizing beauty not just with your eyes, but also with the lens. Or look out from the window and let the raindrops embrace you!

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Irrespective of whether you’ve already been in love with this city or not, the monsoon in Mumbai will make you fall head over heels for it. Just get ready to feel the first kiss of monsoons by planning your trip to Mumbai with TravelTriangle, and make memories like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions About Monsoon In Mumbai

What are some Mumbai monsoon tips to stay safe?

1. Always step out with an umbrella or a raincoat. They are your rescue heroes for all the unpredictable rainfalls. 2. Wear comfortable nylon clothes that are not too long in length and dry off quickly. Always carry an extra pair of clothes. 3. Be it your bag or your shoes, let go of the leather, and switch to synthetic or rubber. 4. Do not drool over anything you feel like eating. Prefer something hot or spicy, but also hygienic. 5. If you’re stepping out for something important, then make sure you leave in advance. 6. The rain in Mumbai might result into jam packed roads, but commuting via road is a better option than taking the local train. 7. Visit the beaches to have an amazing time, but stay away from the sea unless you’re sure that it doesn’t have the strong sea currents or it’s not raining too heavily. 8. Mumbai looks beautiful in monsoon and you might want to capture the most of it. Do it, but make sure your camera is either water resistant or covered enough to not get damaged. 9. Stay in touch with the news channels, but don’t always dread what you hear.

Is July a good time to visit Mumbai?

If you don’t mind the flooded streets and stalled suburban trains, July is the best time to enjoy the romantic monsoon of Mumbai.

What is the best way to experience monsoon in Mumbai?

If you love to get wet in the rains and simply watch people pass by, take a walk to Marine Drive; witness the gorgeous skyline at Bandra Bandstand; take a ferry ride in the sea; take a romantic walk under the light raindrops on Juhu Beach; enjoy a meal at Bayview Cafe with spectacular views. There’s so much you can do to live the monsoon of Mumbai.

Which Indian state is known as the gateway of monsoon?

Kerala is the gateway of the southwest monsoon. The rainy winds start blowing from the Arabian Sea to the land in the southwest direction of India. Monsoon is a great time to take a trip to Kerala.

What is the best time to visit Mumbai?

Winter is the best time to do Mumbai Darshan as summers here are hot and humid and it gets flooded during the monsoons.

What are the seasons in Mumbai?

There are typically four seasons in Mumbai; summer, winter, monsoon, and withdrawal season. However, winters are not as harsh as they are in the North Indian region.

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