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Montreal, the magnificent metropolis of Quebec, Canada is the economic and cultural capital of Quebec. This second-largest city in Canada is called ‘The Paris’ of North America. This enormous city is home to illuminating museums, historical churches, gorgeous gardens, and a lot more than lures Globetrotters from across the boundaries to admire its stunning beauty, especially during winters. Montreal in winter offers panoramic vistas of the city covered with snow for nearly 6 months.

Montreal experiences winter from November to the starting weeks of April and this is believed to be the best time to explore the astounding beauty of this city. Its snowy season is known for numerous electrifying experience, one must not miss out while holidaying in Canada. Continue reading to get details on the best attractions in Montreal in winter.

Weather Of Montreal In Winter

Weather Of Montreal In Winter

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As the city has a semi-continental climate, winter is very cold here. Winter commences in the month of November when the temperature dips down to -2 degrees Celsius. It decreases to -10 & -15 degrees Celsius in the following months. As compared to the other places in Canada, the snow depth of Montreal is 1 cm greater. The rain during Montreal winters may vary from 11 days to 5 days per month. Plan a Montreal winter vacation, and have a great time!

Best Things To Do In Montreal In Winter

Montreal during winter features enormous experiences to celebrate winter with its residents and guests. Check out the fun things to do in Montreal in winter:

  • Electrifying Winter Festival Fete Des Neiges
  • Cool IglooFest
  • Exciting Ice Skating Around The Old Port
  • Dynamic HighLights Festival
  • Appetizing Old Montreal Food Tour
  • Interesting Montreal Craft Beer Tour

1. Winter Festival Fete Des Neiges

Winter Festival Fete Des Neiges

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One of the best things to do here in winter is attending the electrifying Montreal festivals. One of these amazing festivals is the Fete Des Neiges, popularly known as the Montreal Snow Festival. This festival is conducted over the weekends in January and February, from 10 AM to 8 PM on Saturdays and 5 PM onwards on Sundays.
This is one place where you enjoy a ton of Montreal winter activities with your family, especially with kids. It offers numerous adventure activities including skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, and hockey. The lively ambiance of Fete Des Neiges, won’t let you get bored.

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2. IglooFest


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Igloofest of Montreal is one of the coolest electronic festivals held in Old Port and one of the top Montreal attractions in winter. It is conducted on three weekends, generally in the last two weeks of January and the first week of February. This festival is host to a few of the biggest names of the Electronic Dance Music world such as Diplo and Gramatik. However, organized in winter, it is the hottest event of the year luring music lovers from across the globe with its energetic vibe.

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3. Ice Skate Around The Old Port

Ice Skate Around The Old Port

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Every winter, Montreal’s Old Port is visited by numerous adventure seekers due to its Natrel skating rink. You will be enthralled the moment you step on the ice as this rink features various fun events namely, cardio training sessions, Skate & Mingle for Singles, Karaoke on Ice, etc. These ice skating sessions are conducted on four consecutive Saturdays of December and January. Whether you know ice skating or not, this lively spot is truly worth visiting.

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4. HighLights Festival

HighLights Festival

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Montreal HighLights Festival is locally known as Montreal en Lumiere. It is an eleven-day festival that lights up the city with its dynamic vibe. This festival has been designed to add up magic to this beautiful metropolis in winter and features over 200 cultural activities which include dazzling shows of the light, band and live performances, etc. Quartier des Spectacles is the epicenter of this festival. You can also go for a daring zipline across the site to glance the aerial views of this amazing festival.

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5. Old Montreal Food Tour

Old Montreal Food Tour

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If you are done with sightseeing in Montreal in winter and looking for something different and appetizing, then go for the Old Montreal Food Tour, the best among Montreal winter tours. This true culinary celebration takes you on a journey highlighting Quebec culture history. They believe that it’s better to heat up your body by eating scrumptious delicacies and enjoy the magic of winter. You can surely grab warm soup broth during offering relief in these cold months.

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6. Montreal Craft Beer Tour

Montreal Craft Beer Tour

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Another interesting thing to do in Montreal in winter 2023 is to go for the Montreal Craft Beer Tour. It is a perfect afternoon activity exploring Montreal’s best brewpubs. This exciting tour will make you encounter the journey of beer and of course grabbing the best beer in town makes this tour a mandatory excursion for beer lovers!

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Best Places To Visit In Montreal In Winter

Montreal is home to numerous enticing spots that make the travelers fall in love with its beauty. However, the following are the best places to visit in Montreal in winter:

  • Beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica
  • Alluring Mount Royal
  • Radiant Parc National Du Mont Tremblant
  • Interesting McCord Museum

1. Notre-Dame Basilica

Notre-Dame Basilica

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The panoramic beauty of snow-covered Notre-Dame Basilica purveys the stunning sights in winter. If you stand outside this Gothic revival church, you will surely fall in love with its serene beauty. As you enter the place, the vibrant interior along with vaulted ceilings resembling the night sky will surely amaze you. You spend some peaceful hours here at your own pace with you partner as it is one of the most romantic places in Montreal. You can also attend the Aura light show here which is conducted in the evening from 6 PM onwards.

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2. Mount Royal

Mount Royal

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Mount Royal offers real fun during winter. The name of the Montreal city has been derived from Mount Royal which lies in the west of downtown Montreal. It is an outdoor sports hub that lures adventurers throughout the year. However, an excursion to Mount Royal during winter will make you encounter the most amazing memories. Whether ice skating on beautiful Beaver Lake or admiring the others indulged in adventures, Mount Royal will surely make you capture the best experiences.

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3. Parc National Du Mont Tremblant

Parc National Du Mont Tremblant

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Mont Tremblant is another popular expedition enjoyed by winter lovers holidaying in Montreal. You can either go for outdoor activities or rent a cabin here and enjoy leisurely hours. They also offer dog sledding making you dash through the snow with Siberian huskies, exhibiting the rear views winter. Whether visiting this beautiful destination with your significant other or with friends, Mont Tremblant will surely remain in your memories for years to come.

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4. McCord Museum

McCord Museum

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Located at the heart of the city, McCord Museum purveys the real picture and life story of the Montreal city. The museum also showcases the work of indigenous artists such as Kent Monkman. The permanent exhibition of the McCord Museum includes ‘Wearing our Identity’. This exhibition tells about the life, culture, communication, and identity of the locals who had been residing here for ages. Visit Montreal museums if this interests you!

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Montreal in winter is an astounding experience loved by travelers from across the world. Plan a visit to Montreal with TravelTriangle and get your itinerary customized according to your preferences. Do encounter the above-mentioned electrifying experiences if you are visiting the city in winter.

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