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    Top Museums In Saint Petersburg

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    Saint Petersburg is the beautiful and the 2nd largest city in Russia after Moscow. Being a part of the history of Russia, Saint Petersburg holds many untold chapters in its land. Most of the ancient treasury of Russia is protected under the museum of St. Petersburg. Many of the museums in Saint Petersburg are located in the historical buildings which were previously belonged to the noble and royal families in St. Petersburg.

    The St Petersburg museum of history has many museums which hold the connection with the ancient and medieval period and provides an opportunity for the visitors for knowing Russia in a more deeper way.

    9 Top Museums In Saint Petersburg

    The museums are the center of attraction in st. Petersburg, here the museums come in different shapes and sizes making it more and more attractive. Take a look at these famous museums in Saint Petersburg.

    1. The State Hermitage Museum

    Museum of culture and art

    Image Source

    This museum of culture and art is considered as the 2nd largest art museum in the world. The Hermitage museum in St Petersburg attracts a great number of tourists every year. While looking into the history of Hermitage museum, it was founded in 7th December in the year 1852. One could see an impressive collection of paintings in this museum including the world’s largest painting. Apart from painting, it has the collection of Egyptian antiquities, historic art, Jewelry, and decorative art, Italian Renaissance, Italian and Spanish fine art, knight’s hall, and Flemish Baroque, amongst other artistic things. The first collection of this museum was added by the Catherine the Great. With a great number of unique and antique collection, the hermitage museum has a beautiful architecture making it more famous around the world.

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    2. The State Russian Museum

    The State Russian Museum

    Image Source

    The state museum is the largest museum of fine arts of Russia in the world and the largest museum in Russia. This museum was founded in 13th April in the year 1895. During its establishment, this museum has taken the collections from museums like state hermitage museum, Imperial Academy of art and Alexander Palace. This museum consists of a beautiful collection of artwork. As the St Petersburg art museum, it is always on the top of the list for making Saint Petersburg more prominent in the book of history.

    3. The State Museum of Political History of Russia

    Museum of Political History of Russia

    Image Source

    As the name suggests, this museum preserved the history of politics of Russia since its formation. The main aim behind this museum is to trace the political history of Russia. This museum conducts an exhibition annually gathering a collection of the politician, scientists, military leaders, and statesmen.

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    4. The Fabergé Museum

    Russian museum

    Image Source

    This museum has a great collection of decorative applied and fine art, including impressive paintings, bronze, porcelain, and other gold and silver items. The zenith of this museum is a group of a collection of nine Imperial Easter eggs which was created by the Fabergé. These handcrafted items were the gift from the royal family to each other. Moreover, the fabergé museum in Saint Petersburg Russia is considered as the gem in the world of the museum.

    5. The Dostoevsky Museum

    Piano view

    Image Source

    This museum is one of the most recognized museums by the Russian authors. This museum was founded in 12th November in the year 1971. This museum has a great collection of graphics and applied art with a significant number of photographs. As in the name, the famous writer Dostoevsky lived in this museum because during his tenure this museum was an apartment, later on, this apartment got converted into a renowned museum of Saint Petersburg.

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    6. Peterhof Grand Palace

    Peterhof Grand Palace

    Image Source

    This palace is one of the historic centers of Saint Petersburg. This place is related to a great number of monuments of Russia. Besides holding a historic position the Peterhof Grand Palace has a series of palaces and lush green gardens in its arena. This place has a certain center of attraction like The Grand Cascade and Samson Fountain, The Lower Gardens, and the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is considered as the royal place in the history. It even has a great number of attractive sculptures.

    7. The Grand Maket Rossiya

    Amazing place

    This museum is the shadow museum of Russia. The main beauty of this museum is its layout, this layout is the largest model layout in Russia and 2nd largest in the world. This museum got officially opened on the 8th of June in the year 2012. Withholding a page in the history of Russia, this museum has many technical solutions like the day/night system which is built with the effects of light, movement of road vehicles and the railway traffic judging system.

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    8. The Kunstkamera Museum

    Museum view

    Image Source

    This museum is the first museum in Russia. This museum was built in the year 1727 by Peter the Great. This museum has more than 20 lakh collection of antique items. The meaning of Kunstkamera means the art of chamber, thus it has a great number of the collection as the name suggests. Apart from all this, the kunstkamera museum in St Petersburg is considered as the museum of anthropology and ethnography.

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    9. The Russian Cruiser Aurora

    Russian Fighting ship view

    Image Source

    This museum is a protected cruiser of Russia since the year 1900. Currently, it is a ship museum of Saint Petersburg. This ship which is currently a museum has survived the War of Tsushima. This museum has a great collection of military stuff. Furthermore, due to its such attractiveness, this museum is also mentioned in some fictions making it more fascinating in the world of history.

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    Saint Petersburg being one of the most important parts of Russia is a hub of historical museums of Russia. Furthermore, the museums in Saint Petersburg has always preserved the ancient beauty and culture of past Russia. The museums of Saint Petersburg is the cultural gem of Russia’s Imperial Capital. The Saint Petersburg is a city of art making it famous in the world of fine art and culture. Saint Petersburg is already a very beautiful city in Russia and such museums make it more beautiful than before. So, plan your trip to Russia with TravelTriangle and experience a soothing holiday with your loved ones!

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