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    Fabulous New Year In Italy

    The last day of the year can be bright and beautiful in the country of Italy as the natives love festivals and fireworks. The celebration for New Year in Italy starts like any other country on the day of new years eve as the Italians celebrate La Festa di San Silverstro. People spend most of their time with their families and friends. As you might have imagined, food plays a major role in any Italian festivals, and the celebrations for new year in Italy is no different. Italians believe that evil spirits loathe noise and make as much as noise during the new years eve from setting off fireworks, banging pans, shouting or simply opening a bottle of some fine Italian champagne.

    Being an amazing country to visit during the New year’s eve, most big cities host numerous events making the places crowded and thus planning your visit in advance is recommended.

    New Year in Italy 2019: 6 Ways To Celebrate

    If you are worrying about where to spend your new year eve in Italy, it is time for you to stop doing that. We present you the best ways to celebrate your New Year in Italy and start your year with a kickoff

    1. Feast And Party

    Feast And Party

    Image Source

    When you talk about mouth watering cuisines, Italian food always makes the cut. Italians get together during this year with their friends and families for huge feasts. One of the famous traditions in Italy is the having lentils in the menu for the new years eve dinner. Italians believe that lentils are a sign of wealth and good fortune.

    Likewise, many parts of Italy also consider a cotechino or a campione in the dinner – both pork meals as it symbolizes the richness of life. Most big cities hosts numerous parties of different varieties – from concerts to musicals to dancing until dawn, offering more varieties within the events itself. If you don’t want to watch something live, there are also numerous clubs you can go to during New Years in Italy.

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    2. Countdown Kisses

    Kiss under umbrella

    A famous tradition of count down to strike the clock to next is everywhere and the midnight kiss tags alongs with the tradition. What make Venice in Italy special is the Piazza San Marco with its annual ‘Love’ event. Tens of thousands of people after their feast gather in San Marco for the countdown witnessing the fireworks and singing the new year song waiting for that midnight kiss. Most kiss with a belief of peace and love, while others are just looking for a smooch. If you can’t make it to Venice, find a partner for yourself and experience the tradition no matter the destination during New Year in Italy.

    Location: Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
    Price: Free

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    3. Fireworks


    Image Source

    Like we mentioned during the start of the article, Italians believe that evil spirits hate noise. Therefore, fireworks are a common sight during the New Year in Italy and are very loud. They last for more than hours at some places brightening the entire city with colorful lights. In most cities, the public fireworks takes place in the central square. Fireworks display with the view of Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, over the Colosseum in Rome and the reflection of fireworks in Arno during new years eve in Florence Italy are considered the best displays in the country. Except that, the Castle of the EStense Family in Ferrara also displays fireworks with its view with beautiful music and hundreds of spectators.

    Location: Rome, Florence or Naples.
    Price: Views should always be free.

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    4. Palazzo Ducale

    Amazing place

    Image Source

    If you are looking for something different or if you find your place in peace and less noise, Italy still has plenty to offer for New Year in Italy 2019. Most museums are closed during the festival but there are few museums that open throughout the night during this day. Lose yourself into the masterpieces of Picasso at midnight in Genova at the Palazzo Ducale or enjoy a classy gala dinner with guided tour in Museum of the Ancient Delta in Comacchio. Also, eight of the Genova’s famous Palazzi dei Rolli will be welcoming visitors until the early hours. Do not forget to check what’s open while you plan your visit.

    Location: Genova or Comacchio, Italy.
    Price: NA
    Tip: Peaceful New Year in Italy or a classy gala dinner.

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    5. Traditional Celebration Of Bologna

    Traditional Celebration Of Bologna

    Image Source

    The richness of culture, tradition and food never ceases to surprise the world. Bologna, a city in northern Italy witnesses a unique New Year’s tradition. Every last day of the year, the December 31st, the Rogo del Vecchione is made – name to a specially made dummy (of the old man) designed by a different artist each year. It is then burnt in a bonfire a sign of forgetting all the bad things that happened during the year gone and to welcome the new fresh one. This happens exactly at midnight, but there are some other events (usually a concert) that takes place before the burning event.

    Location: Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
    Price: Free

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    6. Sunrise

    Sunrise view of city

    Image Source

    Usually around the world, you eat, drink, party, kiss, wish and go to bed to wake up late tomorrow forgetting all your new year’s resolution. It is actually quite different in Italy. Italians stay awake to watch the sunrise of the very first day of the year. If you really want to indulge deeply into the Italian New Years, get ready to gulp down a few cups of espressos. Give an end to your New Year in Italy celebration by watching a new day unfold.

    While most may argue this – the best thing about Italy has to be the traditions they follow in different parts of their country rather than its food. Italy is extremely diverse when it comes to welcoming tourists satisfying the needs of everyone.

    Location: The best place to watch a sunrise would be Otranto in Apulia, Italy. If you happen to be in Rome, welcome the New Year in Italy 2019 in Ponte della Scienza bridge as the sunrises syncing perfectly with jazz pianist Daniele Rea’s tunes.
    Price: Free

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    Whether you are a music head, a food lover, an avid dancer, a party animal, a beauty lover, or you are simply someone who likes solitude during the New Years, Italy has something for everyone. And wherever you visit for New Year in Italy, you will always be welcomed and surrounded by the locals – making sure your New Year’s eve is cheerful, healthy and especially – Italian. There are numerous events you can go to, but make sure you check before hand for the tickets. Having said that, your enjoyment is inevitable when you plan your trip to Italy for the New Years festival making every penny you spend absolutely worth it.

    Frequently Asked Questions About New Year In Italy


    Q. What are some of the New Year’s traditions of Italy?

    A. Italians celebrate New Year’s Day in the most unique manner. Deeply rooted in their traditions, the superstitious lot has a lot of fun and amazing rituals to mark the day. Here are some of the unique New Year’s traditions of Italy:

    – The Italians will wear Red on New Year’s Eve, above and under. Whether you’re going out on a date or a party, the red will help fend off evil spirits and everything negative. So, here’s hoping you look good in red. 
    – No pizzas & pasta for meal instead it’s all about delicious assortment of lentils and grapes on the dinner table. (more about it below)
    – Age no bar- on 31st December evening family and friends will gather for a game of Bingo. 
    – Look out for falling plates and cups! Smashing crockery is a way to welcome the New Year in Italian countryside.  
    – Superstition has it that if the first person you meet after the clock strikes 12 is an elder of the opposite gender, you are in for a great year. While if you meet a child of the same gender, watch out for some bad fate.

    Q. What is Capodanno Italy?

    A. The literal translation of Capodanno or Capo d’anno in English would be the head-day of the year. It is just another way to refer to the New Year’s Day in Italy.  

    Q. What do Italians eat on New Year’s Eve?

    A. We all know how particular and passionate the Italians are about their food. However, on New Year’s Day the people lay out a traditional platter that includes cotechino con lenticchie which is basically sausages and green lentils. Many also prefer legumes viz. lentils, peas and beans. The idea of including such food items in the meal on New Year’s day is to symbolize wealth and abundance.

    Q. Why do Italians eat lentils on New Years?

    A. The meal on New Year’s Day in any Italian household is rich and hearty. Lentils are a must along with other items because of its resemblance with coins which further implies bounty.

    Q. What is New Year’s Eve called in Italy?

    A. New Year’s Eve is called St Sylvester’s Feast  or La Festa di San Silvestro in Italy.

    Q. What is Rome like for New Years Eve?

    A. Rome is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe and while it may be a little religiously inclined, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have an absolute ball spending New Year’s Eve here. The whole city comes alive with an air of vigor and jive on 31st December. Here are a few places in the city that you can visit on this day to have a great time:

    – Villa Borghese 
    – Centro Storico
    – The Vatican City
    – The Colosseum 
    – Trastevere Area 

    Q. Is Vatican City open on New Year’s Day?

    A. The Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel remains closed on every New Year’s Day.

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