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Packing for a holiday is a tricky business. We all want to carry our favorite outfits, those fancy shoes, and all the accessories that we use on a daily basis. But the truth is that the desire to carry it all is too much while space, well, is finite.

However, you don’t have to worry, for these smart luggage hacks will make sure you use every bit of space in your bag and also save some more for your extra pair of shoes, headphones, or whatever it is that you fancy. And yes, by the end of it, you’ll be a more organized packer and one person less worried about travel packing woes.

1. Roll Your Clothes Instead Of Folding

Roll Your Clothes

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This one is a no-brainer. Try it you’ll find out how much space you can save while packing. Also, rolling helps prevent creases that would have formed while you were folding.

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2. Pack your socks inside your shoes

socks inside shoes

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To save space, pack your socks inside your shoes. Try to fit maximum pairs inside each shoe.

3. Keep the heavy stuff at the bottom

Keep the heavy stuff at the bottom

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If you’re carrying a trolley bag with wheels or even a handbag, keep your heavy items at the bottom for even weight distribution.

4. Waterproof your belongings

Waterproof Camera

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You can easily waterproof (partial) your belongings in your bag by lining the sides on the inside with ziplocks and cubes carrying your belongings. And if you’re carrying a raincoat, put that on top of all your belongings and viola, you’re done!

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5. Use packing cubes

packing cubes

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Separate your clothing by packing it in differently coloured packing cubes. This will not only help you group similar clothing pieces together but would also help you be more organised. Also, SPACE SAVING!

6. Use laundry bags

laundry bags

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To keep your soiled clothes and wet swimming costume from spoiling the fresh ones, keep them in a laundry bag. Almost every hotel room has it and they are there for a reason.

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7. Lay your wrinkle prone clothes on the bottom

Wrinkle Stripes Texture

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Be it a dress or a suit, if it’s gonna wrinkle, lay it flat in the bottom of the bag or suitcase and you will save yourself some laundry money at the hotel.

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8. Pack everything, carry half of it

packing hacks

To help you figure out what are the essential things to carry on your trip, pack everything that comes to your mind and then remove half of them. This way you would have filtered the inessentials and would only be carrying what you actually need.

9. Carry a soft handbag with a strap

oft handbag with a strap

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Most of us carry handbags while traveling because they do prove to be really handy to put everything that we can’t in our pockets. But the next time you travel, choose a soft handbag with strap for it can free up an extra hand while you push your trolley with the other.

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10. Put breakable items in socks


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Put your breakable items like perfume bottles and glassware in socks to prevent breakage. Also, try stuffing the items between clothes so as to shield it from both sides.

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Now that you know all about these smart luggage hacks, we hope packing and traveling would be easier for you. And just in case, you know of a better one, do tell us in the comment section below!

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