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    Beautiful Places To Visit In Devikulam

    Nestled in a destination that itself is nothing less than paradise on earth itself, Devikulam is one of the hidden gem-like hill stations of Munnar that will make you fall in love with the southern part of the country in an instant. From surreal viewpoints to expansive lakes, the places to visit in Devikulam that will leave one in awe of it are countless. Sitting at an altitude of approximately 1800 meters from the sea level, this cute little hill station is an ideal destination for those travelers who are seeking the paths less traveled. Home to an auspicious lake, Devikulam has elements of belief and religion surrounding it.

    The luxuriant greenery, refreshing open spaces, fragrant tea plantations, magnificent views from the high cliffs, and an extensive number of adventurous activities has made this destination rank amongst the list of most intriguing locations. A heaven on earth for those who are seeking ways and excuses to get closer to mother nature, Devikulam is known for the floors covered with gum trees in red and blue along with other natural marvels that take away the breath of the travelers. Scan through this list of places that one can visit when traveling to the gorgeous destination of Devikulam.

    Weather In Devikulam

    Weather In Devikulam

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    One of the most welcoming destinations in the southern part of the country, Devikulam is a hill station that attracts tourists all year long. Devikulam weather remains a little warm and extremely pleasant almost through out the year. The summer season in Devikulam experiences a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius while the winter season faces a maximum temperature of 0 degrees Celsius. Devikulam is a destination that experiences an ample amount of rainfall almost throughout the year, leaving the atmosphere cool and favorable throughout the year.

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    Places To Visit In Devikulam

    1. Devi Lake

    Devi Lake View

    Image Source

    Considered as one of the most auspicious lakes in Devikulam, Devi Lake aka Sita Lake has features of a sacred and religious belief attached to it. It is believed that the wife of Lord Rama, Sita bathed in this lake. Nestled in the marvelous trees that are greener than usual, tea plantations that smell heavenly, and a forest-clad mini hill forming its backdrop, Devi Lake is an ideal spot for a family picnic. This lake in Devikulam offers springs of mineral water and can be reached by walking through the mountains, in between the jungles, and along a trail.

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    2. Tea And Spice Plantations

    Tea And Spice Plantations

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    One of the most fascinating Devikulam tourist places, Tea & spice plantations offers an extensive and diverse variety of magnificent flora and fauna. Housing patches of tea and spice plantations along with the floors being covered by other exotic varieties of flora, Devikulam is a destination that makes a traveler be grateful to the wonders of mother nature and lose themselves in an overwhelming, positive aura surrounding the destination. The velvety lines of spices and tea that have been trimmed neatly and are aligned symmetrically offers a satisfying view. Some of the spice plantations that can be found in Devikulam include pepper, cardamom, clove, and much more.

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    3. Thoovanam Falls

    Thoovanam Falls In Devikulam

    Image Source

    One of the most photogenic Devikulam waterfalls, Thoovanam Falls is an extremely rejuvenating and relaxing spot in the town. With silver-white water gushing down the moss-covered, rugged rocks and lush greens forming a border on all four corners of the falls, Thoovanam Falls can be found deep inside the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. A location that looks right out of a storybook, this waterfall is appealed to trekkers that are seeking various trails and hills to conquer. The untouched and unearthed beauty of these magical waterfalls makes this one of the most charming places to visit in Devikulam.

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    4. Pallivasal Falls

    Pallivasal Falls In Devikulam

    Image Source

    Being one of those places to visit in Devikulam that should certainly be on the bucket list of those travelers who are seeking to get a closer look at nature and embrace the relaxing vibes oozing out of the marvelous views. A popular destination amongst the locals, Pallavasai Falls offers an ideal escape from the bustling city culture and take some time off of the busy life. Offering spots for various fun-filled activities like sightseeing, picnic, and many other, Pallivasal Falls attracts flocks of tourists all year long. The falls give an opportunity for travelers to spend some time in tranquility and revitalize themselves, to compete for the further days of life.

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    5. Mattupetty Dam

    Mattupetty Dam View

    Image Source

    Offering another one of the exciting trekking spots to the travelers, Mattupetty Dam is another one of the local’s favorites, located just a few kilometers from Devikulam. Sitting in the valleys of Munnar, with the floor being covered by lush greenery, Mattupetty is a delightful destination that houses velvety grasslands, fragrant tea plantations, calmness in the atmosphere, and serene views for the travelers. Allowing tourists to soak in the beauty of Munnar, Mattupetty Dam is truly blessed by mother nature. The dam offers various activities like trekking, strolling through the jungles, picnic spots, boating, and much more, making tourists fall in love with itself.

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    6. Meesapulimala

    Meesapulimala In Devikulam

    Image Source

    A destination that is heavenly for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike, Meesapulimala is home to a few of the most popular trekking trails in South India. Giving a great opportunity to trekkers to explore and unearth the alluring beauty of hills in Munnar, Meesapulimala is located just a few kilometers from Devikulam. The hills that Meesapulimala blankets rise high above, wearing the clouds as their tiaras. These hills allow travelers to conquer and spend a night in the camps, amidst the clouds, surrounded by surreal cliffs and lush greenery, making the whole experience extremely unreal and memorable for the travelers.

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    Devikulam, a destination that offers those paths that are waiting to be unearthed and unraveled by the explorers and wanderers, has truly been blessed by mother nature extensively and immensely. With no dearth of magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful places to visit in Devikulam, Munnar is a location that hides some of the most marvelous experiences for the nature admirers and thrill-seekers. Plan your escape to Kerala and get ready to take some well-deserved time off from the busy life schedules. It’s time to embrace the marvels of mother nature!

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