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Rolling grasslands, valleys carpeted in greens, scenic trails and abundant wooded turfs, Kerala is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. If you are a trekker, you probably know that already. Around the year, Kerala hosts an enormous count of tourists with varying interests. Scenic backwaters, woods rich in wildlife and a mountainous terrain provide copious options for exploring. Trekking in Kerala, in particular, is a whole different experience. Trekkers who have walked trails across India find themselves coming back to Kerala for the unmatched experience it offers. Trails galore, the green southern state is a paradise for all who finds themselves at peace when amidst nature.

Best Time To Go For Trekking In Kerala

ideal time for trekking

The ideal time for trekking trip in Kerala is monsoon. You won’t be baffled when you see Kerala in rain. Monsoon trekking in Kerala is popular for good reasons. In monsoon, nature bathes in beauty and vitality, something that makes trekking in Kerala a very enriching experience.

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Top 15 Trekking Places In Kerala

Trekking in Kerala can turn out to be extremely refreshing and fun-filled. Here is a list of all the top trekking spots that one can visit on their trip to God’s Own Country.

1. Kolukkumalai Peak Trek

Kolukkumalai Peak Trek

Image Credits: Jan J George for Wikimedia Commons

Kolukkumalai Peak is one of the most popular spots for carrying out trekking in Kerala. This peak is accessible from the same route as that of Top Station. Sitting at a height of 2280 m, the trek for the peak commences from the Kurangani Village that offers the trekking trails connecting to various hamlets of the southern country. While the trail can get a little challenging, it is still achievable and worth every step. The highlight of this trek is certainly the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, which is the highest organic tea plantation in the entire world.

Duration Of The Trek: 7-12 hours
Length Of The Trek: 11 kms from Kurangani Village
Who Is It For: Frequent hikers

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2. Agasthyarkoodam Peak

Agasthyarkoodam Peak

Image Credits: Dr.Harikrishna Sharma for Wikimedia Commons

Trekking in Kerala is truly the best to get closer to all kinds of creatures that mother nature has to offer. One such spot where there is an extensive variety of bird species is Agasthyarkoodam Peak. Sitting in the zone of Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary, this Peak is the one where trekkers can enjoy the perfect blend of nature and thrill. Sitting at a height of 1868 m, the peak is certainly amongst the loftiest ones in the state. There are several medicinal herbs and plants that can be found in this land of Ayurveda in Kerala.

Duration Of The Trek: 2 days + overnight stay
Length Of The Trek: 20 kms + 10 kms
Who Is It For: Experience trekkers

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3. Top Station

Top Station

Image Credits: Matthieu Aubry for Wikimedia Commons

Top Station is located in the vicinity of the plantation capital of Kerala, Munnar. This destination boasts a lot more than just tea plantations. Looking for some amazing spots in Kerala for trekking? Munnar has got you covered. Top Station is a viewpoint that is sitting at a height of 1880 m above sea level and thus, the path to Top Station turns into an easy trekking trail. These historical tribal paths also connect to the small, southern mountain villages. The tea estates, deep jungles, waterfalls, and serene valleys are truly magical.

Duration Of The Trek: 4- 6 hours
Length Of The Trek: 9 kms from Kurangani Village
Who Is It For: Beginners

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4. Raja Malai/ Eravikulam Park

Eravikulam Park

Image Credits: Asheen Anoop for Wikimedia Commons

This is perhaps another one of the popular spots for trekking in Kerala. Eravikulam Peak is the peak that is sitting in the National Park with the same name. Most people trek till Rajamalai to witness the blooming Neelakurinji flowers that can only be found in this region of the entire country. This is the area where one can find approximately half of the entire world’s population of rare species. Spread across 97 sq km, this trek has a lot to do. One can also be a part of safari and witness the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Duration Of The Trek: 3 – 4 hours
Length Of The Trek: 2 kms from Eravikulam trek base
Who Is It For: Beginners

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5. Dhoni Hills

Dhoni Hills

Image Credits: Jaseem Hamza for Wikimedia Commons

Dhoni Hills is one of the popular spots for trekking in Kerala for locals and tourists alike. This is the perfect destination for the beginners who are just starting with their journey of adventurous life. Just a couple of kilometers long hike, the trail of the hills lead one to the Azhakampara Waterfall. These waterfalls are perfect to enjoy camping and picnic with family and friends. For those who seek a wholesome experience, this spot of enchanting sounds and picturesque views is surely the place to be.

Duration Of The Trek: 3 – 4 hours
Length Of The Trek: 5 kms
Who Is It For: Beginners

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6. Meesapulimala Trek

Meesapulimala Trek

Image Credits: Vlad Bagacian for Pexels

Disclaimer: The image is for representation purposes only.

Meesapulimala is a destination located at the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is located at the height of 2640 m above sea level and is one of the longest treks in the southern region. This trek is mostly covered by those people who are seeking to go further after the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate. The trekkers usually tend to stay overnight at Rhodo or Silent Valley while on the way to the peak. This peak happens to be the second-most prominent peak of the southern country and hence, is a treat for experienced trekkers.

Duration Of The Trek: 7- 12 hours
Length Of The Trek: 8 kms from Kolukkumalai Tea Estate
Who Is It For: Experienced trekkers

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7. Silent Valley National Park

Silent Valley National Park

Image Credits: Jaseem Hamza for Wikimeida Commons

Silent Valley National Park is one of the popular spots to try out trekking in Kerala. This National Park is sitting in the Nilgiri Hills and is famed for housing massive tropical rainforests and varied species of butterflies, beetles, and moths. The serenity and tranquility that the place exudes is truly marvelous. For those who seek forest trails, waterfall trails, or the river trails, this is the spot where you can find them all. All the treks, however, require you to have permits from the forest authorities. The base camp for the treks in Mukkali.

Duration Of The Trek: 2 days + overnight stay
Length Of The Trek: Differs with trails
Who Is It For: Beginners

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8. Vellarimala


Image Credits: Jaseem Hamza for Wikimedia Commons

Vellarimala is not just a peak but an entire mountain range sitting in Kerala. This range begins from Kozhikode and continues till Wayanad district. Located at an altitude of 2200 m above the ground level, this range is one of the popular hill resorts. Vavul Mala is the highest peak that can be found in this mountain range. One can hear the sounds and witness the views of River Chaliyar that flows along the rocky terrain. The entire place looks right out of a story book and offers views that are as stunning as they can get.

Duration Of The Trek: 2 days
Length Of The Trek: 9km from Muthappanpuzha
Who Is It For: Experienced trekkers

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9. Lion Tailed Macaque Trail

Lion Tailed Macaque Trail

Image Credits: wallpaperflare

Lion-Tailed Macaque Trail is named after the species of wildlife with the same name. This trail is surely the best one for all the animal lovers out there. The trail has been curated specifically for the eco-tourists to explore, stroll around, and learn more about the evergreen forests and wildlife of the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary. There are two treks catering to both beginners and experienced hikers respectively. One can also witness various elephants, birds, gaurs, and other wilderness in the sanctuary. It is surely one of the best ones in Kerala.

Duration Of The Trek: 1 day
Length Of The Trek: 4 kms and 18 kms
Who Is It For: Beginners and experienced hikers

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10. Chembra Peak Trek

Chembra Peak

Image Credits: Karkiabhijeet for Wikimedia Commons

The cherry on top for the experience that one can have in Wayanad is the Chembra Peak. This peak is sitting at the height of 2100 m and is a popular escape for many. Once you have the permission to ascend from the authorities at the base, the trek is 17 kms from Wayanad. If you are just beginning or this is the first trek of Kerala for you, it is better to hire the traditional guide who are usually from the tribal community. This is one of the most picturesque routes and peaks that one has ever stepped foot on. The aromatic air just adds to the brilliant experience.

Duration Of The Trek: 6 – 12 hours
Length Of The Trek: 10 kms
Who Is It For: Beginners with guides and experienced hikers

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11. Ramakalamedu


Image Credit: Kerala Tourism

Located at a distance of 40 km from Idukki, Ramakalamedu is a beautiful tourist place which is surrounded by green hills and refreshing air. From the peak of this mountain, one can witness the panoramic view of the villages in Kambam. This is one of the ideal places for trekking in Kerala and also enjoys the enigmatic beauty of nature.

Duration Of The Trek: 18-20 hours
Length Of The Trek: 28 Km
Ideal For: Moderate to Experienced Trekkers

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12. Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Thusaragiri Waterfalls

Image Credit: Sreejithk2000 for Wikipedia

This is a beautiful attraction located close to Kozhikode and Kapetta and offers a scenic view to enjoy while in Kerala, The waterfalls is an ideal place for the adventure junkies who want to take a drift and explore the rough trails. The name Thusharagiri means ‘snow capped mountains’ which is actually two streams emerging from the Western Ghats and meets at the Chalipuzzha river. The water falls from a height of 75 meter.

Duration Of The Trek: 2-3 Hours
Length Of The Trek: 8 Km
Ideal For: Beginners to moderate trekkers

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13. Anamudi Peak

Anamudi Peak

Image Credit: Sreedevi512 for Wikipedia

The Anamudi peak is located at the Western Ghats and considered to be the highest point in South India. Resting at an altitude of 8842 feet, Anamudi is also famous for the Kurinji flowers which bloom once in 12 years. Considered to be one of the best trekking places in Kerala, this is a must-visit for the adventure junkies.

Duration Of The Trek: 2-3 Days from Ernakulam
Length Of The Trek: NA
Ideal For: Moderate and Professional Trekkers

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14. Chokramudi Peak

Chokramudi Peak

Image Credit: Sasikumar p for Wikipedia

Located at a distance of 22 km from Munnar, Chokramudi Peak is one of the famous mountain peaks known for trekking in Kerala. Resting between the Bison Valley and Munnar, this is one of the highest peaks in Munnar. Situated at a height of 7,200 feet in Eravikulam National Park, this peak remains isolated from other peaks. Surrounded by the lush greenery, this makes a great place to visit for adventure travelers.

Duration Of The Trek: 5 Hours
Length Of The Trek: 10 Km
Ideal For: Moderate & Professional trekkers

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15. Kallippara Sunset Point

Kallipparaa Sunset Point

Image Credit:

Located at Vathikudy close to Munnar, Kallippara Sunset Point is one of the magnificent places to visit for nature and adventure lovers. Offering one of the amazing views of Munnar, this place is considered one of the prime locations. While the uphill trek offers a surrounding lush-greenery, the sound of gushing streams till the peak comes.

Duration Of The Trek: 30 Minutes
Length Of The Trek: NA
Ideal For: For All Kind Of Trekkers

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Top 3 Types Of Trekking In Kerala 

Choose the trekking type that suits you the best. All the trekking experiences in Kerala are different from another. Make sure you select the one that fits you the best!

1. Wildlife Trekking

popular activity for wildlife trek

Wildlife trekking in Kerala is a popular activity for wildlife enthusiasts. The forests and mountains of Kerala is teeming with fauna. From exotic hornbills to Nilgiri tahrs, macaques to Asian elephants, Kerala is home to a diverse range of forest animals. Wildlife trekking places in Kerala include Chimmony Sanctuary, Peechi-Vazhani, Tholpetty and of course, Munnar.

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2. Jungle Trekking In Kerala

forests trekking

An extension of ecotourism projects, forest trekking in Kerala is a huge thing at this point. Done mostly in evening, the hours can stretch between 7 in the evening and 4 in the morning. The jungle treks last 3 hours and are organized for groups with 8 members at most.

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3. Trekking Camps In Kerala

camps organised for trekkers

Camps tours are also organized for trekkers in groups. Kerala trekking and camping trips vary in price depending up the duration. With minimum 2 hours and maximum multiple days, camping in Kerala is an activity for people of all age groups and interests. The trekking and camping trips mostly occur within 100Km of distance and the maximum number of trekkers in a group vary from one organizer to another.

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What To Pack For Trekking In Kerala

tips need to carry on trek

No matter where in Kerala one is trekking, a hiker must carry a flashlight, a compass, a map, dry food and waterproof clothing. This kit should be with you at all times, no matter if it’s a day’s trekking trip or a camping expedition. Some other handy tips include training exercises to strengthen your body; choosing your footwear wisely (particularly when trekking in Kerala monsoon). Also, try to build up your stamina days before you hit the trail if you want to go longer.

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Tips For Trekking

Image Source

  • Always keep a torch, water bottle, blanket, and hat with you during the trek.
  • Wear comfortable trekking shoes that have a good grip.
  • Make sure you carry a Kerala trekking map and your essential medicines with you.

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If you want your vacation to turn into a thrilling journey, you must give trekking in Kerala a shot. It is certainly going to be an incredible experience for you. Book a Kerala trip from TravelTriangle and enjoy much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trekking In Kerala

Q. Which are the best places for trekking in Kerala?

A. The famous places for trekking in Kerala are Rajamalai, which is tiny hill station at a distance of 16kms to Munnar, Top station- it is a breath-taking beautiful place situated at Tamil Nadu and Kerala Border, Ramakalamedu- with its rolling green hills and fresh air of the mountains it is a lovely place for trekking at a distance of 40kms from Idukki, another best place is Agasthyakoodam- is a hill range in western Ghats of Trivandrum.

Q. What is the apt season for trekking in Kerala?

A. The best time for trekking in Kerala is at the end of the monsoon season. One will love trekking in early September and the end of March. You will find pleasant weather with cool temperatures with beautiful skies and greenery all around. Otherwise, it is always a good time to trek in Kerala.

Q. What age group of people can do trekking in Kerala?

A. Kerala is a place which allows trekking for all age group of people and interests. And the maximum number of trekkers come in a group like family and friends.

Q. What are the things required to carry for trekking?

A. There is a list of things a trekker needs to carry for trekking such as comfortable shoes like trekking shoes are mostly recommended, handy water bottle, some eatables for munching in between the trekking, a backpack is a must where you can keep and organize your things, if you are trekking at night don’t miss to keep your torch or flashlight, one should wear comfortable trekking pants, to prevent yourself from sunburns must apply sunscreen lotion in case of  day trekking and a lip balm must be there.

Q. What will be the duration of Jungle trekking in Kerala?

A. Periyar Tiger reserve is popular for jungle trekking in Kerala. The trek here takes like 24 to 36 hours. One can arrange a camp in the reserve forest in prior.

Q. Why Kerala is famous for trekking?

A. There are many places in Kerala to explore for trekking. Kerala is full of beautiful hills which offers the best trekking and hiking pathways. There are famous seven tracks for trekking all over Kerala.

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