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Goa is the one place every youngster dreams of going to! Get ready to enjoy serene beaches, pristine greens, waterfalls and thousands of places and things that you can do in Goa. Want to relax at the beaches when they are less crowded? July is the perfect month for your vacation as you think of Goa as empty but drenched beaches, swelling waterfalls, beautiful greens, and not many tourists. Goa won’t be crowded, the beaches will be clean and the prices are less too in July. You can do a lot of things and visit a lot of places in Goa during the monsoon. But here are a few places to visit in Goa in July. You will truly have a blast being there and enjoying the whole scene.

13 Best Places To Visit In Goa In July

Looking for the most famous places to visit in Goa in July? Here is an incredible list for all travellers who are all set for exploring the popular attractions in Goa. Plan a trip today to these amazing and exquisite locations and feel away your stress going away. Take a look!

  • Dudhsagar Waterfalls – Thrilling Experience
  • Spice Plantations – Exotic Location
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries – Into The Wild
  • Chapora Fort – For Bollywood Lovers
  • Aguada Fort – Reliving History
  • Betul Fort – Traditional Village
  • Latin Quarter – Strolling Lanes
  • Mandovi River – Breathtaking Views
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus – Beautiful Architecture
  • Anjuna Beach – Wash Away Your Stress
  • Butterfly Beach – Honeymoon Special
  • Palolem Beach – Relax And Unwind
  • Club LPK (Love Passion Karma) – Amazing Parties

1. Dudhsagar Waterfalls – Thrilling Experience


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Dudhsagar Waterfalls are a must-visit spot because they look amazing during monsoon. They are 48 km away from Margao and they are one of the must-go places in Goa. This place looks good only when you are going during monsoons. You can see the might of the waterfalls that if you stand too close, you will get drenched. Also, you can trek from Castle Rock or take a ride to the waterfalls. They are iconic and are in their full glory during monsoons, making it one of the best places to visit in South Goa in July.  You can trek up the falls if you want a bit of adventure.

How To Reach: You can take a train, or by your vehicle from Madgaon or Panjim.
Timings: 7 am to 5 pm
Entry Fee: INR 20 per person

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2. Spice Plantations – Exotic Location

Spice Plantations

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When you are having an offbeat vacation, you need all your places to be non-mainstream and just offbeat. The spice plantations are their greenest during monsoons and that includes the July month. There are quite a few spice plantations like Savoi, Sahakari Spice Farms, Tropical Spice Plantation, etc. You will see a lot of plants, fruits, and exotic flowers and there are a lot of orchids. Go to these plantations and make the most of it and spend it exotically.

Famous Plantations: Savoi Sahakari and Tropical Spice Plantation
Entry Fee: None

3. Wildlife Sanctuaries – Into The Wild

Wildlife Sanctuaries

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There are quite a lot of safari tours to wildlife sanctuaries in Goa. You will love these sanctuaries when they are green and it is only in July that you will have the best weather and best scene. You can go to these wildlife sanctuaries or nature reserves like Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. You can spot species like Nilgiri wood pigeon, Indian Bison (Gaur), and Malabar Giant Squirrel.

Location: South Goa (Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary & Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary), Northeastern Goa (Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary)
Timings: 9 am to 5:30 pm (Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary), 9 am to 5 pm (Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary), 7 am to 5:30 pm (Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary)
Entry Fee: varies from sanctuary to sanctuary

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4. Chapora Fort – For Bollywood Lovers

Chapora Fort

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This is one of the iconic forts in North Goa. You may have seen this fort in many movies and one of the famous movies in which it was shown is Dil Chahta Hai. There is a rich history behind it and you have to visit this place in Goa whenever you go, be it in May or in July or in December. The combination of Vagator Beach and Chapora Fort makes it one of the best places to go and visit. It is great when you visit this one of the most popular places to visit in North Goa while it is cloudy.

Location: Chapora Fort Rd, Chapora, Goa 403509
Timings: Open all the time
Entry Fee: No entry fee

5. Aguada Fort – Reliving History

Aguada Fort

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One of the oldest and the most visited tourist destinations in Goa, Fort Aguada is a must-visit place. It has tourists all around the year and it is an excellent testimony to what the Portuguese had in Goa. Constructed in 1609 AD, Aguada Fort was built for keeping an eye on the movements of people through the waters. The magnificence remains perfect and it is still one of the most wonderful places to visit. There is Aguada lighthouse, then there is Aguada Jail. It is one of the largest jails in Goa. Also, this fort is a place for clicking the most beautiful pictures.

Location: Fort Aguada Rd, Aguada Fort Area, Candolim, Goa 403515
Timings: 9 am to 6 pm
Entry Fee: no entry fee

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6. Betul Fort – Traditional Village

Betul Fort

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Betul Fort is a walkthrough of a small traditional village which is at the mouth of the river Sal that is meeting the ocean. With the help of the private initiative of the heritage lovers, they could help it recover a bit from complete obscurity and the historic 17th century Betul Fort is said to be built by an associate of Shivaji. The view from this fort is simply fantastic and the whole panoramic view will set you off.

Location: Quitol, Goa
Timings: 5.30 am to 7 pm
Entry Fee: No entry fee

7. Latin Quarter – Strolling Lanes

Latin Quarter

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Fontainhas is Goa’s Latin Quarter and is surrounded by an ancient creek called Ourem Creek to the east and Altinho Hills to the west. There are many tourists that see this heritage colony in July mostly for beaches and Goa’s coastline but it is quite colourful and fascinating.

Location: Fontainhas (quarter), Altinho, Panaji, Goa 403001
Timings: Open 24 hours
Entry Fee: No entry fee

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8. Mandovi River – Breathtaking Views

Mandovi River_

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When you are in Goa in July, try taking the river cruise tour on the Mandovi River. It is just a 2 hours long cruise and you can enjoy some of the most beautiful and rare scenic views of this place from a rather unseen angle. The best time for this cruise is during the evening when you can enjoy the sunset also and the whole cruise gets lit with lights. You can have a great time enjoying the music, the dance, snacks, and a few fun games.

Location: Central Goa
Timings: 24/7
Price: INR 500 to INR 2,300 per head for cruise

9. Basilica Of Bom Jesus – Beautiful Architecture

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Basilica of Bom Jesus is one of a kind church in India. The architectural style of the church is inspired by baroque architecture and it was built in 1594. The formation of the church coincides with the onset of Christianity in India. This the only church in Goa that has not been plastered on the outside and the bricks of the building provides it a rustic look. The church’s building is 408 years old and is one of the main tourist attractions in Goa. If you are thinking about visiting Goa in July, the Basilica of Bom Jesus should not be missed.

Location: Old Goa Rd, Bainguinim, Goa 403402
Timings: 9 am to 6.30 pm
Entry Fee: NA

10. Anjuna Beach – Wash Away Your Stress

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Anjuna Beach is the perfect place if you are looking to spend some time amidst rocking music, happy vibes, and rocky shores. Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular tourist beaches in Goa and is one of the best places to visit in Goa in July. It is also known as the hippie paradise and you can find a lot of people here just relaxing and chilling, or soaking themselves in the sun. Some of the things to do at Anjuna Beach are bungee jumping, paragliding, windsurfing and hordes of water sports adventures. From pumping music to delicious food; this is the place to be especially if you are thinking about visiting Goa in July.

Location: North Goa
Timings: 24/7
Entry Fee: NA

11. Butterfly Beach – Honeymoon Special

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Butterfly Beach is one of the most secluded beaches in Goa, and is also one of the most beautiful beaches; thanks to its inaccessibility. The beach is also known as honeymoon beach as it attracts a lot of couples. The beach gets its name due to the fact that it attracts a wide variety of butterflies around the year. The beach offers seclusion, private time, and picturesque views of the forest and sea. Listed amongst places to see in Goa in July, this beach is as serene as it gets.

Location: Cancona Region
Timings: 6 am to 10 pm
Entry Fee: NA

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12. Palolem Beach – Relax And Unwind

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If you are visiting Goa to find some peace and relaxing time, Palolem Beach is your best bet. The white sand beach is deemed a paradise and is famous amongst tourists who seek some quality time away from urbanization. One of the many places to see in Goa in July, the beach has gained immense popularity due to its pristine white sand and calmness. One of the most amazing things to do on Palolem Beach is to take a ferry ride and witness dolphins.

Location: Canacona
Timings: 24/7
Entry Fee: NA

13. Club LPK (Love Passion Karma) – Amazing Parties

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Club LPK or Club Love Passion Karma is one of the most popular clubs in Goa. Every tourist who visits Goa ensures that they keep a day in their spare to party at the Club LPK. The club hosts amazing parties and the in-house DJs play songs of various different genres such as Bollywood, trance, house mix, and more. It houses a humongous dance area and pulls an amazing crowd. It is one of the most popular party places in Goa.

Location: Verem – Nerul Rd, Nerul, Goa
Timings: 8:30 am to 5 am
Entry Fee: INR 1500 per couple

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Festivals To Attend In Goa In July


There is the fertility feast of Sao Joao or St. John the Baptist which is celebrated on 24th June. You also have the festival of St. Peter in July which is celebrated by erecting stages floating in the rivers and there are various other cultural programs too. In August, you have the famous Bonderam Festival on Divar Island. There are various festivals here and there are performances from the local bands too. The carnival isn’t everything Goa has, there are so many vibrant festivals and concerts you can attend.

There are other attractions that you can see in July. People who have been to Goa in July say that you should not miss the old churches like Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church, Se Cathedral, Church of St Cajetan, and the St. Francis of Assisi Church. You even have the UNESCO World Heritage Site Basilica de Bom Jesus that you can visit. One of the main reasons why you can visit Goa in July is it is off-season and the ticket prices are going to be lesser than normal. Make the most of the opportunity and plan your vacation in Goa right away! Do visit every spot on this list of places to visit in Goa in July!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Goa In July

Are Goa beaches closed in monsoon?

No, the Goa beaches are not closed in July and the shacks are open too. But you just need to be a bit careful while you are near the beaches cause the weather sometimes becomes unpredictable.

Which is the best month to visit Goa?

Definitely during the months of November to March but if at all you want to go for some offbeat experiences, then you need to visit Goa during monsoons. Although some of the beaches may be out of bounds during monsoon, you would still get to relish other enticing adventures at an affordable price.

Is it safe to visit Goa during covid times?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to visit Goa as it has a relatively low number of covid cases. But don’t take our word for it: check up on the latest travel advisory, Covid-19 measures, and the number of cases before your departure. It is safer to undertake solo travel or with a small group of people to somewhere, that is not overly crowded at the moment.

What should we carry in Goa in monsoon?

You can wear different outfits in Goa when you go in July but do not forget to carry your umbrella or raincoat. Have your swimming necessities like swimsuits, cover-up dresses, sarongs, cotton shirts, long skirts, a good pair of denim shorts, etc.

Is it good to visit Goa in the monsoon?

Yes, you can visit Goa in monsoon and you have to in July. You have a clean Goa and lesser crowd and there is quite a lot of greenery here. Even though some of the beaches are closed, you may still indulge in other intriguing adventures such as hiking, camping, going for safari, etc.

Where should I stay in Goa during monsoon?

You can stay in different places and mostly in shacks. Anjuna Vagator and Arambol all offer the perfect experience of Goa in monsoons. South Goa offers some of the best resorts at cheaper rates since it experiences less crowd during monsoon.

What is there to do in Goa in July?

There are a lot of things you can do in Goa during July such as visiting Dudhsagar Waterfalls, going for river rafting in the Mandovi River, visiting the spice plantations or gardens, river cruise tours, safari tours to the nature reserves, going for long walks on the beach when the weather is calm, bicycle tours of Goa, driving up the Ghats.

What are the best places to visit in North Goa in the month of July?

Some of the best places to visit in North Goa in July are: Anjuna Beach, Fort Aguada, Calangute Beach, Morjim Beach, The church of Mae De Deus and Mandrem Beach.

What should I pack for Goa in July?

Summer clothes, beachwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, insect repellent, hats, caps should be there when you are packing for your trip in July. Make sure to keep extra cash as it may come in handy in some instances.

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