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    An aerial view of the Sky Walk that overlooks the various places to visit in Langkawi

    One of Malaysia’s most popular beach destinations, Langkawi Island is home to exciting nightlife, stunning landscapes, expansive parks, iconic & historical structures, pristine golden beaches, and a lot more. The archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea is often called the Jewel of Kedah for its rich tourism and an array of exciting places to visit in Langkawi.

    But before we take you on a tour of best hubs for sightseeing in Langkawi, here’s what you must know about the Malaysian destination.

    Best Time To Visit Langkawi

    A graph showing the average rainfall and temperatures in Langkawi in 2012

    Image Source

    Between November and April, the weather in Langkawi is a perfect balance of sunshine and little rainfall. The temperatures range from 32 ° C – 35 ° C during daytime and from 25 ° C – 28 ° C at night. The weather is not very windy and the sea water is steady. This makes it perfect for activities such as parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and banana-boating.

    Having selected your time of visit and most of transport to the beautiful destination. Now, you need to narrow down to what you would like to see on your trip. So, sit back, as we take you through a tour of the best places to visit in Langkawi.

    Top 14 Places To Visit In Langkawi

    Knowing where to go in this lovely archipelago is something you must do while planning your trip! So, why wait? Scroll down to know what awaits you ion

    1. Dataran Lang

    Tourists sit and relax at the 12 meter-tall Eagle Square in Langkawi

    Dataran Lang, aka the Eagle Square, is one of the most prominent places to see in Langkawi. Displayed atop an elevated platform in Kuah, it is a 12 meter-tall sculpture of an eagle with its wings wide open. What makes it more important is that it is a mere five-minutes’ walk from other prominent Langkawi attractions, such as Kuah Jetty & Taman Lagenda, and numerous restaurants. People come here to relax and watch the ferries ply across the harbor in the evening.

    Address: Kuah Jetty, Langkawi

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    2. Langkawi Sky Bridge

    Tourists take a walk on the Langkawi Sky Bridge that overlooks the islets of Langkawi

    Langkawi Sky Bridge is a 124 meter-long curved pedestrian bridge that offers a terrifying but splendid aerial view of a number of popular places to see in Langkawi. Standing at an altitude of 700 m above the sea level, it allows tourists view of several islets of Langkawi while they relax and enjoy the cool breeze. The sturdy bridge can be accessed only through the Cable Car and can accommodate up to 250 people at a time.

    Opening Hours:

    • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 10 am – 7 pm
    • Wednesday: 12 noon – 7 pm
    • Friday & Saturday: 9:30 am – 7 pm
    • Sunday: Closed

    Address: Jalan Telaga Tujuh Teluk Burau, Langkawi

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    3. Langkawi Cable Car

    The high cable car with the hills and the sea visible in the background

    The Langkawi Cable Car takes you through an amazing 15-minutes’ ride to the top of Mt Mat Cincang. The ride offers aerial views of the rainforests, islets, waterfalls, and other places to visit in Langkawi. At the top of the 708 meter-tall peak one can enjoy the cool breeze and take photos of the panoramic views from the observatory deck. If you wish to know this Langkawi attractions’ entrance fee, scroll down to know!

    Opening Hours:

    • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday: 10 am – 7 pm
    • Wednesday: 12 noon – 7 pm
    • Friday & Saturday: 9:30 am – 7 pm
    • Sunday: Closed

    Address: Jalan Telaga Tujuh Teluk Burau, Langkawi

    Charges: RM 35 (adults) and RM 25 (children aged two to 12 years old)
    *1 RM = INR 16.28 (as on 19th February, 2016)

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    4. Gunung Raya

    Sunset view from the top of Gunung Raya Mountain at Langkawi Island in Malaysia

    Standing tall at an altitude of 881 m, Gunung Raya is the highest peak in Langkawi. From the top of the mountain peak, you can have a panoramic view of the island and the see all the best places to visit in Langkawi in a single glance. Legend has it that the mountain is, in fact, the cursed form of the giant Mat Raya who once inhabited the island. Hiking to the top of the peak through the rainforests is highly popular. The hill forest is also the home to leaf monkeys, flying foxes, macaque monkeys, white-bellied eagles, mountain-hawk eagles, great hornbills, and several other species of birds & animals.

    Address: Jalan Air Hangat, Langkawi

    5. Underwater World

    Scenes from inside and outside the Underwater World in Langkawi

    Having seen the various places to see in Langkawi from the sky, it is time to take a walk under water. And we are not asking you to go sea-diving, not just yet. We are talking about the 15 m walkthrough underwater tunnel at the Underwater World, where you can enjoy views of sharks, giant stingrays, and green turtles, up-close. The tourist attraction also houses over 500 species of sea creatures including harbor seals, rock hopper penguins, seahorses, mandarin ducks, and flamingos. You can choose to visit the Underwater World immediately after arrival or before departure as it is only 15-minutes’ drive from the Langkawi International Airport.

    Opening Hours:

    • Monday – Thursay: 9:30 am – 6:30 pm
    • Friday – Sunday: 9:30 am – 10:30 pm

    Address: Zon Pantai Cenang, Mukim Kedawang

    Charges: RM 43 (adults) and RM 33 (children aged 3 to 12 years old)
    *1 RM = INR 16.28 (as on 19th February, 2016)

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    6. Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise

    Scenes from inside and outside the Bird Paradise

    Among the tourist attractions in Langkawi, the Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise is a treat for nature lovers. It houses over 2,500 exotic birds of 150 different species – canaries, ducks, parakeets, owls, eagles, toucans, hornbills, and flamingos. Adding to the beauty of the park, there is a walk-in aviary and a 15 meter-tall manmade waterfall.

    Opening Hours: 8:30 am – 6 pm; animal feeding sessions from 11 am – 4 pm (daily)

    Address: Lot 1485, Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kampung Belanga Pecah

    Charges: RM 28 (adults) and RM 18 (children aged 3 to 12 years old)
    *1 RM = INR 16.28 (as on 19th February, 2016)

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    7. Paradise 3D Museum

    People get creative photos clicked at the 3D Museum – one of the best places to visit in Langkawi

    Image Source
    With over 200 astonishing artworks that appear almost alive when photographed, the Paradise 3D Museum is definitely a place to visit in Langkawi if you are an art-lover. There are nine zones inside the 3-storey building – optical illusion, aquatic, fantasy, castles, classics, safari, landscapes, Egyptian, and Malaysian. Since it is located next to the Cable Car station in Oriental Village, we suggest covering it the same day as the Cable Car ride.

    Opening Hours: 9 am – 6 pm (daily)

    Address: Oriental Village, Burau Bay, Langkawi

    Charges: RM 38 (adults) and RM 28 (children)
    *1 RM = INR 16.28 (as on 19th February, 2016)

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    8. Taman Lagenda

    A walkway through the beautiful landscapes of the Taman Lagenda theme park

    Image Source
    Sightseeing in Langkawi is incomplete if you haven’t visited Taman Lagenda. The beautifully landscaped open-air ‘garden museum’ can be explored on foot or in a buggy. The 17 colorful sculptures depict local legends. These include tales of heroic giants, mythical birds, beautiful princesses, and even evil ogres. In addition to being a theme park, it is also a popular joggers’ park for the locals.

    Opening Hours: 9 am – 7 pm (daily)

    Address: Kuah Jetty, Langkawi

    Charges: RM 5 (adults) and RM 2.50 (children aged 3 to 12 years old)
    *1 RM = INR 16.28 (as on 19th February, 2016)

    9. Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

    The stunning Telaga Tujuh Waterfall that is among the best places to see in Langkawi

    Image Source
    Often called the home of the fairies, the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are a sight to behold. Literally translated as the seven wells waterfalls, it is named after the seven natural pools fed by seven separate waterfalls in Gunung Mat Cincang. One can take a dip in the cool waters or take the steep climb to the top of the waterfalls, through the seven pools and past huge slippery rocks. So, are you ready to dive in this mystical yet soothing pool and experience one of the best secret places to visit in Langkawi on your next trip? Don’t miss out on one of the historical places in Langkawi with your friends and family!

    Address: Gunung Mat Cincang, Langkawi

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    Best Beaches In Langkawi

    Some of the best beaches in Langkawi are surely not to be missed while on your next trip to this gorgeous island! Check out this list to know all about them beforehand.

    10. Datai Bay

    The Datai Bay Beach and the sea look beautiful at the time of sunset

    Image Source

    Home to some of the finest top notch resorts in Langkawi Island, this bay has no tourist attractions and shall only be visited if you’re either staying here or if you’re passing through this place. The nearby Ibrahim Hussein Foundation Museum and the famous Langkawi Crocodile Farm featuring some gigantic crocs are some of the places you can visit!

    11. Tanjung Rhu

    Tourists wait in a tent at Tanjung Rhu Beach for their turn to take a speed boat ride in the sea

    Image Source

    Featuring one of the best shorelines in all of the Langkawi, this beach has waters clear as a crystal and offers a serene dense forest on your way while visiting this beach. If you’re in mood for some quiet time and wish to unwind amid some calming waves and soothing powder white sand of the beach. A perfect spot to spend some time in contemplation, it is not very crowded.

    12. Pantai Tengah

    The seating arrangement at the well-lit Pantai Tengah beach at night

    Image Source

    Known to be a mere extension of the Pantai Cenang beach, some of the exclusive resorts here will surely offer you more than what you’d expect. Going for a spa is one of the best things you can try at this beach as relaxing and laying back is a good idea here! With a number of good dining places, you’ll be spoilt for choice at this beach and even the nightlife is something to try this place for sure. It definitely tops the list of places to visit in Langkawi at night!

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    13. Pantai Kok

    Boats dock at the Pantai Kok beach near the grand lighthouse as the sun sets into the sea

    Image Source

    Lined up with some of the best luxury resorts, this beach offers more than just peace and quiet to all the travelers around. Recently opened, Telaga Harbour Park, has a variety of shops, bars and restaurants along with a bank and a post office on board for every kind of traveler. Make sure you try the cable-car ride taking you all the way to Mat Cincang Mountain and the renowned Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls in Langkawi. This is surely one of the best cheap places to visit in Langkawi!

    14. Pantai Cenang Beach

    famous beach in Langkawi

    Image Source

    Being crowned as one of the busiest beach town on the entire Langkawi Island, this beach has multiple restaurants, cafes and shops for all your tourist-like vibes and the best part about it are the various hotels and resorts that are in its close proximity. Don’t forget to try the Kiki Club at the nearby Meritus Pelangi Resort & Spa here. A mere 10 minutes drive away from the airport, this place is the perfect spot to spend some soothing time near the waves!

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    How To Reach Langkawi

    A signboard that reads Langkawi on one of the tropical beaches of the archipelago

    By Air

    Langkawi International Airport, located at the Padang Matsirat, caters to flights to Langkawi. Direct flights are available from Penang, Singapore, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, and Hat Yai.

    By Sea

    • Langkawi Ferry: A/C boats from Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah, Penang, and Satun
    • Tropical Charters: Ferries from Koh Lipe to Kuah Jetty in Langkawi
    • Telaga Harbor: Speedboats from Koh Lipe

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    Now that you know where to go and what to see in Langkawi, we suggest you not to delay your trip. Plan your next trip to Malaysia and let us know all about your experience.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Langkawi

    Q. What is famous in Langkawi?

    A. Langkawi is known for its exciting nightlife, stunning landscapes, expansive parks, iconic & historical structures, pristine golden beaches, and a lot more.

    Q. What is there to do in Langkawi?

    A. Some of the most exciting things to do in Langkawi are:
    1. Sky Cab Ride at Sky Bridge
    2. Jet skiing and island hopping
    3. Mangrove tour in Kilim Karst Geoforest Park
    4. Parasailing at Tanjung Rhu Beach
    5. Deep-Sea Diving in Pulau Payar Marine Park
    6. tour to 3D Museum Art in Paradise and many more!

    Q.What is the best area to stay in Langkawi?

    A. Some of the best places to stay in Langkawi for a holiday experience are:
    1. Pantai Tengah – Best for Budget Stay.
    2. Pantai Cenang – Best for Nightlife.
    3. Pantai Kok – Best for sightseeing and nature experiences
    4. Tanjung Rhu – Best for Families.

    Q. Which is the best place to experience nightlife in Langkawi?

    A. Some of the most happening places to get a taste of the Langkawian nightlife are:
    1. Yellow Beach Cafe
    2. Breeze Lounge
    3. D’Reef
    4. Sunba Retro Bar
    5. The Sunset Deck

    Q. Which is the best beach in Langkawi?

    A. Langkawi has a heaven of beautiful beaches. Some of the best beaches in Langkawi are.
    1. Pantai Cenang Beach.
    2. Pantai Kok
    3. Pasir Tengkorak Beach.
    4. Black Sand Beach, and
    5. Teluk Yu (Shark Bay)

    Q. Can you swim in Langkawi beaches?

    A. If you are planning to take a dip in the beautiful beaches of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu Beach, Pantai Cenang Beach, and Pantai Tengah Beach are some of the best places to go swimming as they have shallow waters.

    Q. Is 3 days enough in Langkawi?

    A. Yes, 3 days in Langkawi is the perfect amount of time you need to enjoy the mesmerizing sights and delights of Langkawi. Because its a small island, so three days is enough to see all the best sights and to enjoy the best beaches and waterfalls.

    Q. Can you drink the tap water in Langkawi?

    A. Tap water is quite safe for cooking purposes, but if you are using it to drink it would be advisable to please boil them first.

    Q. Is Langkawi a good holiday destination?

    A. Langkawi is a great place for you and your family want to enjoy nature and all its wildlife, along with some amazing beach time, enjoying the sun and some luxuries, Especially for the honeymooners, it’s one of the best places to spend some of the most romantic time.

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