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    for adventure and trekking

    Perfect for a weekend getaway, Nahan is a quaint little town in the lap of the Shivalik range. Far from the madding crowd, it lets you live in peace while offering gorgeous vistas. Despite being a smaller town, there is no dearth of places to visit in Nahan. The little hill station not only boasts of scenic beauty but temples, wildlife, plenty of fairs, and festivals to keep a traveler engaged.

    To make sure you get the most out of this quiet destination, it is important to fix an itinerary. Here are the top 10 places to visit in Nahan to make your journey truly memorable.

    Attractions one must explore on their visit to Nahan

    1. Renuka Lake

    enhances the natural beauty

    Image Source

    This is the largest lake of Himachal Pradesh and is one of the prime places to visit in Nahan. Situated at an altitude of 672m above sea level, the lake not only enhances the natural beauty of Nahan but also offers plenty of activities. There is boating on the lake, a zoo and this is the seat of annual fair held every November.

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    2. Renuka Sanctuary

    reserved with flora and fauna

    Image Source

    Spread across an area of 4,028 sq. km, the sanctuary boasts of a rich reserve of vibrant flora and fauna, making it an important place to visit in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh. The populations of animals in the sanctuary include sambar, leopard, spotted deer, jungle cat, and civet. The zoo in the area is the oldest one in Himachal Pradesh, initiated in 1957.

    3. Suketi Fossil Park

    true jurassic park feeling

    Image Source

    Located around 21km from the town, this fossil park is one of those places you must visit in Nahan. This park houses life-size models of pre-historic animals, made up of fibre reinforced plastic, giving you a true Jurassic Park feeling. This is one of the kind places to visit in Nahan, Himachal Pradesh.

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    4. Jaitak Fort

    view of surroundings greenery

    Image Source

    To get a place of a more recent history, head over to Jaitak fort, which is 22km away from Nahan. It is one of the most popular places to visit near Nahan, which is strategically perched up a hill offering stunning views. Built from the remnants of the old Nahan fort, the palace inside the fort holds on to its rich heritage and is also quite well maintained.

    5. Rani Tal

    view of rani tal

    Image Source

    This quiet little spot in Nahan is a wonderful spot for you to just want to laze around for the day. The adjoining garden is a great place for a picnic while a small temple of Lata Devi adds to the charm of the place. There is also a small cave that is said to have led to the King’s palace. It is also believed that the queen used to come to this lake and hence the name.

    6. Jagannath Temple

    to seek blessings

    Image Source

    Built-in 1681 by Raja Budh Prakash, this temple is one of the key attractions of your Nahan sightseeing plan. This temple resembles the one present in Puri, Orissa. Every year, there is a festival called Bawan Dwadashi where 52 idols of local gods are taken to the temple in a procession and immersed in the local water body.

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    7. Renuka Temple

    peaceful temple

    Image Source

    The temple was built in 1814 dedicated to Goddess Renuka at the edge of the Renuka Lake. This peaceful little temple holds many legends and is a lovely place to visit in Nahan. If you’re a devotee or in search of something spiritual, pay a visit.

    8. Trilokinath Cave Temple

    rock formations of idol


    The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is nestled inside a natural cave and is one of the secret places to visit in Nahan. The Shiva lingam is a stalagmite formation while other forms of rock formations can be seen hanging from the roof as well as on the floor.

    9. Jammu Peak

    overview of peak

    Image Source

    At a distance of around 8 km from Lake Renuka, the Jammu peak is one of the best places to visit in Nahan if you are looking for some peace and quiet. There is a temple here dedicated to sage Jamadagani who once mediated here but the true beauty of the place is the picturesque view that can be observed from the spot.

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    10. Churdhar Peak

    for adventure and trekking

    Image Source

    If you are in the mood for some adventure and some trekking Churdhar peak is the best place to visit around Nahan. Nohradhar near Nahan is the most popular base for the trek. The trek to this highest peak in Outer Himalayas is 16 km long and takes about 7-9 hours.

    If you’re done with the popular spots and hill stations of Himachal, and now looking for some offbeat places to add to your list, Nahan is just right for you. You can also see some Himachal tour packages for your family trips.

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