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    Places To Visit In Somnath

    Somnath is an important pilgrimage and tourist spot in Gujarat on account of being a Triveni Sangam i.e. the confluence of three holy rivers: Kapila, https://traveltriangle.com/blog/places-to-visit-in-somnath/Hiran and Sarasvati. Soma, the Moon god, is believed to have lost his lustre due to a curse, and he bathed in the Sarasvati River to restore it. The name of the town, meaning “the lord of the moon”, arises from this tradition. Primarily a temple town, Somnath also offers other attractions. The places to visit in Somnath derive their identity from Hindu myths and religion.

    Top 6 Places To Visit In Somnath

    We have shortlisted 6 best places to visit in Somnath on account of their popularity with the tourists. These tourist attractions in Somnath are a spiritual haven for reflection and meditation. Activate your human potential on this peaceful journey:

    1. Suraj Mandir

    Suraj Mandir

    Image Source

    In the front of the temple, above the entrance doorway, is an image of Surya with his seven horses below him and his two wives. Around the shrine, in the circumambulatory passage, are three image niches, one on each of the north, south and west sides. They contain iconography of Vishnu and Lakshmi, Brahma with Saraswati, and Shiva with Parvati.

    Location: Near Triveni Ghat, Somnath 362268

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    2. Laxmi Narayan Temple

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    Lakshmi Narayan Mandir, situated on the banks of Triveni Tirth, is one of the most famous places to visit in Somnath Gujarat. The temple was constructed by Raja Sahil Verma. It is famous for the carvings on its 18 pillars which have the sacred message of Krishna. It is situated near the Gita Temple and is visited by thousands of devotees every year. You must visit it on your weekend getaways from Somnath.

    Location: On the banks of Triveni Tirth

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    3. Dehotsarg Teerth

    Dehotsarg Teerth

    Image Source

    This Teerth is located on the banks of Hiran at a distance of 1.5km from Somnath temple. Bhagvan Shree Krishna took his divine journey to Neejdham from this sacred soil. Rich accounts of the divined Shree Krishna Neejdham Prasthan Leela are maintained by the authentic traditions of Mahabharat, Shrimad Bhagwat, and Vishnu Puran.

    Location: On the banks of Hiran

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    4. Bhalka Tirth

    Bhalka Tirth

    Image Source

    This sacred tirth is located on the Prabhas Veraval highway. The arrow of the poacher named Jara hit Shree Krishna at this spot. The latter was resting under a pipal tree when the poacher misread the foot of Bhagvan Shree Krishna as a deer and hit from a distance. This divined leela of Shree Krishna is immortalised by this beautiful temple. Make sure to visit Bhalka Tirth on your Gujarat getaway.

    Location: Bhalka, Veraval, Somnath 362266

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    5. Somnath Temple

    Somnath Temple

    Image Source

    The principal temple of Somnath is believed to have been built in gold by the moon god Soma, in silver by the sun god Ravi, in wood by Krishna and in stone by the Solanki Rajputs in the 11th century. The present temple, built in 1951, is the seventh reconstruction on the original site. Tales of its riches attracted a series of invasions, but each time the temple was invaded, it was restored to its original glory by devout Hindu worshipers.

    Location: Somnath Mandir Road, Veraval, Somnath 362268

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    6. Panch Pandav Gufa

    Panch Pandav Gufa

    Image Source

    Panch Pandav Gufa is situated in the Lalghati near the Temple City of Somnath is typically a cave temple revered by the followers of Hinduism. The Late Baba Narayandas discovered this cave temple in the year of 1949, which is dedicated to the famous five Pandavas Yudhisthira, Arjuna, Mahabali Bheema, Nakul and Sahdev had spent time in this temple during the term of their exile. The Panch Pandav Gufa also has shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Ram, Lord Laxman, Devi Sita, Goddess Durga and Lord Hanuman.

    Location: Prabhas Patan, Somnath 362268

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    Somnath is well known for its rich culture and religion. A number of stories and legends revolve around this enigmatic town. The town is full of monuments and historical sites. The places to visit in Somnath have surprising and intriguing stories behind them. The architecture of these religious places still leave people mesmerised. Book a trip to Gujarat right away to explore these architectural marvels.

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