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    i love Delhi

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    The power capital of the country, Delhi, is more than just a city. There is so much more – its vibe, the culture, the melange of highs & lows, the rich heritage, it is the city of extremes and we Dilliwalas love it! Sure, it isn’t perfect, but again, what is?

    30 Reasons To Love Delhi More Than Any Other Place

    Delhi AKA ‘Dilwalon ki Dilli’ is a great city to spend some time of your life or to even spend a lifetime. This city embraces anyone and everyone who comes to her. Though you don’t need a specific reason to love this bustling city, here are 30 reasons, you would agree to, that make Delhi a ‘city of hearts’.

    1. No one in the world can ever swear as much as a Dilliwala!

    No one in the world can ever swear as much as a Dilliwala

    Image Source

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    2. From India’s best street shopping experience

    A girl street shopping in the lanes of Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

    Image Source

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    3. To India’s most luxurious malls (where the fanciest of cars could be spotted) – Delhi has it all!

    One of the most luxurious malls of Delhi - DLF Emporio

    Image Source

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    4. Because Delhites are genuinely rich at heart!

    A man feeding stray dogs in Delhi

    Image Source
    But to feel the warmth in Dilwalon ki Dilli, be sure to win our hearts!

    5. And we are genuinely a cash rich city too! ;)

    A red Ferrari on the wide roads of Delhi

    Image Source

    6. Plus, we just know how to spend it

    Christian Dior Store in DLF Emporio

    Image Source

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    7. Or where to show it off!

    Elite women of Delhi at a Versace event

    Image Source

    8. Because Delhi has the largest, the most diverse & the coolest university in India!

    fashionable girls from Delhi University

    Image Source

    Maharashtrians, South Indians, Manipuris, Assamese, Haryanavis, Kashmiris – everyone! And not to forget the fashionable hot chicks & cool dudes ;)

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    9. Though it is trademarked as an unsafe city, it also teaches us to be stronger

    A girl portraying women empowerment

    Image Source

    10. Because it is the only city in India where people party in Villages!

    Hauz Khas Village - a popular hangout zone for Delhiites

    Image Source

    Hauz Khas Village, Shahpur Jat and Said-ul-Ajaib are the cafe and party centrals here.

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    11. Because it’s where the ‘power’ subsists!

    Parade in the powerhouse of Delhi - Rashtrapati Bhavan

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    12. It’s the concrete jungle where millions come with their dreams

    The tall concrete buildings of New Delhi during sunset

    Image Source

    13. But it has enough trees for those hot summer days!

    Delhi is one of the greenest capitals in Asia

    Image Source

    Believe it or not, Delhi is one of the leafiest cities in Asia.

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    14. While in Delhi, travelling is never a concern – take a flight to literally anywhere

    Immigration board displaying how well connected Delhi International Airport is

    Image Source

    Delhi is well connected to the world & to the entire country! You can fly to any country, any state, any city.

    15. Or ride on the inexpensive as well as clean & air conditioned metros

    Delhi metros save the travellers from the wrath of the weather

    Image Source

    Unlike the Mumbai locals!

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    16. And then, there are air conditioned buses too!!

    DTC low floor Air conditioned buses

    Image Source

    17. Of course, who could forget the life line of Delhi? The quickest and easiest mode of transportation AUTOs (driven by the most impolite autowalas in India)

    An autowala waiting for his safari

    Image Source

    18. Because Delhi has the most gorgeous & widest of roads in India

    A bird’s eye view of Ring Roads in Delhi

    Image Source

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    19. Perfect for a long-long drive to the Himalayas!

    Wide Delhi roads leading to the Himalayas

    Image Source

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    20. Because though there are malls to shop from, Delhi has unlimited Wholesale markets too..!!

    The crowded lanes of Old Delhi

    Image Source

    And here you could buy anything from electronics to clothes to grocery to decor at dirt cheap rates.

    21. Because Delhi is the only city in India to which lets you buy Manish Malhotra or Sabhyasachi dresses at extremely affordable prices

    Girls Wedding shopping in Chandni Chowk, Delhi

    Image Source

    22. Because it is a city of extremes!

    People sipping tea on a cold Delhi morning

    Image Source

    If you’ve lived in Delhi, you know what the four seasons really are! And how much soever cold it gets, we all love winters.

    23. Because Delhi Gol Gappas can any day beat Kolkata’s Puchkas & Mumbai’s Pani Puri

    A girl excited about eating the best Gol gappas in Delhi

    Image Source

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    24. And while you’re low on cash, there’s a world of street food waiting for you!

    Seekh Kebab – a delectable street food in Delhi

    Image Source

    25. Because Delhi is a city with richly painted walls

    Graffiti Wall in North Campus of Delhi University

    Image Source

    Freedom of thoughts & expression – and we know exactly how to show it!

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    26. Because Delhi’s story is just a metro ride away

    The largest masjid in Asia, Jama Masjid, created during the Mughal reign

    Image Source

    27. And the rich heritage blends perfectly well with the Modern Era

    Bird’s eye view of Oberoi Delhi

    Image Source

    28. Because Delhi celebrates – diversity & cultural freely!

    A sign board in Delhi displaying the name of the place in four different languages & a hindu saint & a muslim prophet together

    Chandni Chowk – The only place in India to have a Church, a Temple, a Gurudwara & a Mosque in the same lane!

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    29. Because Yamuna takes care of city escapes & hideouts in Delhi

    Migratory birds in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary in New Delhi

    Image Source

    Okhla Bird Sanctuary – a home away from home for migratory birds!

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    30. Delhi is loud and we like it that way!

    A big fat Indian wedding In Delhi

    Image Source

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