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While some call it the wettest place in India, others call it as a popular holiday destination. If we had a chance, we would define Cherrapunji as one of the marvelous gems of nature that ought to be on your bucket list. And if you’re wondering what could be the best reasons to visit Cherrapunji, believe us, there are plenty.

Located in Meghalaya, it is the best place to be explored with your family or partner, is a paradise for monsoon lovers, brings you closer to nature, and the list goes on. So, to make it easier, we thought that highlighting these 10 reasons that make Cherrapunji worth visiting is the best way to convince you for planning a holiday right away!

11 Reasons To Visit Cherrapunji On Your Next Holiday

Cherrapunji is a popular tourist destination to visit in India for both nature lovers and adventure freaks. Still not able to make up your mind? These 11 reasons to visit Cherrapunji will give you that urge to pack your bags and set out right away!

  • Wettest Place On Earth: Looks Breathtakingly Beautiful
  • Plains of Bangladesh: Worth The Capture
  • Double Decker Living Root Bridges: Nature’s Incredible Wonder
  • The Seven Sisters Waterfall: Fourth Largest In India
  • Nokrek National Park: One Of The Homes Of Red Panda In India
  • Thangkharang Park: Town’s Natural Gem
  • Dainthlen Falls: Witness The Breathtaking View
  • Krem Phyllut: A Town For Adventure Junkies
  • Mawkdok Dympep Valley View: A Scenery To Enjoy
  • Mawsmai Cave: Home To The Fourth Longest Caves In The Indian Subcontinent
  • Hiking: Discover The Adventurous Trails

1. Wettest Place On Earth: Looks Breathtakingly Beautiful

wettest place on earth

Receiving an annual rainfall of 11,777 mm, Cherrapunji happens to be not only the second wettest place in India, but also on the planet. For lovers of monsoon and chai, every day in this town looks breathtakingly beautiful. And while Mawsynram has taken over its first rank in the last few years, the charm of this place continues to please eyes and win hearts!

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2. Plains of Bangladesh: Worth The Capture

high-altitude town

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Nestled in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, the cliffs of this gorgeous town offers mesmerizing views of the plains of Bangladesh. You can witness the same from the top of the basket-shaped rock found in the Thangkharang Park and even from the nook of the routes that lead to the main town.

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3. Double Decker Living Root Bridges: Nature’s Incredible Wonder

Double Decker living root bridges

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There is no doubt that Cherrapunji is an ideal place for trekking and soaking up the peace that nature offers. But what adds more thrill to this adventurous experience are the living root bridges located in the Tyrna village. The two-tier bridge is 100 feet long in length and is known around the world as the 150-year old man-made natural wonder, which is certainly one of the top reasons to visit Cherrapunji.

4. The Seven Sisters Waterfall: Fourth Largest In India

Seven Sisters Waterfall

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Amongst the best places to visit for Cherrapunji sightseeing, these waterfalls are the most gorgeous ones to witness in the town. Also known as Nohsngithiang Falls or Mawsmai Falls, the best time to admire these multiple streams of water falling down from a large cliff is during a sunny day, as it mostly remains shrouded in clouds on the other days.

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5. Nokrek National Park: One Of The Homes Of Red Panda In India

red panda

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Located some 130 kilometers from the town of Cherrapunji, Nokrek National Park is the one of the only places in India that is home to a few Red Panda. Apart from this, the Asian elephants, eight species of cats, and the rich varieties of flora make it a perfect place for wildlife lovers and nature admirers like you.

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6. Thangkharang Park: Town’s Natural Gem

Thangkharang Park View

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Situated some 12 kilometers from the main town, the Thangkharang Park is one of top reasons to visit Cherrapunji. The park has a one way road built amidst the lush green trees, a basket-shaped rock, and overlooks the spectacular Kynrem Falls that cascade down three steps. If you wish the witness the most talked- about view of the Bangladesh plains, make sure you put this place on your list!

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7. Dainthlen Falls: Witness The Breathtaking View

Dainthlen Falls

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Apart from the legend concocted by the locals to explain the story behind the name of the Cherrapunji waterfalls, this place is a great picnic spot nestled amidst the magnificent aura of nature. You can easily cover this place and spend a rejuvenating time here, soaking the bliss of serenity that surrounds the falls.

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8. Krem Phyllut: A Town For Adventure Junkies

Krem Phyllut

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Located south of the town, Krem Phyllut is one of the best places to visit during the Cherrapunji sightseeing. Usually crowded with tourists and locals, the grandeur of these caves is unmatchable and undoubtedly worth witnessing once in your life. You can enter the caves from any of its three entrances or the two river passages.

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9. Mawkdok Dympep Valley View: A Scenery To Enjoy

Mawkdok Dympep Valley View

Image Source

While traveling from Shillong to Cherrapunji, you would come across a gorgeous view point, which is located at the very start of Sohra tourist circuit. Built by the forest department, it is one of the best gifts the town has in store for its travelers who are either in pursuit of peace or are nature admirers at heart.

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10. Mawsmai Cave: Home To The Fourth Longest Caves In The Indian Subcontinent

Cave View

Image Source

Popularly known as the Mawsmai Cave, which are situated only a half a kilometer from the town, this is the most splendid place to be explored during your trip. What makes it a reason for visiting Cherrapunji is the fact that these are the fourth longest caves in the entire Indian sub-continent, which also have a little pool inside formed by five different rivers.

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11. Hiking: Discover The Adventurous Trails


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For the hikers, there are a lot of places to explore around in Cherrapunji as this place is blessed with some of the best trials. The most fascinating place to start with is the double Decker and apart from that there are many more which can be explored by the adventure junkies.

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Best Time To Visit Cherrapunji

Image Credit – Jakil for Wikimedia

While the Cherrapunji weather stays pleasant throughout the year, the town witnesses rainfall for the majority of the months. And so, the best time for planning your Cherrapunji tour is between the months of October and May that experience relatively lesser droplets and cooler temperature.

How To Reach Cherrapunji

Image Credit – Pixabay

Situated in the northeastern region in India, Cherrapunji can be well reached by all modes of transport. To make sure you pick the best way to reach Cherrapunji, here are the nearest airports and railway stations linked to the town:

By Air

While Umroi Airport in Shillong is the closest airport to the town, it is not connected to all the major cities. So, if you wish to save time and commute by air, take a flight to Guwahati Airport, which is the second nearest airport and is located 181 kilometers away from Cherrapunji.

By Train

Guwahati Railway Station is the closest to the town and is connected to all the major cities. You can take a train till here, and later hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Cherrapunji.

By Road

If you love road trips and wish to take a scenic one to Cherrapunji, you can take a government-run or private bus till Guwahati bus stand. From there, you can hire a taxi to reach the town. If not bus, you can also drive your own car all the way to Cherrapunji for an impeccable experience, provided you have a lot of time.

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Hope after reading the reasons to visit Cherrapunji, you’re now in our favor when we say, Cherrapunji is a heaven on earth. So, plan a holiday to Cherrapunji . It surely is a place that will help you make memories like none other and have the time of your life!

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