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    dawki cherrapunji meghalaya

    The misty mountains of Cherrapunji are the home of the clouds. One of the wettest places on earth, there are plenty of places to visit in Cherrapunji rich with bountiful rain and rivers that fall off the mountains in thunderous waterfalls. The region is also abundant with forests, natural caves, and a thriving flora and fauna. It’s truly a paradise on earth and the home of indigenous tribes and exotic cultures. A visit to Cherrapunji in the Indian state of Meghalaya will offer a unique perspective of the North Eastern region.

    Top Places To Visit In Cherrapunji

    Here are our top picks:

    1. Double Decker Living Root Bridges

    cherrapunji places to visit double decker root bridge

    The living root bridges are an ingenious mix of human innovation and natural wonder. One of the top 10 places to visit in Cherrapunji, these bridges are a must on all Cherrapunji sightseeing tours. The bridges have been created by locals by tying up living trees over decades. The best of these bridges is the Umshiang Double-Decker Root Bridge.

    Location: 3 KM trek from Tyrna Village

    2. Nohkalikai Waterfalls

    Nohkalikai Falls

    Image Source

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    One cannot complete a Cherrapunji tour without a visit to the legendary Nohkalikai Falls. The tallest plunge falls in India, these waterfalls thunder down in a single fall down a height of 1,115 feet. The beautiful falls with the lush forest make a spectacular view.

    Entry Fees: INR 10/- per person
    Timings: 8 AM – 6 PM

    3. Mawsynram Village

    Mawsynram Village

    Image Source

    Known to be one of the wettest places on earth, Mawsynram is an idyllic village in Meghalaya. One of the best places to visit near Cherrapunji, the village experiences rain almost throughout the year. It is an ideal place to spend a day relaxing amid bountiful nature.

    Distance from Cherrapunji: 80 KM
    Things to do: Village Walk, Birdwatching

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    4. Krem Mawmluh

    world's longest cave in meghalaya

    Image Source

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    The Cherrapunji area has a lot of natural caves with stalagmite and stalactite formations. And one of such places to visit in Cherrapunji is the Mawmluh Caves or Krem Mawmluh. The river disappears beneath the ground when you enter the glorious cave. It’s a unique experience to wade through the alien looking cave!

    Location: Behind Mawmluh-Cherra Cements Ltd., lower, Sohra-Laitkynsew Rd
    Timings: 7:30 AM – 4 PM

    5. Mawsmai Nongthymmai Eco Park

    Nongthymmai Eco Park

    Image Source

    The Mawsmai Eco Park is one of the highly recommended tourist places in Cherrapunji to visit during the monsoons. The eco-park managed by the Meghalaya Tourism offers panoramic views of the Green Canyons of Cherrapunji, as well as the far off Sylheti Plains of Bangladesh. The park is ideal for families as a picnic spot and to indulge in photography.

    Entry Fees: INR 10/- per person
    Timings: 9 AM – 5 PM

    6. Wakaba Falls

    Wakaba Falls

    Image Source

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    The cliffs and canyons of the Khasi Hills of Cherrapunji are home to one of the must visit waterfalls during Cherrapunji sightseeing – the Wakaba Falls. A short trek of about 400 feet leads to a heavenly location with the tiered waterfalls. The red stone cliffs with the forest greenery form a perfect backdrop for the waterfalls.

    Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM

    7. Dainthlen Waterfall

    Dainthlen Falls

    Image Source

    Every place in Cherrapunji has a legend accompanying it. The Dainthlen Waterfalls, one of the most popular tourist places in Cherrapunji, also has one! Natural rock carvings near the waterfalls narrate the story of a ‘thlen’ or a python which was killed at the top of the waterfalls. Other than the legend, the waterfalls itself are beautiful and one of the best in the region.

    Timings: 8 AM – 5 PM

    8. Mawlynnong Village

    Mawlynnong Village

    Image Source

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    You may already know Mawlynnong as Asia’s cleanest village. But little do you know about the beauty it holds! The picturesque village of Mawlynnong near Cherrapunji promoted extensively by Cherrapunjee tourism is also known as ‘God’s own garden’. Managed completely by the villagers, the cleanliness, and beauty of the village makes you feel like you are in paradise.

    Distance from Cherrapunji: 81 KM
    Things to do: Village walk, Visit Skyview Point, Mawlynnong Waterfalls

    9. Mawsmai Cave

    A tourist walks through the Mawsmai Caves in Meghalaya

    Image Source

    The Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya in Cherrapunji is home to the longest cave systems in India. The Mawsmai Cave is among the most accessible of these and has become one of the must-visit places to visit in Cherrapunji. The 150 m long cave is an excellent example of the cave system and ideal for an introduction to the magnificent world of caving.

    Entry Fees: INR 15/- per person
    Timings: 7 AM – 5 PM

    10. Mawkdok Dympep Valley View

    Mawkdok Dympep Valley View cherrapunji meghalaya

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    The Mawkdok Dympep Valley View located at the beginning of the Sohra circuit is a compulsory stopover for tourists traveling to Cherrapunji. The viewpoint is a short walk down the road and offers endless panoramas of the verdant valley. It’s a breathtaking sight, especially in the monsoons when the clouds play hide and seek!

    11. Mawsmai Falls

    Mawsmai Falls cherrapunji meghalaya

    The Mawsmai Falls known locally as the Nohsngithiang Falls or Seven Sisters Waterfalls are a beautiful seven-segmented fall. During the monsoons, all the seven falls sitting on the wide cliff are full of water and create a mesmerizing visual. These falls are also one of the tallest waterfalls in India and among the most popular places to visit in Cherrapunjee Meghalaya.

    12. Dawki

    dawki cherrapunji meghalaya

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    The emerald crystal clear waters of the Umngot River make Dawki a virtual paradise. A town on the international border between Bangladesh and India, it is a thriving trading centre. But its main highlight is the stunning British-era suspension bridge over the river, which puts it on the list of most popular places to visit in Shillong and Cherrapunji.

    Distance from Cherrapunji: 84 KM
    Things to do: Walk on the Suspension Bridge at Umngot, Snack on local fish delicacies in the market

    13. Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church

    Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church british church in cherrapunji

    Image Source

    History buffs must definitely make a pitstop at the Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church. The old church is one of the best places to visit in Cherrapunji exhibiting the unique culture of the area. Built in 1841 AD by Welsh Missionaries, the church is also the first one in Meghalaya.

    Location: Nongsawlia Presbyterian Church, Sohra-Shella Rd

    14. Thangkharang Park

    Thangkharang Park

    Image Source

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    The Thangkharang Park is one of the many places to visit in Shillong and Cherrapunji that are ideal for families. The Park overlooks the valleys of Bangladesh and offers stunning views. Of main interest is the Khoh Ramrah Rock which resembles a Shivling and the Kynrem Falls, which is a three-tiered fall. Visit the place during monsoons when the falls are in full force.

    15. Khasi Monoliths

    Khasi Monoliths cherrapunji meghalaya

    The Khasi culture is very different from the rest of India. The tribes and locals of Khasi have their own distinct cultural traditions. One such tradition preserved by Cherrapunjee tourism are the Khasi Monoliths. They are single stone structures raised in memory of ancestors as a mark of respect. It’s an interesting aspect to witness and offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of the North East region.

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    That ain’t all! There are a lot more places to visit in Cherrapunji and travelers need at least three to four days to cover them all. Go ahead and book your trip to Meghalaya with TravelTriangle and unveil the treasures of North East India.

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