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The Hungarian cuisine tends to be very spicy and elaborate. Cheese and meat, soups, stews, Hungarian food combines them all and the desserts are simply famous all over the world. The striking thing about their cuisine is the diversity you will find in a platter.

Not just the traditional Hungarian dishes but there are many restaurants in Debrecen with food from many diverse cultures and the food lovers here, enjoy fusion and European dishes. Hungarian love their food and the evidence is the number of restaurants and food outlets that you will find here. Head to Debrecen for a delightful experience .

Top 10 Restaurants In Debrecen

Debrecen in Hungary has many nice restaurants. The city can be a food lover’s delight. There are so many restaurants in Debrecen and that too with varied and diverse cuisine. Here we have gathered of list of the best restaurants in Debrecen that you would love to dine in, when in Debrecen, take a look at our list.

1. Csokonai Etterem

Csokonai Etterem

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One of the best restaurants in Debrecen, Csokonai Etterem offers great food and great service. The restaurant interiors is artfully decorated creating a very welcoming vibe and the food they serve is simply delicious, especially the beefsteak tartar, which a specialty of the restaurant. Located in the heart of the city the restaurant is also very easily accessible. The staff of the restaurant are very professional and are dedicated to meet all the requirements of the customers. The restaurant also offers a live music show allowing you to enjoy your food along with the music.

Location: Kossuth, Debrecen, Hungary
Cost for two: 1399 – 12,594 HUF
Tripadvisor rating: 5/5

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2. Ikon Restaurant And Lounge

Ikon Restaurant And Lounge

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Ikon, Debrecen restaurant offers the best of Hungarian flavors. The restaurant exudes a bistro atmosphere and the restaurant menu is simply mind blowing. If you are looking for traditional Hungarian dishes, than you should definitely visit this restaurant. The flavors are handpicked from the Hungarian countryside and all the ingredients come from organic farmsteads, offering you fresh and delicious meals. From home baked bread to fresh made butter, the restaurant serves fresh, local and traditional Hungarian cuisines for the food lovers in Hungary, Europe.

Location: Debrecen, Hungary
Cost for two: 840 – 3079 HUF
Tripadvisor rating: 4.5 / 5

3. Flaska Vendeglo

Flaska Vendeglo

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This well-furnished restaurant in Debrecen that provides Hungarian, European and Central and eastern European cuisine. It is also vegetarian friendly and you will find many vegetarian food alternatives here. The restaurant staff are very friendly and they offer services like high chairs for kids and free Wi Fi. The food is superb at very reasonable pricing. Located in the heart of the city, the restaurant is also very easily accessible. The food portions are also very generous and some of the traditional Hungarian platters served are a must have when dining at Flaska Vendeglo.

Location: Miklos, Debrecen, Hungary
Tripadvisor rating: 4.5 / 5

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4. Zing Restaurant

Zing Restaurant

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Zing is a Korean restaurant in Debrecen, Hungary. The restaurant started 6 years back to provide authentic Korean food to the Korean medical students, who come to study in Hungary so that they would get the flavors of their home country, right here in Hungary. The restaurant over the years have improved their skills and styles and refined their culinary skills, to offer the best of Korean food. The professional Korean chefs use original ingredients mixed with fresh meat and vegetables to recreate the traditional Korean food in an authentic way. The students dining at the restaurant are guaranteed to get delicious food with the best and original flavors.

Location: Debrecen, Hungary
Tripadvisor rating: 3.5 / 5

5. Bonita Bistro

Bonita Bistro

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It is a casual dining restaurant located in Debrecen, Hungary. The restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine, bringing the most popular and most loved Italian dishes right here, in Hungary. The pizzas, pasta and Italian salads served in the restaurant are prepared in traditional Italian ways, without the use of machines, homemade yogurts and grilled vegetables and potatoes as well as the chicken steaks served in the diner are simply mind blowing.

Location: Debrecen, Hungary
Cost for two: 560 – 2799 HUF
Tripadvisor rating: 4 / 5

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6. Kashmir Indian Restaurant

Kashmir Indian Restaurant

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If you are looking for Indian cuisine in Hungary, then you should definitely visit Kashmir Indian restaurant. The restaurant specializes in North Indian and Kashmiri cuisine. The dishes served in the restaurant are very savory with the flavors of typical North Indian spices, mixed in a way to maximize the flavor. All the food served in the restaurant are served with great care using fresh ingredients and spices, which are directly imported from the India itself. The restaurant offers traditional Indian food keeping the sacred nature of Indian hospitality intact.

Location: Thaly Kalman, Debrecen, Hungary
Tripadvisor rating: 4.5 / 5

7. Al Shami restaurant

Al Shami restaurant

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This is a new restaurant started in Debrecen, Hungary. The restaurant specializes in Middle-Eastern cuisine and offers the most popular and delicious middle eastern food. The dishes are prepared with great care with carefully selected ingredients and cooked following the traditional Middle East ways, so that you can enjoy authentic flavors of the Middle East. Though the restaurant is newly started, it is expanding day by day with increasing number of customers. If you want to enjoy unique, Middle Eastern food in Hungary, you should definitely make it a point to visit Al Shami restaurant.

Location: Petrefia, Debrecen, Hungary
Cost for two: 840 – 2519 HUF
Tripadvisor rating: 2 / 5

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8. Nonna Rosa

Nonna Rosa

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Nonna Rosa is a cozy, casual dining restaurant located in Debrecen, Hungary. The restaurant serves Italian and Mediterranean food and it is also great for cocktails. The restaurant is vegetarian friendly and offers vegan food alternatives too. The food menu is extensive and everyone can find something they like, from the wide assortment of food items. The wait staff and restaurant staff are very friendly and offer quick service. The food are prepared from fresh ingredients and offer the best of flavors to the customers.

Location: Debrecen, Hungary
Tripadvisor rating: 4.5 / 5

9. Butiq


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This restaurant offers Hungarian, European, Central European and other international cuisine. The food served here is very delicious and it is a nice hangout spot to relax with your friends. The wait staff as well as the other staffs of the restaurant are very friendly and professional. The restaurant menu is extensive and you can choose from a wide variety of food items. The pricing of the food is also very reasonable. You can also enjoy alcoholic drinks like wine here and the interiors are designed in a way to exude a comfortable ambiance.

Location: Csapo Utca, Debrecen, Hungary
Tripadvisor rating: 4 / 5

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10. Valentine Ristorante

Valentine Ristorante

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Valentino Ristorante is an Italian restaurant located in Debrecen. The restaurant offers some of the spectacular Italian dishes. The mouth-watering flavors and the trendy environment of the restaurant guarantees a pleasant time. The unpretentious elegance of the restaurant decorated in oak and granite creates a very soothing vibe and the flavors of Italy cooked in traditional Italian ways are enough to soothe your taste buds. Pizza, Pasta, Italian salads and pancakes, this restaurant serves it all using carefully selected ingredients to bring a little piece of Italy right on your platter.

Location: Csapo Utca, Debrecen, Hungary
Cost for two: 1120 – 3079 HUF
Tripadvisor rating: 4 / 5

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Dine in any of the restaurants while you are in Debrecen to taste the flavors of Hungary and you will definitely appreciate the culinary skills of the Hungarian chefs. Don’t wait anymore and book your tickets to Hungary right away!

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