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    Hungary is a beautiful country that has lush green mountains with Danube River passing through it. Besides the natural beauty, Hungary is rich in culture and heritage as well. Tourists love visiting Hungary in winter because they say that is the perfect place to escape the everyday stress of life.

    Top 10 Places To Visit In Hungary In Winter

    It tends to get very cold during the nights but you can still find plenty of things to do during the day as the Hungary weather in winter is warm and pleasant.
    After all, if someone goes on a vacation, the last thing they want is to be trapped behind doors missing out on all the fun this place has to offer.

    1. Miskolctapolca


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    This is actually one of the best places to visit in Hungary in winter to warm up your bones during the cold days. This bath is supposed to be great for joint pain and soreness because of the salt found here. However, the salt content is much less than the usual thermal baths, so you can soak for longer. If you want to relax and be pampered, you should drop by here. The natural cave is fun and you can explore it by waddling in. This place is popular because of the bath here, but there are other pools here and you can even find spa treatments here if you are in the mood of pampering.

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    2. Lake Balaton

    Lake Balaton

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    Lake Balaton is a freshwater lake and is a very popular destination that has plenty of beaches, volcanic hills, and a beautiful resort town. This is a great place to soak up the warm sun during the day to combat the cold Hungary Winter weather. It isn’t a good idea to go swimming (of course) but you can go ice skating and feel like Konrad Nagy (he won the Hungary Winter Olympics) or even go ice fishing. If you don’t have your own boat, you can hire a small vessel on the spot and go sailing. If you don’t want to go out on the lake, you can relax on the beaches here or check out the hills and resorts instead.

    3. Eger Region

    Eger Region

    Image Source

    If you visit Hungary and take any of the day trips, then would definitely be taken to a winery to try out the wine. You can have a look at all the different vineyards and wine cellars. You can visit places like Kovacs Nimrod Winery or Sike Winery or even the Grassi Family Cellar. What better way to warm yourself up on a cold night than by drinking some local wine? Some cellars even encourage tourism. They have special nights in their cellars where you get to drink wine, enjoy some delicious local food and dance the night away. However, you need to book in advance if you want to have a meal with the tasting.

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    4. Aggtelek Karst

    Aggtelek Karst

    Image Source

    These unique cave formations are actually a part of the Aggtelek National Park. It forms a part of the limestone landscape. Once you enter the cave, you can find plenty of stalactites (mineral formations in the shape of pointed icicles that hang from the ceiling and water drips from them) and stalagmites (mineral formations that form upwards from the floor of the cave, they form from the dripping of the water from the stalactite and are usually pointed or flat). There are also beautifully formed rocks here.

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    5. Dohany Street Synagogue

    Dohany Street Synagogue

    Image Source

    This synagogue is actually the largest one other than the one in Israel. This place is a must visit if you really want to learn about the past of Hungary. The synagogue was bombed during the Second World War and was later restored during the 1990’s. If you visit the garden here, you can find a beautiful weeping willow that is a memorial ground and has the names of some Jews of Budapest that died or went missing during the war. There is also a heartfelt memorial of a Swedish diplomat who was brave enough to save the lives of hundreds of Jews in Budapest. It would be advisable to carry a smaller bag when you visit because they are cautious of tourists.

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    6. Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    Budapest Zoo and Botanical Gardens

    Image Source

    This zoo is one of the oldest in the world. You can find over 1000 different species of animals here. People usually come here to see the Komodo dragons and the wombats, although there are plenty of other animals here too like polar bears, red pandas, and big cats. The aquariums have plenty of different fish and sea life as well. There are life-sized models of whales and other skeletal remains here. The zoo has different categories of species and the botanical garden has beautiful Eastern flora and fauna. There is a chicken farm with young chickens where you can care for them and learn how to domesticate animals.

    7. Esztergom Basilica

    Esztergom Basilica

    Image Source

    This cathedral is one of the largest and tallest buildings in Hungary. It is supposed to portray the Virgin Mary, as she was assumed to be in heaven. You can see a massive painting here, which is painted on a single piece of canvas. The painting was done by Girolama Michelangelo Grigoletti. If you visit here, you will be able to see a lot of different and beautiful pieces of art. The Panorama hall is worth visiting too. Some of the other features of this beautiful basilica include Old Egyptian crypt and plenty of Tuscan style motifs. If you visit during the day, you can get a beautiful view of the Danube river bend and the park nearby.

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    8. Festetics Palace

    Festetics Palace

    Image Source

    This palace is a masterpiece that is in a Baroque style. It has been rebuilt and renovated plenty of times and finally, it has reached its glory. If you visit, you can see the form that was there in the 1800s. You can explore the architecture, interior decoration and the adored palace library that has over 86,000 different items. The palace itself is enclosed by somewhat of a nature park that is filled with beautiful flower beds, ponds, fountains, and statues. Many of the statues are more than a hundred years old. There are plenty of carriages and coaches but they are only for the observation. You can find the Helikon Museum inside.

    9. Hortobagy National Park

    Hortobagy National Park

    This is one of the best things to do in Hungary in the Winter as the sun will be out during the day. The landscape here is beautiful and consists of forests, rivers, plains and green mountains. There is plenty of flora and fauna and you can see a lot of wildlife, such as horses, water buffalo, and Hungarian grey cattle. You may also be able to spot birds like the red-footed falcon, stone curlews and much more. The nine-holed Bridge is what makes this park iconic. It is a stone arch bridge that was once the longest until 1921.

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    10. Margaret Island

    Margaret Island

    Image Source

    This Island is a beautiful one with plenty of colorful flowers and weeping willows. But what makes it so popular is Centennial Memorial, the Water Tower, the Japanese Garden, and the sports parks. If you find the time, check out the ruins of the 13th-century Franciscan church. You can check that out if you have time on your hands. If you spend the day here, you certainly won’t regret it. It is a great way to escape from your stressful life, as there are so many beautiful and interesting things to see and learn. You can also find a lot of delicious food here and great music.

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    The temperature in Hungary in winter can range anywhere from 5 degrees Celsius to 0 degrees Celsius. Needless to say, Hungary is one place that must be visited when you visit Europe, so make sure you experience all it has to offer in the holiday season.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hungary In Winter


    Q. Which is the best time of year to go to Hungary?

    A. The best time to visit Hungary is from March to May and from September to November.

    Q. Does it snow in Hungary in January?

    A. Yes, January is usually the coldest month of the year in Hungary with temperatures dropping down between -5 degree Celsius to 0 degree Celsius. There is snowfall every winter but the snow melts away in just a few days.

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