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    Best Rivers In Himachal Pradesh

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    The dreamiest state of India, Himachal Pradesh is a destination that attracts tourists from all over the/ world. Breathtaking mountains, lush greenery, and clear rivers define the character of this Land of the Gods. The state is a home to the Dalai Lama and a strong Tibetan vibe can be felt as you tour around the hill stations. The various Buddhist temples and monasteries are the truest reflection of this Tibetan influence.

    Along with its picturesqueness, people admire the state of Himachal also because they get to indulge in various adventurous outdoor activities like trekking, rappelling, and skiing. There are 5 drainage systems in Himachal Pradesh, namely Ravi, Beas, Chenab, Sutlej, and Yamuna. Both Indus and Ganges basins are bestowed with water by the state of Himachal Pradesh. These rivers in Himachal Pradesh have a continuous flow with snow and rainfall feeding them. A dense cover of vegetation protects these beautiful rivers flowing amidst the mountains, making for a mesmerising scenery.

    Top 7 Rivers In Himachal Pradesh

    The rivers of Himachal Pradesh are a sight to behold. Each river of this heavenly land flows perennially and reflects the natural richness of the region. If you want to be a witness to the eternal glory of these rivers, make sure you add most of them to your itinerary.

    Given below is a list of rivers in Himachal Pradesh that can be found in different hill stations of this northern state of India.

    1. Beas River

    Beas River View

    Image Source

    This river originates from the Himalayas, in the central region of Himachal Pradesh and flows at a stretch of 470 kilometers and meets the Sutlej River in Punjab. The drainage basin of Beas River is 20,303 square kilometers long.

    Beas river in Himachal Pradesh is believed to have mythological significance and is even a home to a small number of dolphins. It is said that Ved Vyasa created this river from the Vyas Kund. Rising 4,361 metres above the sea level in Kullu, the river travels through Mandi District and arrives at Kangra District.

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    2. Sutlej River

    Sutlej River View

    Image Source

    Amongst the five major rivers of Himachal, Sutlej is the longest, traversing between the intricate channels of Punjab as well as Pakistan. This river is also known by the name Satadree. This is a tributary at the eastern extreme of Indus River. This river is also known by the name Satluj.

    The waters of Satluj River in Himachal Pradesh are being looked under the Indus Waters Treaty and get navigated to the irrigation canals of India. The river Sutlej originates from the western end of Lake Rakshastal, Tibet.

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    3. Chenab River

    Chenab River in Himachal Pradesh

    Image Source

    Traditionally known by the name Chandrabhaga River, Chenab is one of the major rivers of India as well as Pakistan. Forming in the upper region of the Himalayas, in Lahaul and Spiti, Chenab river flows across the districts like Ramban, Doda, Kishtwar, Jammu, and Reasi, reaching the lands of Punjab as well as Pakistan.

    The river ends up meeting Indus River. The waters of this river too have been looked after by Indus Waters Treaty in Pakistan.

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    4. Yamuna River

    Yamuna River View

    Image Source

    A tributary of the Ganges, Yamuna river covers the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and travels through Uttarakhand and then Delhi. This is the second largest tributary of the Ganges and the longest one all over India. When flowing through the states of India, the river meets tributaries, namely Tons, Chambal, Sindh, Betwa, and Ken.

    The river Yamuna’s name has been originated from the Sanskrit word ‘Yama’ that means ‘twin’ – in view of the fact that it runs along the Ganges.

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    5. Ravi River

    Ravi River in Himachal Pradesh

    Image Source

    Ravi river in Himachal Pradesh is considered to be a transboundary river that flows through Northwestern region of India and eastern area of Pakistan. This river too comes under the Indus Water Treaty in India. The river also forms an imperative part of the Indus River basin.

    Historically, this river was known by the name Iravati amongst Indians during the Vedic era while the Greeks addressed this river by the name of Hydraotes. It is also believed that some phases of The Battle of The Ten Kings were fought over this river only.

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    6. Baspa River

    Baspa River in Himachal Pradesh

    Image Source

    This river originates around the Indo-Tibetan border, resulting in the formation of Baspa Valley, which is also called Sangla Valley. Baspa Valley is considered one of the best sceneries in the Himalayas with Ching Sakhago Pass located atop. Glaciers enhance the flow of this river.

    The flow of the river begins from Baspa Hills and meets Sutlej River close to Karcham. Around the upper as well as middle slopes, the river travels through oak and pine forests while in the lower slopes it passes through meadows and pastures.

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    7. Parvati River

    Parvati River in Himachal Pradesh

    Image Source

    This river in Himachal Pradesh meets Beas at Bhuntar and originates from ManTalai Glacier, above which is the Pin Parbati Pass. The river crosses the town of Manikaran. Parvati River Valley comes in the route of various districts like Lahaul, Spiti, and Debsa Pass. On the banks of Parvati River, you’ll find geothermal springs around the towns of Khirganga and Manikaran.

    This is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful rivers in Himachal Pradesh, India.

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    The rivers in Himachal Pradesh are the glistening adornments to stunning landscapes. Passing through various mountains and flowing perennially, each river adds life to the scenery. When touring around the numerous hill stations of this Land of the Lords, keeping a map of rivers in Himachal Pradesh handy would help! Make your trip to Himachal Pradesh worthwhile.

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