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The road from Mumbai to Hyderabad is well-known for ample scenic spots and historic architecture. You just need to take short detours to reach these places. Several temples, hills, lakes and sightseeing spots along the way won’t let you feel the exhaustion of the journey. The road distance from Mumbai to Hyderabad is almost 700 km and if you’re taking up a road trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad via Pune, you can easily reach it within 12-14 hours. Lush green forests, hill trails, lakes and ancient forts make this route adventurous and relaxing at the same time. Furthermore, you’ll find below all the required information about travelling along the Mumbai to Hyderabad route.

Best Time to Plan your Road Trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad

Whether it is the calm waters of Charlotte Lake or the intimidating Lohagad Fort, the road trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad is an adventure you must embark on at least once in your life.

A daytime view of Charminar in Hyderabad

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Road trips are best when the weather is pleasant and other factors are favourable too. It is very important to consider the weather conditions before planning your road trip.

October to March (Peak season)

To make the best out of your trip, you must plan the road trip to Hyderabad from October to March. The weather during this season is neither too chilly nor hot. The days feel quite warm but the nights are cold.

March to June (Summer Season)

During the summer season, Hyderabad has a pleasant climate on most days. However, some of the days are quite hot and sunny. Evenings are breezy and you can take a stroll or casual walk through the streets to feel refreshed.

to October (Monsoon Season)

Monsoon season can also be considered a good time to visit Hyderabad. The entire city gets washed in rain and it feels surreal. However, you must be careful about the roads if you’re planning a road trip as the roads might become slippery during the monsoon season.

October to February (Winter Season)

You can visit Hyderabad anytime between October to February if you’re less tolerant of the hot climate. The weather remains moderate in the winter season and you can take short trips to nearby places.

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Route For Road Trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad

If you’re planning to travel from Mumbai to Hyderabad by road, you must prefer to take the route via Pune. It is a well-maintained route and the distance covered is nearly 700 km. There are plenty of good places to stop by, have food and relax.
Here’s a breakdown of the journey:

Mumbai to Pune

A distant view of Buddha statue in Hyderabad

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Pune is around 4 hours from Mumbai and you might have to check for the traffic in advance. Also, take ample layovers as they are not a waste of time.

Pune to Basavakalyan

The road from Pune to Basavakalyan is a picturesque route that takes you from hilly areas to old forts and buildings that look quite welcoming for history buffs

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You can depart early in the morning from Pune to avoid the rush and pass the city limits in almost an hour to get into NH65 which will take you straight to Hyderabad. You need to drive 300 km from Pune to reach Naldurg Fort, an old structure that looks quite welcoming.

Basavakalyan to Hyderabad

Once you reach Basavakalyan Fort, Hyderabad is just 265 km away, After a small deviation, you should reach Hitech City in Hyderabad in no time.

Image Source: Raman Patel
From here you need to cover 265 km more and reach the Basavakalyan Fort which is 80 km from Naldurg. To reach this place, you’ll need to take a small deviation off NH65. Then, it’s just 180 km to reach HITECH City located in the outer areas of Hyderabad.

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Must-Visit Places en route from Mumbai to Hyderabad

Beautiful sunrise during winter at Pawna Lake Pune, Maharashtra.

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There are many places you can visit on a road trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad. Be it ancient sorts to scenic spots, there are some great options you can add to the list.

1. Charlotte Lake

Located in Matheran, Charlotte Lake is a reservoir and perfect for a stroll or picnic on your Mumbai to Hyderabad road trip

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Charlotte Lake is a calm water body located in Matheran. This serene reservoir blesses the visitors with opportunities to discover the wood-covered nature walkways and enjoy various picnic spots. You’ll also find a small dam here surrounded by enchanting waterfalls. This place is a blissful place to visit with a lot of peace, clean water and beautiful landscapes that can be enjoyed in the winter and monsoon seasons.

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2. Kharghar Hills

Perfect for hiking and thrill seekers, Kharghar Waterfalls offer a magnificent view of Mountain Valley.

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The Kharghar Hills is a hiking spot for most of the tourists. You can hike amongst the dense mountains with rising waterfalls in the monsoon season. The area is also very rich in terms of vibrant flora and fauna. You can find a variety of colourful butterflies and insects here. The hills are ideal for people who love being in the lap of nature seeking a calm escape from the busy city life. You can witness amazing natural landscapes including glimmering waterfalls and lush green forests.

3. Lohagad Fort

Known for its historical significance, Lohagad Fort is worth visiting on your road trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad.

Image Source: Varun Patil wikimedia commons

Lohagad Fort is an old fort with a lot of architectural significance and is located on top of a hill. This hill is a well-known spot for sports, picnics and hiking. Situated near Khandala in Pune, there are several activities you can enjoy here like visiting the Darshan Museum and inhaling the spiritual environment at Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganpati.

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4. Pawna Lake

Being an artificially constructed reservoir, Pawna Lake is a must-visit on your road trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad

Image Source: Sharadsy for wikimedia commons

Pawna Lake is an artificially constructed reservoir that is a well-known destination for picnics, photography and camping. Situated close to the remnants of an old-aged fortress, this area provides eye-catching views of the serene sunsets and hillsides. Tourists can also explore the local places of attraction like museums, wellness centres and vintage architecture at the Aga Khan Palace. For those who want to stay overnight, there are several camping options available in this area.

5. Della Adventure Park

Situated in Lonavala, Della Adventure Park is an amazing spot where you can dive into exploration and adventure

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Della Adventure Park is a nature park situated in Lonavala, Maharashtra which provides ample options for you to dive into exploration and adventure. You can enjoy a variety of activities like rappelling, dirt biking and paint-balling. There are many other activities too like roller coasters and flying foxes.

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6. Shri Tulja Bhavani Mandir

A view of Raje Shahaji Mahadwar of Tulja Bhavani Temple in Tuljapur, Osmanabad district, Maharashtra, India.

Image Source: Kiran891 for wikipedia commons

Shri Tulja Bhavani Mandir, located in the Osmanabad district of Maharashtra state is an old and esteemed Hindu temple with multi-coloured temples and a black idol made of stone. A famous destination for pilgrims from all nearby states including Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Karnataka. The temple was built during the ancient period and it looks very enchanting.

Tips for a Successful Road Trip From Mumbai to Hyderabad

On your Mumbai to Hyderabad trip, you must take utmost care of your safety. To ensure that there’s not even the slightest chance of any mishap, it is advised to follow the below basic tips that can keep you safe throughout the journey:

Prior planning

You must plan your trip before at least a week. Road trips are mainly preferred by people for their high flexibility.
Avoid getting dehydrated

If you’re travelling during the summer or monsoon season, don’t forget to carry all the essentials like water and food items in your car.

Carry your first-aid

Another important thing to remember is carrying your first-aid kit. This can help you extensively in any emergency station.
Check road condition

Last but not least, on your Mumbai to Hyderabad trip make sure to check the traffic on maps and weather forecast before starting.

Your road trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad will take you through several spots where you can stop and have leisure time. From temples to historic architecture and lakes to hills, this journey will be memorable for you. There are many places to take stopovers along the way. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Hyderabad today and check out some of the most beautiful landscapes, hills, and lakes in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Road Trip From Mumbai to Hyderabad

What are the recommended places to stop by on a road trip from Mumbai to Hyderabad?

One can stop in these eminent cities like Lonavala, Navi Mumbai and Pune on the Mumbai to Hyderabad route

How are the roads from Mumbai to Hyderabad?

The roads along this route are good. You may come across heavy traffic between Pune & Solapur.

How long does it take from mumbai to hyderabad by road?

Since the road distance from mumbai to hyderabad is around 700 KMs, it should take around 10-12 hours depending upon the speed and the number of stops we make.

Are there any off-the-grid places to visit along the way?

There are many historic places, temples and sightseeing spots along the way including the famous Basavakalyan Fort.

Which is the best route to travel from Mumbai to Hyderabad via Pune or Goa?

The Mumbai-Pune-Hyderabad route might be ideal, offering a shorter distance. However, if you wish to have a scenic journey then the Mumbai-Goa-Hyderabad route is a delightful journey.

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