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With the kind of fast-paced life that we lead, it is quite tough for us to spare a few days to heal and find better ways to spend a few days vacationing around. If you are in the same boat and would like to resort to a quaint place where you can relax as well as marvel at the nature then nothing is better than Rupin Pass trek. Yes, most of you must have heard about it earlier but might have not opted for it. This is the time to go for Rupin Pass trek and tick off it from your travel list. If you want to bring out the adventure lover from within you, this is quite an amazing holiday experience that you can look into. You don’t have to worry about the planning process because we have got you covered with this detailed guide.

About Rupin Pass Trek

ntire trekking trip

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The Rupin Pass trek is a very high altitude trek that starts on from Dhaula Uttarakhand and then ends at Sangla. The entire trekking trip is through Himachal Pradesh and covers some of the most beautiful sights and spots around.

This high altitude trek is situated at a height of 15,250 feet and is considered one of the highest range expeditions for trekking in India. Apart from the diverse twists and turns and the beauty of the place around, the sudden variation of the trails do attract quite several nature lovers.

With such a beauty in the surroundings, it is an ideal trek around for almost every type of adventure enthusiasts around. The trek crosses through warmer landscapes and follows through the colder ones gradually. You must ensure that you have everything planned around because the trek is not for beginners and not the easiest to finish.

What Is Special About Rupin Pass Trek?

Special About Rupin Pass Trek

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While many might think that the trek is something like any other trek then that is not the case. If you look around the entire landscape that you pass along the trek path, you will come to witness that this trek is not just one through the cold and stringent snow, rather covers all the beauty of the nature that you otherwise wouldn’t experience.

There are several surprises that you are bound to experience on the trek, the waterfalls and villages are some of the important factors that you must explore. The waterfall views are possibly one of the best ones around.

In addition to that, the Jhaka village or the Hanging village is possibly one of the best places to explore that you otherwise wouldn’t even think of. This village is located on the utmost end of the mountain which makes it appear that it is hanging from the cliff.

Apart from all that, you are also going to experience the beauty of the lush greenery and the snow bridges that litter through the place around. The addition of the Kinnaur temple along with the beauty of the views of the Kinner Kailash further enhances the experience. You must get in touch with the locals to get an enthralling experience without second thoughts put into it.

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If you want the absolute best experience through the trip, you must have a planned itinerary before you kick start the trip. The trip can execute the best when you have all the days planned out so you know what to carry and what you can get along the way.

More than anything, this is a necessity that you can’t avoid.

To help you plan everything accordingly, we do have some important insights that we want to share with you to ensure that your trip is a memorable one.

Day 1

easiest as it passes through some of the bumpy roads

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The very first day is the trip from Dehradun to Dhaula. Dhaula is the place where the base camp starts. If you ask around in Dehradun, chances are that you can even meet some of the trek mates around.

Reaching Dhaula isn’t going to be the easiest as it passes through some of the bumpy roads, so you need to be careful along the way. You will find that the tents are all located around the Rupin river.

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Day 2

surrounding villages

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The second day of the trek comprises traveling from Dhaula to Sewa. This is the next step that you need to overcome and experience before anything else. You need to start the next day fresh and rejuvenated after the first day’s trek. The distance from Dhaula to Sewa is 11 km and the hike is not the easiest that you will encounter.

If you keep up with everything, you will find that the trek will finish by noon from where you can then plan the trip ahead. The majority of the trekkers often book a homestay at Sewa and if possible, look through everything around. The local temple is a miracle that you can witness and experience because of the kind of architecture you can experience. The unique thing about this place is the fact that the idol is common to 12 surrounding villages and then the idol is transported around every village each month.

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Day 3

trek with beautiful natural landscapes

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The third day of the trip is the trek from Sewa to Jiskun which is quite an eventful trek with beautiful natural landscapes surrounding the area. The first thing that you need to do is go on a downhill trek from Sewa to the Rupin river. You have to cross state borders with a small wooden bridge across the Rupin river and enter Himachal Pradesh.

From there, the trekkers need to make an uphill trek to Gosangu and this is where the rocky road comes in. You need to be very careful through the trekking spot there. You need to constantly trek 6 km from there and the roads are quite rocky and dusty. Once you cover that, you need to trek to the Jiskin village. You can book a homestay there and enjoy the amazing spots that are made out of stone and wood and overlook some of the breathtaking views around.

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Day 4

uphill trek

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The fourth day of the trek is from Jiskun to Udaknal. The trek starts with an uphill trek from the Jiskun to the Jhaka village. The Jhaka village is quite one of a kind, given the kind of location it is in. It seems like a hanging village. From there, the trail goes on through the forests and the lush greenery of the Udaknal. The campsite there overlooks the beautiful cliffs, thus further making it an amazing spot to visit and explore around.

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Day 5

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The fifth day of the trip is the trek between Udaknal to Dhanderas Thatch. Often, the trek through Udaknal is done by following the shepherd’s trails. You will often find herds of sheep around which further makes it a one of a kind experience that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you are visiting during the peak season, chances are that you will also experience snow during that trek. You will have to cross through several snow bridges. The constant trek through the snow will finally take you to a place called Buras Kandi. This place is often considered the peak spot that includes some of the most popular and dense bouts of greenery around.

Trekking for a few hours more will take you to the Dhanderas Thatch which will be your campsite for that specific day. The view around is quite breathtaking with snow-covered mountains on both sides. You can also witness quite several waterfalls around. The majority of the people who visit this place have suggested saying that there are over 12 waterfalls.

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Day 6

amazing trekking

The sixth day is the trek from Dhanderas Thatch to the Upper Waterfall Camp. The trek is comparatively shorter and is an uphill trek through the waterfalls. The campsite beside the Rupin river and the view around is nothing short of breathtaking. The camp will leave you speechless once you reach there.

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Day 7

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The last day of the trek is when you finally reach the Rupin pass and experience one of a kind experience that you just can’t anywhere else. The trek is uphill to reach the Rata Pheri camp. The view around is breathtaking with the view of the Kinnaur-Kailash range and the peaks around. The trek is comparatively a lengthy one and is one of the best ones around.

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How To Reach Rupin Pass

When it comes to how one can reach the Rupin pass trek, there are a few ways in which you can do so. It more or less depends on the kind of budget you have and can spare along. There are a few ways in which you can reach the spot, let us take a look at some, shall we?

By Air: The very first in the list includes traveling via air. The nearest connecting airport is in Dehradun town. From there, one can trek to the starting point of Dhaula. The main airport is connected by some of the most important cities around like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Lucknow.

By Train: The next best option that you can check out is the Dehradun train station which is also connected to all the train stations across the country.

By Road: If you want to make a road trip out of the entire experience, it is best suggested that you opt for traveling around via road which is possibly one of the best experiences you can get around.

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Do’s And Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts

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When it comes to trekking trips, dos and don’ts are important to look around. You must have everything planned out beforehand.

  • Make sure to pack all the essentials without fail.
  • Carry the necessary trekking items like a pole, sleeping bag, and snacks.
  • Make the bookings beforehand if you are going on a group tour.
  • Don’t try to rush through the trip and ensure to follow through the itinerary.
  • Carry water with you at all times.
  • Pack the clothing items accordingly.

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If you want to catch a break and want something to do with a few days off that you have, you must plan everything. It is important to ensure that you do make the plans ahead of time, so you don’t have to rush through things at the last moment. So, plan your next trip to Uttarakhand and opt for the most famous Rupin Pass Trek. You can summit the mountains with your friends or can even opt for group tours.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rupin Pass Trek

Where is the Rupin pass trek located?

For those who aren’t aware, the Rupin pass trek is located on the Himalayan mountain range across Himachal Pradesh. It is one of the most popular high altitude mountain passes.

Is it safe to trek across Rupin pass?

If you have everything planned out accordingly, trekking through the Rupin pass is completely safe. Just make sure that you have everything planned accordingly.

What kind of cost will it take for the Rupin pass?

The trekking expedition along the Rupin pass does cost around INR 16,000 to INR 20,000. You must have everything planned out for the best budget.

What kind of things should one carry for the trek?

Given that the weather varies from warm to cold, you must do pack in all the essentials. Packing clothes for the cold is a necessity.

How can one get to Rupin pass?

The Rupin pass can only be reached via trek, so you need to ensure things accordingly. Make sure that you book group tours to cut down on the budget and also make new friends.

Are the homestay options safe during the trek?

Given that the place is safe in general, you can be assured of the fact that you can rely on the homestay options too. They provide breathtaking views.

When is the best time to trek to Rupin pass?

If you are confused, it is best suggested that you pick the winter months for the trek because then you can experience snow as well. You just need to plan things ahead of time.

Is the trek difficult?

More than difficult, it is the distance covered and the altitude of the trek that makes all the issues. You must be medically fit to cover through the distance.

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