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If people want to enjoy the cultural vacation, then Russian is the best place to visit. It is one of the finest vacation destinations that offer various places for the tourist. Russia is a massive country as it is twice the size of USA. Moreover, the culture followed in Russian is much different from that of USA. It is believed that one person cannot complete the trip of the country in one vacation. That is one of the reasons people like to visit this place a lot of times.

Best Time To Visit Russia

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The best time to experience snow at this famous destination is the month of January. However, if you wish to visit around the time when Russia is slightly warmer, in order to be able to enjoy more activities around, you must visit in the month of June when it’s the spring season here.

It is suggested that all the people should take help from the experts who can give Russia travel tips properly. These experts have all the information about different places that one can visit in Russia. It is recommended that people should surf the online site and collect information about all the places that are to be visited in Russia. It is the perfect way of spending a holiday in the right manner.
Russia is considered as a fantastic country as it has the rick past about the superpower and the political changes. So, make sure to collect Russia travel tips before visiting the place.

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Travel Tips When Going To Russia

Warm clothes

1. If you are planning to visit Russia in winters, then it is vital to carry some good shoes along so that you can do tracking properly. It is because in Moscow as well as Kazan there is a heavy snowfall that a person could easily slip. One should even be careful while entering any building. It is because the floor of the building might get uneven changes and the person might fall. It is suggested that the person should follow the Russia travel safety tips so as to make the trip memorable and better.

2. The cuisines of Russia are very famous, but at the same time, they are named in an unfamiliar way, so it is suggested to do some research work before trying any cuisine.

3. Make sure to keep in mind the Russia travel safety tips at the time of entering the place. It is vital to keep in mind that no person should drink the tap water. It is because the tap water might create problem to health so a person should ways to take care of themselves properly so that they can enjoy the trip properly.

4. Before visiting the place it is significant to research about the opening days as well as the time of different places. It is because there is no particular time of opening and closing the museum and various other spots. Most of the sites suggested that people should visit Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow only after knowing about losing as well as the opening date.

5. People visiting Russia must know how to navigate the metro of Moscow properly. It is the perfect way of visiting different places in Moscow without any hassle. All the metro stations are grand and help the person in traveling from one place to another easily. Look for the tips for traveling in Russia from the online site so as to know all the things related to this place. Online portal assist with reliable information about various places so that the person can feel content.

6. If you are traveling in Russia it is suggested to carry the passport along so that you are away from any problem. It is because if you are stopped by the police, then you can show the passport then and there. But if you are unable to carry the passport, it is suggested that one should keep the copy if the passport online. It means at least one proof is important to make sure that you can enjoy safely.

7. All the experts suggested that tourists should preplan their mean if it is possible. One should also carry various things along with them so that they do feel hungry.

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Best Places To Visit In Russia

Knowing where to go to in this scenic snowy country beforehand will surely help you plan a hassle-free trip to this paradise. Read on to know what all awaits you here!

1. Mount Elbrus

Snow Mountain

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It is located in Caucasus Mountain Range in the Southern part of Russia. It is the perfect place for the people who love to climb a mountain. Elbrus is one of the highest summits and attracts the visitors easily. This mountain was formed with the volcano and is not having any sign of eruption. So, why not give this place a try to? Whether you’re a mature lover or not, this place is surely going to cast a spell on you!

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2. Valley Of Geysers

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It is situated in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the eastern part of Russia. Moreover, it is the second largest geyser in the world. That is the reason most of the travel guide suggested the visitors come to this place. And, while you’re still trying to make up your mind about visiting this place, knowing that this is surely one of a kind will allure you here!

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3. Kizhi Island


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This island is situated in the northwestern part of Russia. It is near to the border of Finland as well as the White Sea. This place is must watch for the visitors because it has an open-air museum that catches the attention of all the visitors easily. It is believed that the Karelians have been living in this region since the last 13th century. The museum is well designed using 22 domes and has 120-foot high church. People like to visit this place because it even has n number of attractions like-

• Wooden houses
• Windmills
• Chapels
• Barns

This place even represents the culture of the place with the help of craft and folk ensembles.

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4. Lake Baikal

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It is the deepest as well as the oldest lake on earth and that is the reason tourist like to visit here. This lake holds 20 percent of the water of earth that is fresh. It is situated in Siberia and is surrounded by the mountain. Lake Baikal is 25 million years old and it catches the attention of the travelers easily. It is even considered as the clearest lake in the world because the water is transparent. Another name of this lake is the pearl of Siberia and it is the homer to n number of resorts. Because of this lake people like to stay in this agreement for a very long duration of time.

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It is no doubt if we say that Russia has become one of the most popular countries because of its rich cultural heritage as well as some renowned cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg. That is the reasons people like to visit this place. So, before visiting Russia make sure to check the details about various places by visiting travel triangle, as it is one of the most reliable portals that assist with complete information. Plan your trip to Russia with TravelTriangle for an experience like never before with your loved ones!

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