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Be it a safari to some woods, or to a zoo, or a national park, spending some time in the wild, with the animals in their natural environment is somehow indescribably soothing We believe that safaris in Melbourne will bring you the excitement of such a trip. Moreover, safaris today have become much more enjoyable with enhanced vehicles, advanced technology, and increased security. Earlier, they mostly got over before sundown. But today, safaris have changed the meaning at a large scale.

5 Best Safaris In Melbourne

We have now brought to you some of the best safaris in Melbourne. While there are a number of different kinds of safaris in Melbourne, we have a list of safaris in zoos, in sanctuaries, and even safaris conducted at night.

1. The Philip Island

Penguins view

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Penguins are undoubtedly some of the cutest and innocent little creatures. Watching them walking across will just give you the thrill. While the tiny penguins are the primary attraction of this tour, you will see a number of lesser known, yet adorable and endangered animal species; namely Southern Bettong, Eastern Quolls, and the extremely rare Fluffy Gliders. This is a 12 hours long tour of the Philip Island in Victoria. Starting with the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, and ending with the penguin parade at Summerland beach, this tour will show you some of the best natural and wildlife stock of Victoria, Australia.

The Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is home to some very friendly animal species, and the place is highly interactive. After that, we are off to Churchill Island to watch sheep being sheared, and probably get indulged in some action.

And then, finally in Summerland beach, after you have made it through Cape Woolamai surf beach, and Noobies, you get to see the adorable little penguins, as they head home through the beach to retire for the night. The safari fare takes care of your entry fees into all of the three parks, and provides you with tea or coffee and biscuits, and also an exclusive Australian lunch.

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2. Werribee Zoo Night Safari

Giraffe view

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We now take you to an awesome safari zoo in Melbourne; the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Trust us, and this will be the most memorable night out of your life. You can opt to spend the night time with these animals and a part of your proceedings go into funds that are presented to international conservation agencies, such as the Rhino Fund Uganda.

You will be accompanied by an expert guide on your past sunset safari. You will come extremely close to some of the most impressive and majestic animals. You will be able to study each move and take a closer look at herds of zebras, and giraffes. And the cherry on top is the complimentary drink at the beginning of the safari.

But the safari does not just end there. After you are done, you will be taken to the Meerkat Bistro. Here you will be served a North Africa inspired dinner, that would include items like tagine, with dips, and bread, and salads. After dinner is done with, you are taken into the world of dance and music, with African drums, inspired songs, and dance.

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3. Off-Road At Werribee Zoo

Werribee Zoo

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We told you about the night out at the Werribee Open Range Zoo. But we will now take you off-road during the day. The Off Road Safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo is a 75 minutes affair. Although you will meet most of the same animals that you met at night, with antelopes added to the list, the safari will take you through a much-varied terrain. The night safari takes you through the open plains of the zoo, but this one will take you off-road into sights, smells, and sounds of the captivating Savannah in Australia. That too, you will be on a custom designed open vehicle, which will allow a 3600 view of the surroundings at all times.

Moreover, you are guaranteed a pleasurable experience, as you will be touring in smaller groups, with a maximum of 12 people on a single vehicle. In addition to that, each of the vehicle comes with an expert guide, and an extremely knowledgeable driver, who will trail, and find out the animals for you to see, along with providing you with important information on them.

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4. Dandenong Ranges – On The Puffing Billy

Dandenong Range

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You will be taken back to the 1900s, where you will be witness to the sheer power of steam-powered rail engines. The Puffing Billy, the oldest steam railway in Australia, will take you from Melbourne to the Dandenong Ranges, and back. The body of the train has been modified such that the visitors can sit the traditional way or sideways with feet dangling above the rails. Most of this park is covered by rolling hills, gullies covered in thick rainforests, and steeply withered valleys.

On your return journey towards Melbourne, the train will stop either at Sassafras or at Olinda. These are little crafts villages in the area. Further on into the return journey, you will have the chance to feed the crimson rosella parrots. You will be served hot Devonshire tea, as afternoon nears. Take little sips of the tea as you look down at the beautiful Victorian countryside.

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5. Ocean Road Tour

Ocean Road Tour

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This is another unique safari you should try out in Melbourne. You will take a part of the tour on a minibus, while you will also walk a great deal. However, walking is only optional, and you would rather stick to the bus. But you will miss a great deal if you do so. Anyhow, the 13 hours long safari will start at the Melbourne city center, with you getting up on a tour minibus that will carry a maximum of 24 passengers. The bus will then drive along the Great Ocean Road. Here, you will be witness to some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. The drivers to these buses are locals, and take extreme pride in the beauty of these parts. They will definitely take you to, and tell you about the beautiful spots along the coastline.

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You will get a number of different kinds of safaris today, at different hours of the day; and not just to forests and sanctuaries, but also to zoos, and amusement parks. Choose your safari from this list of safaris in Melbourne, and have your best time. However, make it a point to get them included on your trip to Australia!

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