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    Waterfalls reflect the authentic beauty of nature with water falling in a vertical direction to rivers or streams. Waterfalls provide a better space for people to have the best break of their busy life with sites for picnic or camping with friends every year. There are many waterfalls in Melbourne. The alluring beauty of Melbourne invites many holidaymakers from different parts of the world to have their best time with friends and families every year.

    6 Best Waterfalls In Melbourne

    Waterfalls have a scenic beauty that attracts people from around the world. Mackenzie Falls is one of the famous waterfalls in Melbourne, but there are others as well. Here is a list:

    1. Erskine Falls

    Erskine Falls

    Image Source

    Erskine Waterfalls is one of the well-known waterfalls in Melbourne Victoria. It is located at a distance of 10km to the northwestern part of Lorne at the ending of Erskine and is a 30-meter waterfall. The uniqueness of this falls is that one can ascend down to the falls and can further immerse to the base of the pool and has a standup point at the top of the falls with a proceeding zone in the area that ways out to the bottom of the falls. It is one of the highest natural fountains in Otway.

    Location: Northwest Lorne

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    2. Masons Falls

    Masons Falls

    Image Source

    It is situated inside the Kinglake National Park in Australia. The falls with its scenic beauty provides facilities to visitors for a picnic with an attractive view of nature. It also provided tables, shelters, and toilets for the visitors to sit, use and enjoy. The accommodations of these have made the place a unique one for a best public meeting. Visitors can also bring their own utensils like gases for having picnic though not always permitted. Walking 700 meters in the park leads to the picturesque site of the Masons Falls. To have a complete look of the area it takes around 13km to roam about within place. This is one of the perfect places of gathering for a picnic to have a break from the busy schedule in everyday life.

    Location: Kinglake National Park

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    3. Mackenzie Falls

    Mackenzie Falls

    Image Source

    Mackenzie Falls is located in the Grampians National Park to the southeast part of Australia. It is one of the largest attracting waterfalls around Melbourne where visitors mostly pay a visit every year. Roaming in this park to the viewing of the falls will take one hour thirty minutes to return. Tracking condition is worthy there. No bookings required for entry in the park. There is an also a different way to the falls through which viewers can view the falls by just sitting on a bath chair. There is an outstanding view of this falls through a big rock into a bottomless pond which sends colors of rainbow up into the air with the flowing of the fountain all over the year. Swimming is not allowed in the park beneath the waterfalls.

    Location: Grampians National Park
    Entry fee: not required

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    4. Steavenson Falls

    Steavenson Falls

    Image Source

    Steavenson Falls is located in Victoria, Australia at a distance of 4km to the southeastern part of Marysville. It is one of Victoria’s tallest waterfalls. To have a proper view of the falls one has to walk 700 meters in the area. There are all total five falls in the waterfall system. The longest being 21 meters in height. It is believed that the native people in the area had cut a path to the fountain in the year 1866. John Steavenson who was the Asst. Commissioner at that time of roads and bridges first went to the place and later the river is being cut out and the fountain was known by his name. This tallest fountain falls from a height of 400 ft (122 meters) from the top.

    The fountain is located in the valley of Yarra in Australia and has very beautiful scenery to watch for. The place also provides facilities for outspan plots and tramping rows. A walk of 11 km can also lead to three to four hours to have a proper view of this tallest waterfall of Australia. Entry fee varies in different seasons. A trip to this waterfall on a snowy day is $99.15 USD.

    Location: Australia
    Entry fee: varies in different seasons

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    5. Trentham Falls

    Trentham Falls

    Image Source

    Trentham Falls is located in Victoria, Australia near Melbourne and is one of the conventional waterfalls in the country. This waterfall can be called as a prolonged fountain of Victoria and is the only single fountain among the rest fountains of Australia. This beautiful place of Victoria is only at a distance of one hour near the city of Melbourne. The fall is believed to be formed by melting of lava five million years past. The area has the latitude of 37.369963 and longitude of 144.324705. Due to its uniqueness of being the sole waterfall, it attracts people from roofs and corners of the world. In winter it has the highest and the deepest flow of water within it. Winter pulls the highest number of visitors to this authentic place from different places of the world while in summer the flow of the water is mild and narrow irrespective of its altitude. During summer, due to its low flow of water one can easily walk down the rock but not the same in winter.

    Walking over the grassy areas beside it gives the best view of the falls to the visitors. It only takes a 150-meter walk from the parking zone to the Coliban River which is dived out at a distance of 32 m from the rock of Basalt. The fountain is rectangular in shape with the river of Coliban jumping out from the rock of Basalt. Swimming in the Trentham Falls is not allowed and is callously prohibited by the parks of Victoria from 2015 as a matter of preventing depletion of existence. The water temperature is cold there with an utmost water density more than two meters. Accommodation is available but camping beside the falls is strictly banned. Overnight staying facility is available. It provides better facilities for a picnic to the people along with the availability of public toilets out there. The park of Victoria is the head of the dominion in the area.

    Location: Trentham Falls Scenic Park, Northwest Melbourne
    Entry fee: not required
    Opening times: open always
    Accommodations: available

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    6. Hopkin Falls

    Hopkin Falls

    Image Source

    Hopkin Falls was formed by a volcanic eruption in Melbourne, Australia and is named after the river Hopkins in 1836. The river is believed to be named by Major Thomas Mitchell and Sir John Paul Hopkins. It is the widest falls in Melbourne, Australia. The river that is related to it flows at a distance of 13 km to the northeastern part of Warrnambool. It measures at a width of 90 meters among all the waterfalls of Australia. There are different wild lives found in the area within the river and the waterfalls. The water creatures find difficulties at their swimming due to this fountain falling over the river according to the local people. The scenic beauty of the place provides accommodations for people. There are picnic spots and other facilities of food and lodging over there including a tiny parking zone at the peak of the falls for the visitors to park their cars.

    Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria
    Accommodations: available
    Entry: free
    Opening times: 24 hours

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    The picturesque beauty and the authenticity of the waterfalls in Melbourne, Australia lures visitor to have some wonderful moments with their dear ones. Tramping rows beneath the falls also gives the people a better way to view the waterfalls. The scenic beauty of the waterfalls attracts people from different corners of the world and compels them to visit Australia.

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