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Moscow attracts all the visitors because of its changeable seasons as in the month of spring it is always fresh whereas in summers its green as well as a worm. In the month of autumn, it is cooler and the best season for all time is winters because people tend to enjoy the snowfall. These all are the seasons that a person living in Moscow can experience. So, the people those who wish to enjoy the holidays in a right manner should visit Moscow in winters. The snowfall in Moscow helps the tourist in performing various activities so that they could feel content and delightful. In the month of winters, Moscow is nothing less than a fairy tale, as this place offers beautiful places to visit so that people can enjoy the holiday appropriately. Even there are different parks and churches where n numbers of activities are performed in the right manner.

Moreover, it is the festive season where all the people of Russia come along and celebrate their happiness. Snowfall in Moscow Russia is loved by the people who wish to perform ice skating.

Things to be performed in the Moscow snow months

Traveling to Moscow during the winter season is a great idea as people could perform various activities and can enjoy different festivals easily. Enjoying Moscow in winters is considered as a unique experience as there will be n number of things that one can perform without any hassle. So, if you are outside chilling and enjoy the weather or sitting inside the home, there are n number of activities that can help in spending your time properly. Moreover, it is the time when people could enjoy different festivals and can have fun in during vacay.

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During winters people love to perform such activity. In the history of this place, the ice skating is performed in front of the departmental store GUM in Red Square in the winter season. Around 45 rinks are there in Moscow where ice-skating is performed. Some of the skating rinks are-

Gorky Park
• Sokolniki Park
• Izmailovsky park
• Patriarch’s pond

Out of all the rinks, Gorky Park is the largest unreal ice rink, where people could enjoy properly.

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2. Icebreaker cruise

Icebreaker cruise

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The boat cruises that are down the Moscow River provides a magnificent view of the city. It gives a very pleasing look to the person as they could enjoy the beauty of nature properly. Snowfall in Moscow Russia can be enjoyed at this place properly. For enjoying the view of the place in a right manner, tourists carry the icebreaker beat along with them so that they can break up the ice that is lying on the surface of the river in the winter season. This cruise is for two hours so that people can enjoy their romantic lunch or dinner and can add special memories in their vacation.

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3. Ice-sculpture

Ice Sculptures

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Ice sculpture tends to showcase their talent during winters. Some of the modes are different parts of Russia are made with the help of ice. Even the competition is held off the ice sculpture annually on different venues like-

• Sokolski park
• Park Pobedy

Even such events are held in different theme parks so that people can enjoy their holiday properly. So, if you are traveling to Moscow along with children, then it is suggested to look for such events. Even there are various snow art schools where the children are taught how to create the sculptures from the snow.

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4. Painting


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There is an annual competition called the “Art on snow” in Sokolniki Park. Most of the families participate in this competition and they tend to create a temporary masterpiece. They create a perfect piece on the smooth canvas in the winter season. Sounds like a fun thing to do in Moscow, isn’t it? You should take part if you are around. It will be a unique experience as a spectator if not an artist.

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5. Romantic dinner

Romantic dinner

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Moscow is one of the finest cities in Russia that offers cozy restaurants as well as cafes so as to give a perfect feel to the person. The entire tourist should look for different restaurants where they spend quality time with their loved ones.
If you wish to enjoy the Moscow snowfall 2022, then make sure to perform all the activities so as to create memories for the lifetime. These activities can leave a person delightful and content for a long duration of time.

So, if are thinking that when does it snow in Moscow? Then you should know that the snow starts from the month of November. With the arrival of November, the snow starts hitting the city and people starts carrying their winter stuff along with them. So, if you are planning to visit planning to visit enjoy the snowfall in Moscow, then make sure to visit in the month of November, December or January.
In this winter season, the city is completely decorated with lights at night so that people could enjoy the city view appropriately. The tourists can even enjoy the New Year’s Trees celebration so as to feel the happiness appropriately. In the culture of Russia, one can feel culture and love. In the ice sculptures, people tend to create different animals, cathedrals as well as different ruble coins. Even there are large games of ice chess so that the visitors can feel content.

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Places to Visit In Snow In Moscow

Here are some of the romantic places to visit in the month of winters during your Moscow trip:

Places to Visit In Snow In Moscow

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1. Sparrow Hills
2. Red Square
3. Saint Basil’s Cathedral
4. Krasny Oktyabr
5. Novodevichy Convent
6. Cathedral of Christ the savior
7. Gorky Park
8. Garage Museum
9. Hermitage Garden
10. Sanduny Banya

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So, if you are planning to visit Moscow in the winter month, then make sure to carry winter cloth along with them. Even try to carry the boots so that people can do tracking easily. They even help in providing complete protection to the feet.
If you are planning a trip to Russia in the winter month, it would be a good time to enjoy snowfall in the above-mentioned places. Enjoy making snow sculptures and angels in the snow on your trip.

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