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    Fancy an out of the ordinary overnight experience? Looking for a stay that you have dreamt of, all your childhood? Not everyone wants the typical room service, continental breakfast, and double bed of a chain hotel. Whether you wish of living in a treehouse, or you love wine so much you’d give anything to sleep inside a giant empty wine barrel, there’s a crazy hotel out there that fits your vacation needs.

    Take a look at the most craziest, strange and unconventional retreats options to make your holiday a truly memorable one:

    1. Tree Hotel – Laponian, Sweden

    Tree Hotel in Laponian Sweden

    Image Source
    A tree house, what are you 9? Give your devilish alter-ego a condescendent look and explain that this hotel is more than a house in a tree, it’s a proof that living green and in comfort is quite possible if we’d just rethink the way we see and use forests.

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    2. Das Park Hotel – Ottensheim, Austria

    Sleep in a sewage pipe at Das Park Hotel in Ottensheim, Austria

    Image Source
    This hotel is constructed from repurposed, incredibly robust drain pipes. It might not be the hotel room you’ve always dreamt of getting your beauty sleep in but it will be unforgettable for sure. Did we mention cheap?

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    3. De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel – Netherlands

    Sleep in a wine barrel at De Vrouwe van Stavoren in Netherlands

    Image Source
    Sleeping in a wine barrel might sound a bit strange in the beginning. And it is not only possibly, but guaranteed, to be a unique experience. Where to better fall asleep after a night of wine tasting than in one of these sleeping spaces?

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    4. Ice Hotel – Sweden

    Ice Hotel in Sweden

    Image Source
    The biggest and oldest ice hotel in the world is located in Sweden, Jukkasjärvi. It’s rebuilt every winter and it will be opened in this year’s winter for the 21st time. The whole décor is awe-inspiring and has given concept to more such ideas at other geographical locations.

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    5. Capsule Hotel – Tokyo, Japan

    Stay in a Capsule Hotel at Tokyo, Japan

    Image Source
    Made up of tiny 2 square meter rooms, each with a bed and a TV set. These are cheap and ready to rent if it’s too late to drive, or you’ve had one drink too many and would rather rest first and think about what you’ve done second. The majority of these capsule hotels only accepts male guests and only allow one night bookings.

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    6. Karostas Cietums Hotel – Leipaja, Latvia

    Sleep in a Jail at Karostas Cietums Hotel at Leipaja, Latvia

    Image Source
    If you’ve ever wondered how it might feel to sleep in jail for a night, but you’re not particularly in the mood to start a bar fight, just book a night in this former prison. Handcuffs and being escorted to your “cell” for the night included. Open from May to October.

    7. Propeller Island City Lodge – Berlin

    Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin

    Image Source
    Do you think you can handle a night in a hotel room decorated as a funeral shop? Sleep in a coffin or in a guillotine bed? Would you ever consider sleeping in beds suspended 2m above the ground or in surreal rooms where it feels like you’re sleeping under the floor? If you’re travelling to Berlin, you have to check out this hotel.

    8. Devjibhai’s Kooba Eco Tour Camp – Gujarat – India

    Devjibhai’s Kooba Eco Tour Camp in Gujarat, India

    Image Source
    The Little Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh and little visited sanctuary for the endangered Asiatic wild ass, and a good place to spot birdlife including flamingos. This eco camp features a few comfortable but simple Kooba (mud huts) with bathrooms but no electricity. It’s run by Devjibhai Dhamecha, a knowledgeable naturalist who has fought hard for the conservation of the area, and his family. As always the home-cooked food is a highlight.

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    9. Hotel Everland – Paris

    Hotel Everland- the capsule hotel in Paris

    Image Source
    This hotel is maybe one of the strangest there are, because you can put it wherever you want. It’s a capsule with a king size bed, a bathroom and a dining room with a huge window. The view, well you can choose it yourself.

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    10. Kokopelli’s Cave – Mexico

    Kokopelli’s Cave in Mexico is for all Flintstone lovers

    Image Source
    In love with Flintstones? Or maybe just the idea of living in a cave? Dine on stone tables, sit on stone chairs, sleep in a stone bed and still feel comfy. Practice your yabadabadoo when you check out the Kokopelli’s Cave Hotel.

    11. Jumbo Hostel – Stockholm

    Sleep in an airplane at Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm

    Image Source
    Until flying gets as comfortable as resting in a hotel room, you can try sleeping in a hotel shaped like an airplane. Oxygen masks, business class seats and the pilot’s cabin suite are part of Jumbo’s methods for convincing travelers to go to bed.

    12. Palacio de Sal – Bolivia

    The salt hotel Palacio de Sal in Bolivia

    Image Source
    This building is made of 100% salt: the chairs, the beds everything, as salt is the only building material available in this area. The Uyuni salt mine of Bolivia is just in front and this place gives you a feeling of being at the most peaceful place.

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    13. Jules Undersea Lodge – Florida

    Stay underwater at Jules Undersea Lodge

    Image Source
    To access this hotel you have to scuba dive! This former investigation laboratory in Florida has been turned into the first underwater hotel. The sad part is that it hosts only 6 persons at a time. But you can definitely give it a shot if you are a connoisseur of the underwater life.

    And the last one, but the most worthy of being the quirkiest of them all is:

    14. Galactic Suite Space Resort – Outer Space

    Galactic Suite Space Resort – Outer Space

    Image Source
    The first luxury space hotel opened its doors to guests in 2012. It hosts 350 guests per year, who are able to see the sunrise 15 times a day and travel around the world every 80 minutes. This is the first ever marvel and nothing compares to the uniqueness of this venture.

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