Seychelles is a component of the African Union and is largely an agricultural society, but recently has become a market-based economy and agriculture has been replaced by the rising service and public sectors and tourism. While visiting a new tourist destination you should keep in mind that its ethnicity, tradition, manners, and even common phrases can hold different meanings. Seychelles is a tourist friendly place and a popular tourist spot; you should keep in mind things not to do in Seychelles. Therefore, check out these travel tips you should employ while visiting Seychelles.

8 Things Not To Do In Seychelles

To have a pleasurable holiday getaway and to avoid nasty situations, it is recommended that you learn what you should and should not do when traveling to Seychelles.

  • Language And People
  • Revealing Clothes
  • Large Sums Of Money
  • Unlicensed Hotels Or Any Other Tourism Site
  • No To Their Invites
  • Sunbathe Without Sunblock
  • Do Not Litter
  • Don’t Collect Seashells

1. Language And People

People Enjoying at Beach

Seychelles people live an uncomplicated and primitive island life. The government plans tourism in such a manner that the magic and natural beauty of the island is not lost and undisturbed. The native people have evolved their own unique language and culture. As a foreign tourist you should respect and also observe some. This is the first thing not to do in Seychelles.

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2. Revealing Clothes

Clothes Shop

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You need to carry casual wears also with you. Formal clothes are only worn to go to the church. You should wear any clothes that are revealing or swimwear only on the beaches or by the pool. The local people might take offence or might pose a threat. The crime rate in Seychelles is quite low still one needs to be careful not to provoke. The best proverb that is applied here is to follow ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’. This is one of the things to avoid in Seychelles.

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3. Large Sums Of Money

Large Amount of Money

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It is absolutely not desirable to carry large sums of money on your person. One thing not to do in Seychelles is to carry any item of value or important documents like passports should not be carried with you. Carry a photocopy of passport and keep the originals in the vault at the hotel. Likewise, it is advised not take these documents to the beach or marketplace. Don’t leave them in your rented vehicle or on display in your hotel room.

4. Unlicensed Hotels Or Any Other Tourism Site

Bad condition of Sofa

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You need to be very careful while choosing the place of your stay. Do not opt for a place that is unlicensed or lacks official approval. Or else these places may not have quality or you may have some real bad experience. One of the many things to avoid in Seychelles is not to choose any secluded place to stay or walk alone at night. You should not venture out alone at night. The bad things about Seychelles are safety hazards. If you have plans to go out alone then keep the hotel guys posted about your whereabouts.

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5. No To Their Invites

Homes in Seychelles

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Seychellois people are very warm and cordial. They like inviting tourists to their homes. If you are fortunate to get such an invite from them, do visit them. Take a memento or a simple gift with you. Also remember shaking hands is their customary form of greeting. Both men and women offer hands for shaking. So refusing any invite by the local people is a thing not to do in Seychelles.

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6. Sunbathe Without Sunblock


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The sun in Seychelles is very hot. Do not go to the beach for a sunbath without having to apply sunblock of a fitting potency for your skin. Take care of yourself because you do not want to ruin your amazing vacation. Also, you need to be caring towards the fauna. Do not feed any sea animals including mammals, turtles or tortoises or seabirds. Do not scare them on their nesting grounds.

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7. Do Not Litter

Do Not Litter

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Seychelles is a tourist-friendly country. But you need to be careful not to litter the places you visit. If there are no litter bins in the vicinity, then you can carry back your litter and dispose of it in the hotel. If you are seen littering around by the local cops, you could be charged a high fine for the same. So to be on the safe side, look for garbage bins to throw any litter.

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8. Don’t Collect Seashells

Sea Spiral Elegance Seashells

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Refrain from collecting seashells along the beaches as many are habitat for the hermit crabs. It is prohibited to collect shells in Seychelles’ nature reserves, marine parks, and reserves. The thing not to do in Seychelles is to destroy the unique and unusual tropical flora. It is extremely beautiful and we as tourists should understand that this unique flora is for everyone to enjoy. What not to do in the Seychelles is not to carry any flora as souvenirs. If you are carrying anything back with you then you must get a certificate and an official export permit from the authorities.

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When you are traveling to any country you should not get into trouble with the law since you may have to pay a heavy penalty. You should not have any illegal cash dealings because if you are caught Seychelles’s laws are quite harsh. Before traveling to Seychelles make sure that your planning is in place. You can have a remarkable holiday in Seychelles and enjoy one of the most stunning destinations in the world, just ensure that you remember these things not to do in Seychelles!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Things Not To Do In Seychelles

What is the best currency to take to Seychelles?

Euro is the most accepted foreign currency here.

What is the climate like in Seychelles?

Seychelles has a tropical climate.

What should I buy in Seychelles?

While one of the major things not to do in Seychelles is collecting seashells, One can buy coconut shell artefacts at Seychelles.

Is food and drink expensive in Seychelles?

Yes, as Seychelles is not a budget-friendly destination when it comes to finding food and drinks. Especially the food which is very cost and lunch might cost around 400 RS in a fine-dine restaurant.

What is the best month to visit Seychelles?

The best months to visit Seychelles are April, May, October and November as during this time the hot and humid northwest trade winds transition into cool winds coming from the Southeast.

How much does a meal cost in Seychelles?

An average lunchtime meal in Seychelles cost around INR 380, while a meal at a fast-food joint is around INR 137.

What do they eat in Seychelles?

The staple food in Seychelles includes fish, shellfish, and variety of seafood which is served with rice. In Seychelles, the fish is cooked in different ways which include grilled, steamed, wrapped in banana leaves, baked, salted and smoked.

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