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    Trekking In Rishikesh Is The Perfect Day Out In The Lap Of Nature

    North is always exciting! The places, people, adventures, and vibes in the air make India’s northern frontier exciting. Rishikesh is one of the many places in North India that tends to every diehard adventurer. Among all the other adventures, trekking in Rishikesh is certainly one of the most exciting things to do.Meandering through those green meadows and walking those steep pathways one can find their way to the exciting destinations. These destinations in the foothills of the Himalayas are special in their own way.

    While the glorious Ganga epitomise the appearance of most of these beaten Rishikesh trekking routes, the legends associated with these places only make them popular among devotees for various reasons. As you set foot on the holy land of Haridwar/Rishikesh you can actually plan a perfect day out living in those fancy swiss tents and going for the moderate level trekking in Rishikesh.

    Best time to go trekking in Rishikesh

    Travelers walking through the mountains in Uttarakhand

    October – March is the perfect time to plan a trekking in Rishikesh. Summer months (May – June) is slightly hotter and only good to plan a river rafting in Rishikesh. However, winters are exciting in Rishikesh with perfect weather conditions to charge you up for an amazing trek.

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    What camping, rafting, and trekking in Rishikesh are like?


    Image Source

    Rishikesh, by the banks of river Ganga, is studded with temples, yoga ashrams, meditation center, and wonderful campsites by the river. These camps are special because of the fact that they are nestled right in the heart of nature. Apart from offering the magnificent nature views, these camps organize wonderful treks in and around Rishikesh.

    From a few hours to a few days, there are a lot of trails to choose from. From enabling travelers to reside in the camps or hotels located in the vicinity of the banks to allow them to make their own tents, trekking throws in plenty of opportunities for discerning travelers. Trekking and camping go hand in hand, therefore one must make the

    Average Rishikesh camping price: INR 2500-3000 for 2 nights

    Popular routes for trekking in Rishikesh

    Travelers walking a trek near Rishikesh in Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    Mostly located in the heart of the heart of the city these trails make for some of the most scenic treks in Uttarakhand. The trails, mostly thronged by pilgrims and adventurers, are a treat to the eyes and soul.

    1. Waterfall Treks

    Group of friends taking bath in a waterfall in Rishikesh

    Image Source

    Some of the finest treks in Rishikesh lie under the thick cover of the jungles in Rajaji National Park. These forests have exciting trails that lead travelers to the hidden waterfall shrouded in the embrace of the Rajaji National Park. If you are someone who loves to go on a hike more often, then a waterfall trekking in Rishikesh is just the perfect exercise to pump you up. Some of the popular waterfalls in the national park are:

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    i) Neer Garh Waterfall Trek

    Multiple streams flowing at Neer Garh Waterfall

    Image Source

    A short walk from Laxman Jhula (3 km) and around 6 km from Tapovan, Neer Garh is the perfect hiking exercise to spend a quiet morning in the pious land of Rishikesh. The trek is a bit more challenging as compared to other waterfall treks located in its vicinity.

    ii) Garud Chatti & Phool Chatti Waterfall Trek

    The gushing torrents of Garud Chatti Waterfalls in Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    This waterfall is around 5 km far from Lakshman Jhula on the Neelkanth Road. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Rishikesh. The waterfall falls on the road as you start walking towards the North of Lakshman Jhula. There are a few tea joints and restaurants en route. There are a few stalls that serve tea and some fast food nearby. You can also take your swimwear along if you want to go diving into the water or try your hands at swimming.

    3 km from Garud Chatti on the Neelkanth road lies Phool Chatti. This one is another of the scenic waterfalls in Rishikesh in the vicinity of Laxman Jhoola. The trail to this waterfall is slightly slippery so one must be mindful of the steps while trekking there. 15 minutes from the city.

    iii) Patna Waterfalls Trek

    A view of Patna waterfalls in Rishikesh

    Image Source

    It is another short hike from the town of Rishikesh. The hike takes 30 minutes to complete and makes for a perfect walk in the park with plenty of amazing scenery awaiting you, peeping from the thick jungles.

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    2. Kunjapuri Temple Trek

    An aerial view of the road that leads to the Kunjapuri Temple Trek in Rishikesh

    Image Source

    Another private hike located right in the heart of the city, the Kunjapuri trekking in Rishikesh, is a popular half-day tour in Rishikesh. The trek to the temple located atop 1645 meters presents some of the most stunning spectacles of the Himalayan peaks, Haridwar, Doon Valley. To take this trek one has to take the road from Narendra Nagar up till Hindola Khal from where the temple is another 5 km trek.

    This one, being a sacred place for Hindus, see a lot of devotees round the year and more especially during the Navratra. The trek is special because one can also watch the beautiful sunrise from behind the mountains. Live the moments as you cross the green fields and sleepy villages to reach the temples.

    3. Neelkanth Mahadev Trek

    A view of the trail that leads to Neelkanth Mahadev Temple in near Rishikesh in Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    The Nilkantha Mahadev Temple perched atop 1330 meters is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Reaching this temple is a wonderful experience in itself as it makes for a wonderful hike in the Rishikesh. The total length of this trek is 14 km and the surroundings of the temple encompass a wonderful mix of flora and dense forests.

    Popular places to go trekking near Rishikesh

    Travelers on a mountain trek in Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    1. Kuari Pass Trek

    Trekkers en route to Kuari Pass in Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    Discovered by the erstwhile Viceroy Lord Curzon, Kuari Pass trek is special for various reasons. The trek, also known as Lord Curzon, encompasses Auli – a popular ski resort in India. Winter is the ideal time to take this trek that touches an altitude of almost 4425 m. The trek length is almost 38 km and takes close to 5 days to complete.

    One must reach Joshimath from Rishikesh/Haridwar to begin the trek. Brace yourself to catch the surreal views of views of Mt Kamet, Mt Chaukhamba, Mt Trishul, & Nanda Devi as you walk through the picturesque mountain path of Garhwal Himalayas.

    2. Chandrashila Trek

    The stairs leading to Tungnath Temple falling on the Chandrashila Trek route

    Considered as one of the most popular Uttarakhand treks, Chandrashila Trek is certainly not for the beginners. The 6-day trek, located in Chopta-Chandrashila-Deoriatal Trek presents the best of Himalayas. This one is known worldwide as the winter trek, however, winter could be absolutely fun snowy peaks peeking right into you as you walk the daunting trail at 4000 meters above the sea level.

    3. Valley of Flowers Trek

    The lush valley and the flowers blooming in it

    Image Source

    Combined with Hemkund Sahib, Valley of Flowers makes one of the most mesmerizing treks in the Himalayan region. The trek starts with Ghangaria base camp and takes to the valley covered with hundreds of flora species. The trek takes almost 4 days from Govindghat and back. At 3200 meters, this is a once in a lifetime kind of trek.

    4. Trek to Surkanda Devi Temple

    Devotees en route Surkanda Devi Temple near Rishikesh in Uttarakhand

    Image Source

    Surkanda Devi Temple is located at a distance of 87 km from Rishikesh and is one of the most scenic places nearby. Perched at an altitude of 9500 feet, Surkanda Devi Temple is located in Tehri District of Uttarakhand and is a wonderful short trek. Even for those looking forward to a religious outing, this temple is a perfect trek. Led by stairs this is a 2.5 km uphill trek decorated with lush green outdoors and wonderful surroundings.

    Popular Rishikesh trekking camps

    Trekking in Rishikesh area can be experienced at its best when you plan a stay in a camp. The camps located by the mighty Ganga river right in the foothills of the glorious Himalayas is just perfect for every adventurer. As you go camping in Rishikesh you can actually take up plenty of adventure activities along with one-day trekking in Rishikesh. River rafting in Rishikesh is certainly the most popular activity that you can take up in Rishikesh.

    1. Camp Aquaforest


    Image Source

    At Camp Aquaforest, the travelers get to experience the best of the outdoors of Rishikesh. The wonderful environs all enveloped in nature and their swiss tent lying amidst it; you won’t find a better place in Rishikesh to camp. Along with the camp stay, they organize trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, cliff jumping, and river rafting.

    Tariff: INR 2500 per night per person onwards
    Website | Reviews

    2. Camp Rapidfire

    Swiss tents of Camp Rapidfire by the Ganges in Rishikesh

    Image Source

    Treat yourself to some amazing hospitality by the banks of the mighty Ganga river. Here you can’t feel the bustle of the city and spend absolutely peaceful moments. Buffet dinner and campfire only add to the memorable experience here.

    Tariff: INR 4500 per person per night onwards
    Website | Reviews

    3. Camp Gold Coast

    A view of tents of Camp Gold Coast in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh

    Image Source

    Continental breakfast, free private parking, and organized tours make the highlight of the exceptional stay here at Camp Gold Coast. Ranked as one of the best camps in Rishikesh by the river Ganga, this is one of the places to stay.

    Tariff: INR 6500 per person night onwards
    Website | Reviews

    God wants you to establish a connection with the outdoors and you must act now! Pick an Uttarakhand tour package now and see what’s in there for you.

    What is the best time to plan an adventure trip to Rishikesh?

    Winter months, i.e. October – March, make the best time to plan an adventure trip to Rishikesh.

    What are the major adventurous things to do at Rishikesh?

    River rafting, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, and rock climbing are some of the major adventurous things to do in Rishikesh.

    What are the best places for trekking in India?

    Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Ladakh in the north, and Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu in the South India make popular places to trek.

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